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Are you searching for GPS, then Read Tomtom Rider 550 Review?. Read know more.

Having a GPS now is very important because both in your life and in your journey you should never get lost.

So to keep you on track in your life you need to meditate and stay with good people. To be on track in your journey you need to have a GPS. So that, you are not lost in any of the ways.

So, for this, you need to have good Wi-Fi and TomTom 550 is one of the best.

This comes with class-leading features and today we will be reviewing this Tomb Rider 550 that is this worth buying for you or not?

Talking about some key specifications of this product it has Wi-Fi. It even includes European map updates which is a good feature in it.

Moreover, it has traffic and safety camera alerts as well and along with this.

Overall Package [Tomtom Rider 550 Review]

It comes with the words best riding routes that can be changed while viewing. The map so these are some overall features that you get along with TomTom 550.

But in this review, we won’t just stop at the reviews and features. We will also explain to you the real-life usage and some good features that are useful in real life of this TomTom 550.

But first, let’s discuss what box content you get in this TomTom 550?

In the box, you get motorcycle cables and mount with a RAM mount.

Some features that you get in Tomtom Rider 550 Review

  • Wind area Roads

If some roads are confusing then you can select them and this TomTom 550 will show them zoomed especially for you so that you are not lost in your way.

  • It gets updated via Wi-Fi

It means that it has got Wi-Fi in build in it and by using Wi-Fi you can update all the operating things in it like the features or operating software and any of the other apps if you have installed in it.

  • TomTom also gets Road trips

It means that you can set any different sort of trip in your TomTom 550 according to your personalized needs.

Moreover, it can be any sort of targets like mountains, desserts, or hilly areas.

Just set your favorite destinations and your TomTom 550 is ready to take you there.

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Now let’s talk about some numbers, so this gets lithium-ion battery and talking about the screen size it is a touch screen of 11cm which is 4.3 inches.

It gets internal memory storage of 16GB and along with this, it has an SSD slot by which you can extend the internal memory of this device as well and like it as a GPS tracker.

You will be using it on a lot of adventures as well so it is also waterproof.

Now let’s talk about the real-life usage as well as how practical is this TomTom 550 in real-life usage.

No. Of Features In Tomtom Rider 550

Just the features and numbers are not enough if you are relying on this device to give you directions it needs to be good as well so let us discuss real-life usage.

So for example, if you go on a trip and you somewhere find yourself lost then this device can help you in a lot of ways.

But let us first clear out this confusion from your mind that is this device has a good battery backup or not.

Because if you are going on an adventure then you need a lot of battery to last long enough.

If you are not constantly using this device then it can last even for a day.

Now let’s talk about another fear that a lot of people have with such GPS devices is that will it ever lose connection or not?

So, you should remove this fear totally from your mind because anyplace where human beings can travel.

This device gets connections possible over there as well until and unless you are in too remote locations where there is no access to the network.

But, there is a solution for this as well that you can pre-download those maps or that area location so that even if the network drops your adventure doesn’t stop.

Moreover, its display resolution is also very good it gets 4.3 inches of the screen which is 11 cm and it has got a 480 into 272 pixels of resolution screen.

Talking about the graphic Mod it has gotta VGA graphics which is very good.

Furthermore, it performs flawlessly it is even a water touch screen and if you are using it on a full sunny day then it won’t cause any interruptions or problems to you.

If you are using this device constantly then it can give you a battery life of 6 hours.

As I told you that if you are not constantly using it then it can last for an entire day along with standby positions and battery backup was taken into consideration.

FAQ’s [Tomtom Rider 550 Review]

  • Will it last long or not because and is its build quality good enough?

Its build quality is good enough and even if you drop it a few times from your hands it won’t break down easily as manufacturers also know.

If you are buying a GPS device you will be using it for adventure sport.

These are built to last long and the heavy metallic materials used in them will definitely last you longer and won’t break down easily.

  • What if in mid of a forest suddenly its network gets dropped then will I get stuck?

Not at all. Just you need to work wisely as you know that you are going into the middle of a forest and every human being knows that over there having a network is just next to impossible.

Therefore, what you can do smartly is that pre-download that map into your GPS for that location.

The network gets dropped in the middle of the forest then you can open the GPS and locate that where you are and where to go.

  • Is it the best GPS in its segment or its rivals can undercut it?

Till now no rival can undercut this because of the price and the value for money proposition that it offers. Is the best in its segment and still there is no rival available of this which comes into such price with good quality.

  • Does TomTom 550 get geotag locations as well?

No, Tomtom Rider 550 Review doesn’t get geotag location but it has Wi-Fi inbuild in it.

You can hope that with some future updates company can give geotag locations as well. As GPS is inbuilt in it so geotag locations are just a software update.

If the company wants to give then company can a software update then this feature can also get added.

As of now TomTom 550 doesn’t get geotag locations as a feature in it.

  • How long does its battery last if I use it constantly?

If you are using your TomTom 550 constantly then it can last you for 6 hours. If you are using it in a mixed condition then it can last you for approx a day fully.

Let me tell you that in this we have included the standby time along with on-screen time.

We have also taken into consideration the off-time as each moment you won’t be peeping into your GPS.

So, considering the battery backup and other environments it can last you 24 hours easily if you are on an adventure sport.

  • What is the warranty?

It gets a one-year standard warranty and if there are any issues company will try to rectify them and if it’s not able to rectify the error.

Additionally, you will get a free-of-cost replacement as well. Furthermore, TomTom 550 is a good product to go as for this cost.

Moreover, there is no other GPS device that can undercut this at this point in time.

I think that you should go for TomTom 550 because of the Wi-Fi feature.

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It gets in it because with the help of Wi-Fi in the future. Also, you can enable a lot of features.

In addition, geotag locations and some other features can also be enabled with some minor updates if the company gives them in the future.

Therefore, I think that this device is a future-proof device and you should invest your money and it.

Because of the value for money feature, it is one of the most usable GPS devices available till now that has got so many features at this low point of the budget.

Last but not least, Tom Tomb Rider has created a senior benchmark by providing such a value for money product at such a low price and good quality.   

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