5 VR Headset To Watch Anime Online

Are you looking for VR Headset To Watch Anime Online? Read on to know more.

Do you love to watch anime? Right? Seems like there is a huge craze for anime and suppose what would be the scenario if the anime online can be watched with a Gear VR headset?

Want to watch anime in Virtual Reality? Moreover, it provides you the real-life experience and it feels like you are a part of the visuals too. 

However, you can watch a movie too with a VR headset,  but when talking about the animes, then nothing can surpass the visuals of the anime. 

In fact, I, personally, considered myself a massive fanboy of watching VR anime because I even can’t express how I feel during watching the VR anime online virtual reality. 

As there are several animes made for PlayStation VR, so it would be unfair for you if I haven’t listed out some names.

Animes like Overload I, II, III, Sword art anime online, Summer Wars, etc are hugely well-liked animes of all time that are best suitable to watch with a VR headset virtual reality. 

But, here’s a thing, you need a VR headset to fulfill your desire to have such massive real-life experience in watching animes. 

There are several platforms to watch anime with VR, but I am not here to tell you that, instead I am here to provide you the best VR headsets so that it would be easy for you to be a fraction of the anime you are watching. 

However, a massive number of VRs are available in the market, but there are only a few which were supposed to fulfill the required need for watching VR anime online. 

Therefore, let’s not wait anymore and consider some VR headsets that are best suitable to watch anime online.

5 VR Headset To Watch Anime

1. VR Headset & Remote Controller(Newnaivete) VR Headset To Watch Anime Online

This VR headset is considered one of the most adjustable and renounced headsets among the other brands.

You just require its app for controls and installation, then you are great to go. When considering the controls, this VR headset also comes with a controller that can also be suitable for better control when you are residing in the anime world. 

Lastly, the design and price of this VR headset are extremely impressive, which is quite notable. 


  • Amazing design
  • Better optimization
  • Decent fitting 
  • Comes with a remote controller


  • Sometimes, the controller doesn’t work

2. Eye Protected HD VR Headset(VRG-Pro) VR Headset To Watch Anime Online

Okay, so if you have a concern about the protection of your eyes, then here you go. This VR headset comes with an eye protection feature that won’t let your eye feel the discomfort that most VR headsets give. 

Other than that, this VR headset also suites best when watching anime online for endless hours. However, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks too for further determination of your purchase for VR headsets. 


  • Eye protection feature
  • Better adjustability
  • Impressive compatibility with android devices
  • Suitable for watching anime online


  • Less Durability
  • Sometimes, apps don’t work

3. WinDrogon VR Headset To Watch Anime Online

This VR headset comes with a thermal dissipation feature because of endless watching, it would prove to be a savior for your experience. Also, it can even increase your watching hours as you don’t have to feel any discomfort. 

The design or structure of this VR headset is made for a better fitting and adjustment while watching anime online. Furthermore, the build quality is also recommendable and the controls are responsive.


  • Best wide-angle view
  • Responsive controls
  • Amazing design
  • Impressive features


  • Sometimes, found non-adjustable

4. VR Headset(Destek V5) & Controller VR Headset To Watch Anime Online

This one isn’t dissimilar from the above recommendations, but it has some specific features that are highly significant when considering a VR headset. 

For instance, it has an internal structure, and the lens focal length was built for a 109-degree field of view.

Moreover, it also comes with anti-blue light-coated lenses, anti-reflective with 94 percent light transmission. This VR headset has a lightweight face cushion that is breathable and pleasant.

To keep light from interfering with your vision, it has a soft nose pad too. 


  • Impressive design
  • Better adjustability
  • Comes with an external remote controller


  • none

5. Oculus VR Headset(Rift S) VR Headset To Watch Anime Online

Last but not least, this VR Headset from oculus quest is the most liked and loved brand by countless people when it comes to VR.  

Although, it is one of the costliest VR headsets on this list and probably the best one for those who don’t have a budget issue. 

No matter, whether you are watching an oculus quest anime online or start gaming, this VR headset has everything required to serve the purpose. It comes with responsive and swift controllers that elevate your experience of using a VR headset.


  • Responsive controls
  • Adjustable band
  • Impressive design


  • Unavailability of HDMI support
  • Expensive for some

Mini Buying Guide

  • Design

This factor is a little crucial when considering the adjustability and handling feature. However, most VR headsets are designed in such ways but you need to consider which design to go for because there are countless. 

Lastly, remember to focus on the adjustability factor at first. 

  • Controllers

The controls of a VR headset are majorly responsible for the output you want during usage. The controls of a VR headset should be highly responsive and swift in order to provide the desired experience you want.

When watching an anime online using VR or having fun on your latest play station, it would be a decent idea to have better responsive controls on your VR headset. 

  • Affordability

This might be a crucial specification for some, but you should consider your budget before considering purchasing a VR headset. 

  • Last Note

I am hoping that this article may found a win for you in considering the best VR headsets to watch anime online.

Now, I have to go and watch anime with my VR headset. Till then, Ciao. 

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