Tokyo Chronos Real Ending Guide – Best in 2022 (Spoilers Alert)

Tokyo Chronos Real Ending Guide

Do you want to know the spoilers of Tokyo Chronos Real Ending Guide? You are at the right place, my friend. So keep on reading.

I recently completed this masterpiece of a visual VR novel and was surprised to discover that there were no guidelines or walkthroughs available.

I had to work it all out on my own, but it was fairly straightforward!

That is why I am here to catch this up by specifying certain steps to provide the real ending. However, you will be by the end, so if you haven’t watched Tokyo Chronos, then it’s all up to you.

Furthermore, there is no such doubt that you haven’t played this VR masterpiece at least once. You, reading this article could illustrate two reasons.

First, you have played Tokyo Chronos and been through the whole gameplay but unfortunately couldn’t make up to the real ending. 

Otherwise, the second reason is that you probably made it to the end but don’t know what happened.

Don’t fret, if you are from any of the reasons, then this article will guide you and explain to you the real ending of the Tokyo Chronos VR game.

Therefore, let’s take a deep breath and enjoy reading this article.

At No. 1, Here comes the Preface | Tokyo Chronos Real Ending Guide |

To obtain a genuine ending, you must first complete the game. In Chapter 4, you only have the cany one decision during the initial game.

You’ll wind up on Yu’s path and obtain her ending if you choose to follow her.

When you choose Nikkaido, you will be able to complete the first playtime session (the preface).

You must complete BOTH routes to get the genuine ending.

At No. 2, The Gameplay | Tokyo Chronos Real Ending Guide |

After you’ve completed the game first, select ‘continue’ to start it again. To skip over dialogue you’ve previously read, use the skip button.

While performing as the side characters in this new session, you’ll be offered a variety of options throughout the game.

The left decision typically takes you to that protagonist’s final destination, but the right option takes you to the main storyline.

You must accomplish all of the side character endings to the genuine ending: Yu (during first gameplay),  Kageyama, Tohoku, Morozumi, Machikoji, and Kamiya.

Instead of passing through these, I suggest reading them.

Tokyo Chronos Real Ending Guide

When you have a choice, always choose the left option to get the genuine ending. You’ll be returned to the main menu once you’ve completed that journey.

Continue with the other routes by clicking continue and following the same instructions.

Because the music for the side pathways is the same, you can skip the closing scenes once you’ve watched it. 

You can do so by accessing the menu and pressing ‘skip.’

At No. 3, The Ending – Tokyo Chronos Real Ending Guide


Don’t continue until you’ve concluded at least once.

When you make it to the second ending, you’ll be given the chance to attack Nikkaido once more.

 If you stab her again, you’ll get the same horrible outcome as the first time.

You have to use the blade elsewhere to get the genuine ending. If you can’t do that, it’s because you haven’t discovered all of the other side pathways. 

Return to them (if you don’t have any earlier saves, then use chapter select) and complete them.

It should then direct you down the route to the real ending. 

FAQs – Tokyo Chronos Real Ending Guide

  • What is the total number of endings in Tokyo Chronos?

TOKYO CHRONOS, a virtual reality game with many hard choices and multiple endings. It features a long narrative that you’ve never seen in VR before.

  • What is the best way to gain the real ending of Tokyo Chronos?

To obtain the real ending, you must first complete the gameplay. In Chapter 4, you only have the canne option during the actual game. You’ll wind up on Yu’s path and obtain her ending if you choose to follow her.

  • In Tokyo Chronos, who is the killer? (Spoiler Alert)

You’ll complete the game by eliminating Karen Nikaidou, the identified killer of Sakurai’s younger sister, after your first playtime as the character Kyosuke Sakurai.

Last Note

Tokyo Chronos Real Ending Guide

That is how the real ending for Tokyo Chronos ends on a fascinating note. 

In my take, you must play this game at least once because of its eye-catching story and thrill that you experience during the whole gameplay.

Also, if you have any questions regarding the ending of Tokyo Chronos, do comment below.

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