9 Best Ways to Illustrate Virtual Reality Marketing in 2022

Virtual Reality Marketing

Do you know about VR? Right? You must have heard or come across such advanced technology called “Virtual Reality Marketing” 

Virtual Reality VR helps you to present at a virtual place where you want to be or have imagined. Besides that, you will feel like you are exactly living those virtual moments in your real-world life. 

You must be got intrigued after listening to this, so suppose what if the advertisements you see would be made in VR mode. 

Isn’t it interesting enough? YES, it is.

Meanwhile, few companies adopt this creative approach and made their advertisements in Virtual Reality. In simpler terms, it is known as Virtual Reality Marketing. 

There are also several other marketing types rather than VR marketing such as augmented reality marketing strategy and Mixed reality marketing. 

But in this article, I will stick with Virtual Reality Marketing because that’s the reason for you being here in augmented reality. 

As you have already heard about several other marketing types, but VR marketing is the advanced type of marketing where the customer or let’s say the audience feels completed and could be a part of the visuals that they are watching through the headset. 

Not only a way to engage with their audience but some well-known companies desire to adopt a new york way to market their products. 

Best Ways to Illustrate Virtual Reality Marketing

Here’s a list of a few advertisements that are illustrated using Virtual Reality Marketing

1. Sensorium 360 VR experience – Virtual Reality Marketing

Boursin® Sensorium 360 Virtual Reality Experience #BoursinSensorium

You can literally look at this advertisement that promotes cheese using virtual reality marketing. This advertisement is a great example to illustrate such type of marketing to engage with your customers.

Not only customers, but people who came across such type of marketing would be in an interesting scenario where they have to determine to purchase the product and start adopting virtual experience reality marketing for their business or clients. 

Lastly, I would say that this VR campaign from Boursin is a viral marketing campaign that attracts the eyes of many customers as well as companies to augmented reality. 

2. Holoroom: Lowe’s – Virtual Reality Marketing

Holoroom How To Lowe’s first-ever virtual reality DIY clinics

This is an experiment run by Lowe’s for their patients or moreover the people who visited their clinic.

Anyone who has experienced the existential agony of buying a home for the first time understands the incomprehensible power of bureaucracy and finances to derail the joy of creating or decorating a new home.

That is unless you visit one of 19 Lowe’s locations where the Holoroom VR experience can be examined and elevates your level of curiosity. 

People, such as Lowe’s core customers, will proceed to the world of DIY home remodeling, which comes with its own set of stressors.

Therefore, that’s the reason for Lowe’s stepping in to help out homeowners — or recreational DIY enthusiasts with virtual skills and training clinic that employs HTC Vive headsets to educate participants through a visual, instructional experience on how to do home renovation.

3. Delicatessen VR marketing by Adidas – Virtual Reality Marketing

Somewhere Else x Adidas: Delicatessen VR (Trailer)

The partnership between a tech company and Adidas bring up this advertisement in 2017. In this advertisement, a journey has been shown of two-spirited athletes where they are climbing the rough and tough mountains by providing a 360-degree view. 

And what decent is mountain climbing to people if you can’t show them the entire adventure from every possible angle?

Viewers may literally scale the mountain of Delicatessen alongside Rueck and Miller by wearing a headset and carrying two sensory remote controls in each hand.

the goal of this VR campaign was to “create an unforgettable method to advertise Adidas’s new collection of outdoor gear & accessories.” 

However, the corporation also introduced viewers to an activity that they might not have attempted otherwise. If you initially pique the user’s interest in the experience, the product becomes much more desirable.

4. TopShop Catwalk Show VR – Virtual Reality Marketing

Live 360-degree virtual reality catwalk experience for Topshop

This Virtual reality marketing campaign has been initiated by Topshop on oxford street to attract an endless number of people. This campaign is being considered viral for many months after it has been launched.

They formed a peculiar experience, broadcasting the presentation live from a front-row seat in the Hall to enraptured fashionistas seated in Topshop’s main store window on Oxford Street.

Also, five lucky contest winners wore specially modified Oculus Rift VR headsets and witnessed the show live, as well as visitors to the store in the three days after the event.

That’s how a viral Virtual Reality campaign works and the owners or team members of Topshop have done extremely magnificent work for that. 

