Razer Upgrades Razer Blade 17 with Intel Core H-series Processors

Razer has announced that it will start shipping its 2017 Razer Blade notebook with new Intel Core H-series processors. The H-series processors, which are based on Intel’s latest-generation 14nm Core H-series processor technology, include the i7-8705G, i7-8706G, i7-8709G, i7-8750H, i7-8809G, and i7-8850H processors. The new processors contain Intel’s latest 14nm process technology, which is expected to deliver high performance, low-power consumption, and high-efficiency.

Rumors of new processors for Razer’s 17-inch gaming laptop started emerging in mid-March, but they only reached the surface when a press release from Intel arrived in early April. The Core H series of processors will be used by Razer to power the Blade 17, and they should prove more powerful than the previous U series chips.

After constant speculation, Razer has finally unveiled an updated version of the Razer 17 gaming laptop, powered by the latest 11th generation Intel H-Series processor. generation with an RTX 3080 series GPU.

The Intel Core i9-11900H processor makes its debut in the updated Razer 17. In addition to improved performance and processors, the device has been given an ultra-thin frame and superior design to meet all the demands of advanced gamers.

In terms of performance, the updated Razer 17 features the latest Intel Core i9-11900H processor with 8 cores and 16 threads to deliver a new level of performance that no other Intel-based Razer device has achieved.

The processor is also overclocked with the maximum turbo speed of 4.9 GHz. Users will enjoy superior gaming experience and multi-threaded performance without lag.

Not only is there an Intel processor integrated, but also the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU with a stunning, responsive 4K touchscreen for an unparalleled user experience and seamless graphics.

Compared to other competitors, the Razer 17 is without a doubt one of the best 17-inch gaming laptops out there.

Serhan Seran, director of Enthusiast laptops at Intel, further highlighted the partnership, saying that the integration of the latest Intel Core H-series processor in the Razer 17 enables users to enjoy world-class features at unprecedented speeds.

The device is packed with features that provide players with an optimal user experience in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

One of the unique features of the Razer 17 is its anti-fingerprint coating, which reduces the likelihood of fingerprints on the device’s casing. Moreover, the integration of the latest generation Intel Core 11 processor has improved the device’s capabilities in terms of memory, RAM and connectivity.

The Blade 17 continues to evolve with a range of amazing features, including a 1080p FHD webcam for enhanced clarity during video calls. It also has two microphones for better speed and clarity of sound during video calls.

The Razer Blade’s steam chamber is another improvement worth mentioning. It revolutionizes thermal solutions in the device and provides efficient heat dissipation with a comfortable user experience.

In addition, the gaming laptop is enhanced by the Razer Chroma RGB keyboard backlight and the immersive THX Spatial Sound, which enables an interactive and immersive gaming experience. This allows players to have a realistic experience during game expeditions.

In addition to the Razer 17, the Razer 15 will also be unveiled, offering superior performance and a whole new dimension of gaming for novice and advanced gamers. The device is equipped with an 11th generation Intel Core i7-11800H processor. Generation with an RTX 3070 GPU for a smooth gaming experience.

The device will also feature two PCIe 4.0 SSD slots to expand storage options, making it more flexible and suitable for gamers.

Prices and availability

The updated Razer 17 is currently available for pre-order on Razer.com and other retailers for a starting price of $2,399.99.

The Razer 15 is also available for pre-order with a starting price of $1,799.99.

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