Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.71 with a few visual refinements

The Insiders are creating the future for Windows. Build 22000.71 is the latest Windows Insider Preview from the Windows Insider Program that includes some visual refinements and quality of life improvements.

Everyone wants to know more about Windows 10’s upcoming features, and today we’ve got something for them. We’ve been testing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 22000.71 on our PCs, and there are a few visual refinements to share. We’ve also updated our popular list of Windows Insider Program tools to help you get the very latest Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.

The new Windows 11 Insider Preview is available to Insiders in the Dev Channel. It is accompanied by a new entertainment widget that has been available for a few days now. In addition to the new widget, the appearance of the context menu and preview thumbnails on the taskbar has also changed. In addition to the visual updates, version 22000.71 includes numerous bug fixes.

What’s new in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.71

New functions

  1. New entertainment widget promoting movies from the Microsoft Store.Windows 11 entertainment widget
  2. Context menus now use acrylic instead of white.

  1. The same has been done for the taskbar overview.

  1. New control for creating files and folders in the file explorer, SplitButton.

So much for the news in this issue.

However, it also contains the following bug fixes and improvements


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  • Taskbar :
    • We fixed an issue where dragging and dropping application icons to the taskbar to rearrange them caused applications to launch or minimize when you released the icon.
    • Long press on the application icon in the taskbar to open the jump list should now work.
    • After you right-click on the Start icon in the taskbar, the menu should now appear more reliably when you click anywhere else.
    • If you click on the application icon in the taskbar with the shift key + right mouse button, the window menu is displayed as before and not a list of transitions.
    • We fixed an issue that caused the mouse to move slowly when hovering over the taskbar view.
    • We have included a fix for an issue when using multiple desktops, where the application icon in the taskbar could give the impression that multiple windows were open, when this was not the case on that desktop.
    • When using the Amharic IME, you should no longer see an unexpected X next to the IME icon in the taskbar.
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on taskbar entries made the quick settings appear unexpectedly.
    • If you move the mouse pointer over the Task View, the Desktop View pop-up window will no longer appear after you clear it with Esc.
    • We have introduced a fix for an issue where explorer.exe could crash after the mouse pointer moved over the Task View icon in the taskbar.
    • We fixed an issue where the date selected in the pop-up calendar was not synchronizing with the date in the taskbar.
    • We have made an update to fix an issue where some Insiders could not see the lunar calendar text in the calendar pop-up window when enabled in the settings.
    • This theft fixed an issue that allowed the taskbar background to suddenly become transparent.
    • If you right-click on the Focus Assist icon in the taskbar, a context menu will now appear.
    • Fixed an issue in a previous version where the icons in the corners of the taskbar were pushed against the top of the taskbar.
    • The tooltip of the used location icon in the taskbar should no longer be sometimes empty.
  • Parameters :
    • We have fixed an issue that sometimes caused settings to crash on startup.
    • Using the volume mixer sliders in the audio settings should now be more responsive, as should the overall responsiveness of the page.
    • We fixed an issue where the resize option in the drive and volume settings was truncated.
    • Under Backup Settings, there was a Check link that didn’t work – this has been fixed.
    • The power and battery settings page should no longer indicate that the battery saving feature is enabled when it is not.
    • The power and battery settings page should no longer crash when launched from quick settings.
    • We have corrected a grammatical error in the text of the connection settings.
    • The I forgot my pincode link was unexpectedly lost when setting the pincode in the login settings; it has now been restored.
    • This release fixes an issue where the Move to Applications and Functions option in Settings was not working reliably.
    • We fixed an issue where some colors in the settings were not updating after switching between dark and light modes, making the text unreadable.
    • We have done some work to improve the performance of the parameters when switching from light to dark mode.
    • We have fixed an issue that was causing some items on the Themes page in Settings to become cluttered when the window was small.
    • We fixed an issue where the pen menu switch in Taskbar Settings did not match the actual state of the function.
    • Changes to the Disable notifications after this time option in the accessibility settings should now be saved.
    • Some icons that could be enabled in the taskbar settings were incorrectly called Windows Explorer when they are not – this should now be corrected.
    • The login text in the quick settings has been updated to Cast.
  • File Management :
    • A double-click on the command line button closes the drop-down lists that appear.
    • The new command line should now appear if the Open folder in separate process option is enabled in the Options > View File Manager menu.
    • This release fixes an issue where right-clicking on a file and Open With > Choose Another Application launched the file into the default application instead of opening the Open With dialog box.
    • Fixed an issue causing the desktop context menu and file explorer to not start up.
  • Search on
    • We have fixed an issue where the account confirmation option in the search function was not working.
    • If you move the mouse pointer over the search symbol on the additional monitor, the pop-up window appears on the desired monitor.
    • Search should now work when you open Start and start typing after navigating to and from the application list.
  • Widgets :
    • If you are using the Outlook client with a Microsoft account, updates to calendars and task lists should synchronize faster with the widgets.
    • We fixed an issue where if you quickly added multiple widgets from the widget settings, some were not visible on the board.
    • We fixed a bug that could cause all widgets to stop in the loading state (empty squares in the window).
    • The traffic widget should now match the Windows mode (light or dark).
    • The header of the sports widget should no longer be incompatible with the content of the widget.
  • Other:
    • This version fixes an issue where ALT + Tab sometimes stayed open after releasing the keys and had to be replaced manually.
    • Fixed an issue where the focus of the narrator was not on the emoji panel after it was opened with a hotkey combination.
    • The view of the magnifying glass has been renewed, with rounded corners.
    • We discovered an issue that significantly affected the reliability of booting for some Insiders and have fixed it in this release.
    • We have updated the text in the list of applications in the start menu so that it is no longer truncated.
    • The use of semantic scaling in the startup application list no longer causes the list to move down and to the right of the window edge.
    • We fixed an issue where when you pressed WIN + Z you had to press Tab before you could use the arrow key to move through the anchor setups.
    • We solved an issue where an acrylic area could remain on the screen after repeatedly turning the window on and off with touch.
    • We worked on eliminating unexpected flickering when moving a window with touch lock.
    • We made changes to make the window borders more contrasty when the option Show highlight color on title bars and window borders is disabled.

Finally, the official announcement contains a long list of known problems. You can read it here.

In addition, Microsoft today released an updated version of the Windows Insider SDK 22000.71. Developers can use it in conjunction with the latest .NET 5 update to work with the latest APIs.

Download Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.71

To get this update, open the Settings application (press Win + I) and go to Settings > Windows Update. Click on the Check for updates button. This will install version 22000.71 on your computer.

You can also manually create an ISO image and do a clean install of this new version.

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