VR Motion Sickness Statistics And Its Prominent Factors [Gender, Age, and More]

VR motion sickness statistics

Are you looking for the VR motion sickness statistics? This is the right place for you. So keep on reading to know more.

Motion Sickness is a common term that is caused due to intensive VR gaming. This can be considered as a barrier when you play VR gaming. 

But do you ever consider that is it common or not and if it relates with factors like gender age and type of VR headset you are using?

That is why you for your help we surveyed a report of about 300 people who gave their genuine responses for their experience with motion sickness.

Moreover, at the end of this article, you will get a report that is comprised of experiences of people who have witnessed VR motion sickness. 

But before that, let’s make it more simple. After this mere introduction, you will be provided with the VR motion sickness statistics on the basis of gender, VR headset type, and age.

When it comes to VR motion sickness, a lot of people experience it generally when they are using it for a longer period.

But this can be avoided if you take some precautionary measures that we have discussed in our other article.

Moreover, we will also be telling you that what is the exact number and different scenarios that people deal with when it comes to VR sickness.

Statistics In Terms Of Numbers

Talking about people’s experience with VR sickness that comes to be most frequently it occurs in 13.7 % of the people who are into VR gaming.

Generally, 19.1 percent of people experience this VR motion sickness sometimes and 24.9 percent of people experience this rarely. If you also experience such a problem, then do tell us that what is the probability of your experience.

Does it feel it frequently, rarely, or sometimes? If yes, then stick with this article till the last to get with the genuine and reviewed VR motion sickness statistics.

What Role Does Gender Play In VR Motion Sickness?

This might be a bit astonishing for you but let me tell you that women are much more prone to VR sickness than men. Yes, that’s right and it’s a fact. Therefore, now let’s investigate that why is it so? 

The data suggest that women are much more prone to VR motion sickness, according to the reviews that we have got. 

Around  22.6 percent of women get VR motion sickness and only 7.2 % of men tend to get VR motion sickness.

As you all know that children who are a lot more curious and fond of outdoor games or sort of interested in physical activities are not prone to VR motion sickness.

But those people who do not do much physical activity and are not there for adventurous activities, have a high possibility of getting VR motion sickness.

Does VR Headset Have An Association With VR Motion Sickness?

The headset type also plays a bit in causing VR motion sickness because it states that if having a 30% valve index then those who have a hundred percent.

The simple reason for this is that the FOV is 130% for valve index, which means that a lot more areas of your eyes are covered and when your eyes are exposed to natural light and surroundings from the unnatural ones, you tend to get a lot of VR sickness.

Moreover, when you are into partial VR lighting of FOV of 100% in valve index and you enter into the real world that tends to get less VR sickness.

This is the reason why a lot of people go towards 100% FOV in the valve index only, instead of having 130% of FOV.

A very interesting fact to notice here is that men are more likely to overcome the VR sickness than women because the data shows this and this could be the reason due to biological factors as well but no scientific reason is available for this as of now.

Our database has around 292 respondents, of which 145 were males and 131 were females.

 This data is not random as 80% of samples we have taken as from Reddit and 20% have been taken from the squad groups on Facebook groups as well.

When we analyse the market and different data structures we found that men are more likely to overcome VR motion sickness than women.

Does Gaming Experience Matters In VR Motion Sickness?

VR sickness can be predicted based on a user’s flat-screen gaming experience. The ability to engage with and experience 3d visualization in your thoughts, known as “mental rotation,” can affect how sensitive a person is to VR sickness.

Men who play higher 3D action games and first-person snipers, although both are forms of flat panel games that promote mental mobility, according to a 2017 analysis.

Puzzle games and family/farm simulations, which do not contribute, are the genres that women are playing more than most, such as first-person snipers. This disparity between men and women gamers may suggest that women continue to become sick more frequently.

That’s all as a piece of information, therefore, let’s look at some of the most asked questions for VR motion sickness.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is it possible to get over motion sickness in virtual reality?

Within a few hours, VR motion sickness usually goes away on its own. Consult a medical practitioner if your discomfort becomes worse. If you vomit over many times after experiencing VR motion sickness, you should visit a doctor.

  • Is it possible for virtual reality to harm your eyes?

According to studies, wearing virtual reality headsets can induce eye strain, discomfort, fatigue, and blurred vision. According to the researches, gazing at a VR screen for too long might cause eye strain or weariness.

  • Is there a correlation between age and motion sickness in virtual reality?

It appears that elderly people are more susceptible to motion sickness than younger people.

  • Is there a connection between VR motion sickness and the headset?

Yes, the type of headset you use can affect motion sickness.

  • Is the locomotion scheme important when it comes to VR motion sickness?

Sort-of. More aggressive locomotion systems will exacerbate motion sickness if you already suffer from it in VR.

  • Is there a role for experience in VR motion sickness?

Sort-of. You’ll be able to overcome motion sickness in VR if you can enlarge your VR legs! However, only half of those who suffer from motion sickness fall into this category.

Our Verdict

Therefore, these are the VR motion sickness statistics or stats that may assist you in the desired way you wanted just before landing on this article.

VR motion sickness is a concern for many, and most people are in a dilemma in knowing whether they are the only one or others are also experiencing the same.

However, we believe that somehow we made an effort to assist you in clearing your dilemma of that same situation and probably make you comfortable with the facts, factors involved, and much more.

Last but not least, if you have any study or research or you had encountered research for the same VR motion sickness statistics, then we would love to have those facts as a great gesture from your side as feedback.

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