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As the hottest movie streaming website, Solarmovie has been a big hit for years, but this site has recently  announced  that its service will be discontinued.  Due to the existence of its alternative, users are not much worried about Solarmovie’s ending, but the question is which one will you choose among the alternatives. The top 7 alternatives of Solarmovie are listed below.

When it comes to online streaming, there are two main players: Netflix and Solarmovie. Many people just use Netflix because it’s a well-known option, but Solarmovie is actually a better choice because it has many advantages over other streaming services. Even if you’re already a Solarmovie user, you might be interested in some of the top alternatives to the site. For a geeky introduction, try the following:

Many sites on the Internet allow you to watch free movies and/or TV shows streaming. However, due to copyright infringement, not all of them can stay online for long.

In this article, we present the seven best alternatives to Solarmovie, so you can enjoy movies whenever you want.

Fmovies is one of the most popular sites to watch free movies. The site has a clean layout with little advertising that does not interfere with the display. They also have a decent international film selection.

Downloading is usually pretty fast, unless you are looking for a specific movie that is not very popular.

You can visit Fmovies here

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Like Fmovies in many ways, Allmovie is a slightly more powerful search engine and streaming site. What sets it apart from other free streaming sites are the little bits of information about each movie on the platform.

Before you start watching, you can read a short description of each movie, which is helpful if you can’t choose from the huge collection.

You can visit Allmovie here

Think of this site as Fmovies, but with a little more server coverage and a few ads here and there. Just like on the original Fmovies site, you can sort movies by IMDB rating, country of production, actors, director, etc.

The collection is also largely similar to Fmovies. Because they have more servers, you get slightly faster streaming and download speeds.

You can visit Bmovies here

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They don’t have a huge collection of movies like Solarstream, but they do offer an ad-free service with decent download and/or stream speeds if you decide to give the site a try.

The decor is quite simple and there is nothing special at first glance, but it is a good place to visit if you want to see a movie.

You can visit GoStream here

If you’ve ever tried to download a movie via torrents, you’ve probably heard of the infamous Yify website. This site has legendary status among pirates around the world, as it probably has the largest collection of movies you can find.

Yify.TV is just a streaming version of the same thing. You have the same collection of movies and about the same format. But instead of downloading or streaming the movie with a torrent program, you can do it directly on the website.

You can visit the Yify.TV website here

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Another fairly popular site for viewing and downloading movies, 123Movies, has many proxy servers scattered all over the Internet, which can make it difficult to find the site itself. Anyway, once it’s done, it’s a breeze from there.

The collection is impressive for such a simple site. Pop-up windows, on the other hand, can be very intrusive.

You can visit 123Movies here

Last but not least, we have Cmovies. It’s a fast, well-designed site with a surprisingly good user interface and an extensive collection of international films.

The streaming and download speeds are pretty good, and you can choose a movie you like based on IMDB ratings.

You can visit Cmovies here

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Frequently Asked Questions

What replaced Solarmovies?

In the world of streaming movies, the once dominant Solarmovie site had been under attack from both sides for years. Once the king of free streaming, the site had competitors spring up from all sides, with many different streaming sites that offered more content, better picture quality, and lower wait times. The site tried to respond to the new competition by lowering their prices and easing restrictions on what users could view. Unfortunately for the company, the changes didn’t go far enough, and in 2013, the site announced that it was shutting down, citing multiple lawsuits and a lack of an ability to turn a profit as reasons for the closure. As the popularity of online movie streaming sites has risen in the last few years, so has the number of sites offering films and TV series. But with thousands of websites out there, how can you ever find the right one that will suit your tastes? The good news is, there’s a solution! Some sites, such as vumoo, offer curated lists that help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Vumoo’s lists are divided into different genres, themes and even moods, making it much simpler to find a movie you’ll enjoy.

Is watching SolarMovie illegal?

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued a warning to those who use sites like SolarMovie for streaming pirated movies. But is it against the law to watch SolarMovie? Technically no, but morally you might feel differently. The DOJ has issued an official warning to those who use sites like SolarMovie for streaming pirated movies, but is it against the law to watch SolarMovie? Technically no, but morally you might feel differently. The SolarMovie app has been called a “Kodi alternative” for Android users, but is it something that you can use to illegally stream movies and TV shows? In short, no, you can’t. Kodi is a piece of software that allows you to stream content from around the internet, often from pirated websites, while the SolarMovie app is an official app from a legitimate streaming service.

What is the real SolarMovie?

SolarMovie is a movie streaming site, and it can be also described as a “torrent site.” (No, this site is not in any way related to, the wave of lawsuits from the MPAA’s Film Group stopped that site from operating a long time ago, and the operators moved to other projects.) What makes SolarMovie different from other streaming sites is that it doesn’t store any of the movies it streams, but instead uses torrents to fetch the parts of the files that are needed to stream them. Currently, the site is able to stream any movie that is in the public domain (there are many Chinese movies that are in the public domain in the US, but not in China), but it could always be SolarMovie is not a very well-known streaming website, but it is one of the most popular sites of its kind. Its reputation has been damaged, however, due to fake links and spam. Here are a few things you should know if you want to use SolarMovie or another site like it.

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