5. VR test drive By Volvo – Virtual Reality Marketing

Volvo XC90 Test Drive – Volvo Virtual Reality

This might be the first test drive experience you can have by just sitting in your comfort. Yes, you heard it right. 

You just need a VR headset and you have got it made. With Volvo Reality, you can experience the new Volvo XC90 in full virtual reality on your smartphone using VR Google Cardboard. 

Furthermore, Volvo is the first automaker to create this type of virtual reality experience for its customers and also for those who are willing to purchase but somehow couldn’t able to. 

6. Patron Art: VR Guide – Virtual Reality Marketing

Hacienda Patrón Tour | Oculus Virtual Reality Experience 2D | Patrón Tequila

This video will let you go on a journey or a tour using Virtual Reality. They have associated an iconic bee and through the bee’s lens, you will feel like you can see everything in real life although you are watching it on a mere smartphone using a VR headset. 

That’s how real Virtual Reality marketing is found to be appealing and engaging which assists you to place your imaginary world into reality. 

This VR guide video is made to serve roughly two purposes, the first one is for the people who want a tour at this auspicious place but want to know more about it first and the second one is for those who couldn’t afford to visit such places but now with a VR headset, they can.  

7. Merell Virtual Reality Trailscape – Virtual Reality Marketing

Merrell ‘Trailscape’ | Framestore VR Studio

The ideal playground for life’s adventures is depicted by virtual and augmented reality. Trailscape is considered as a multi-sensory experience, 4D, motion-tracked, developed by Framestore VR Studio to make it more appealing and interactive for its consumer base.

To make the virtual adventure a real-life experience, this VR marketing campaign is a must-watch for those who are adventure enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the most significant factor you should consider here is the campaign’s objective to pursue their consumer base, in fact how to pursue and engage with your consumer base. 

Last but not least, this VR marketing for trailscape proves to be one of the viral campaigns for months and that’s why it is listed on this list of best virtual reality marketings campaigns. 

8. Get Teleported to Marriot: VR Tour – Virtual Reality Marketing

A Virtual Honeymoon to London and Hawaii #GetTeleported

In this VR tour, Marriot focuses on providing couples the best VR honeymoon experience by just using a VR headset. 

This technique takes these newlyweds on a virtual honeymoon to London and Hawaii using live-action video and a combination of CGI and 4-D.

People who are considered as newlyweds are astonished by this campaign when they got to know that they can visit different places on their honeymoon just by using a VR headset.

This virtual reality campaign has become viral for several months because of the craze that people felt by going through this VR tour of enjoying their honeymoon. 

9. VR Christmas Sleigh Ride – Virtual Reality Marketing

Coca Cola Virtual Reality Christmas Ride

Wouldn’t it be interesting when you can get a sleigh ride on Christmas eve? 

Yes, that would be interesting for sure. That’s where coca-cola wins the virtual reality marketing game with its amazing VR campaign, specially made for the kids. 

Kids love to spend the auspicious time on Christmas eve and it would be a massive astonishment when they came to know that they can have a sleigh ride with an intriguing experience using virtual reality.

In this VR ride, the kids suppose to speed through a town decked out in Christmas decorations, skim over snow-covered plains, and weave through congested motorways, passing by a variety of attractions along the way, including the unmistakable red trucks. 

For Santa Claus, it’s just another day at the office, moreover, it is also claimed that people who had this would be blown away by this VR visit. 

Virtual Reality Marketing – Final Note

Lastly, on a closing note, I would like to conclude that this virtual reality has the required potential to be a massive type of marketing soon. 

However, other sorts of marketing will obviously work but those who are providing the real-life experience to its consumer base by saving consumers money would win for sure. 

Virtual reality marketing is a highly advanced thing and it requires updating every year so that many companies or even developers have access to building more creativity along the process.

Therefore, if you liked the above instances that we have specified as the best virtual reality campaigns, then, please comment down which one you liked and suggestions are welcome.

Till then, Adios!

Matt Booth has been playing video games professionally for over a decade. He started out as a competitive player in the Halo series, and transitioned to professional gaming with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Since then, he has competed in countless tournaments across the globe, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.

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