Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops – Obisidan Wheel, Ebon

It’s Friday once again, and with it comes a new night of content for Twitch streamers to show off. With the release of Obisidan’s new May edition, we’ve got one more new drop to go! Obisidan has developed a Wheel of Fortune-esque wheel for their skins, which is now live! To get the wheel, you’ll need to complete the May pack, but once you’ve done that, all you have to do is start spinning the wheel to get the new item! As usual, this will be available to purchase with in-game gold, and it should be available for purchase on May 21st.

Can you tell the time in Sea of Thieves? Even though there’s no clock in the game, its developers have managed to get the time right in the latest Twitch drops. The community is abuzz with excitement after Twitch streamer Obisidan managed to solve the mystery of the elusive Obisidan Wheel. The wheel (which can be seen on Obisidan’s Twitch channel) is a reward that can be earned by collecting all the symbols scattered around the Sea of Thieves world. It’s a tough task, and when Obisidan finished collecting the symbols, the streamer was greeted with a message saying the wheel was lost. This came as a shock to Obisidan, and the moment was captured on Twitch. Unfortunately, the message was

Ever since cloudplay started streaming Sea of Thieves, we’ve been lucky enough to watch the game develop in real-time. We’ve watched the game get patched, get new features, and get plenty of hot upvotes from Twitch viewers. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re live streaming three more Xbox One games: Obisidan Wheel, Ebon, and NGSO.

To take advantage of Twitch Drops Sea of Thieves, you’ll need to link your Microsoft and Twitch accounts and follow certain streamers during specific time periods.

For cosmetics in charcoal color, you should buy between the 25th and 28th day of the month. June, starting at 10am BST, watch Sea of Thieves partners for at least 20 minutes.

Below is the full schedule of the Sea of Thieves Twitch drop, with the rewards you can earn each day. Each item is available for 24 hours.

  • 25. June: Obsidian Wheel
  • 26. June: Ebony flintlock pistol
  • 27. June: Onyx tank

For more information on linking your Microsoft and Twitch accounts and a full list of eligible streams, visit the Sea of Thieves website.

Drops on Twitch begin at 10am BST on the specified day, and each ticket is valid for 24 hours:

☸ Fri 25. June – Obsidian Wheel
Sat 26. June – Ebony flintlock pistol
Dim 27. June – Onyx launcher

– Sea of Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) 18. June 2021

I wonder what the third season of Sea of Thieves will bring and when it will end? Read our article on the latest content drop.

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