Should I Buy the Quest 2 Elite Strap? – A Complete Guide!

Should I Buy the Quest 2 Elite Strap

Looking for the reasons to buy Quest 2 Elite Strap?

The Oculus Quest 2 comes with a cloth elite strap and this feels a bit blood as well because even if you get sweat in your head then it will absorb it and would feel uncomfortable as well in your ears and in your back head too.

The defaults tab is more comfortable than the other versions of this product and I think that overall if you talk about wearing it, then it is well.

This device is much more ergonomic because it gets a cloth elite strap as now and even when you fit it in your head, you won’t feel at or uncomfortable around your eyes on the nose at all. Furthermore, it is not too heavy as well, so there are no issues in that sense.

The Quest 2 takes some design elements from the wave Deluxe Android elite strap and looks a bit copied element as well but if you don’t have any issues from this particular point, then there are no problems at all.  

Let me tell you that Facebook also likes a version of the quest 2 elite strap and that comprises a built-in battery. The battery life on the Oculus Quest is decent. 

Thus, there is nothing else to expect from this Quest 2 elite Strap.

The extra battery pack that this device gets adds up to the weight of it but it even Doubles your battery life which becomes up to four to six hours, which is decent enough to consider. 

Moreover, when considering the weight, it weighs 38 g  without the band. Overall, its weight is only stated 176.9 g which is quite light, and with the battery, its weight is 311.1 g.

Quality Issues For Quest 2 Elite Strap

Quest 2 Elite Strap

Several reports have emerged out on online platforms about the quality issues of this device.

The issues have led to crack the elite straps and some other major issues, such as loose screws that tend to less study feel of the device. 

Therefore, it will ultimately provide you the confidence while holding up for wearing it which is a negative thing.

Facebook restart too many affected people and had replaced several steps as well. 

However, the issue is not yet sold at all because there are several issues much more emerging and Facebook is not able to handle them to the full extent.

FAQ’s – Quest 2 Elite Strap

  •  Is the Quest 2 elite strap worth purchasing?

The Quest 2 Elite Strap enhances the comfort of wearing it by spreading the weight of the Oculus Elite Quest across your head.

That’s how it does you and you will feel that the weight is literally distributed evenly around your head and you are not even feeling that wait at all.

  • Should I buy this or wait for the upgraded version?

I will recommend you to wait for the upgraded version because this device has some certain issues in it which the company is not able to resolve to the full extent.

However, there will be much more improvements implemented to this device when it comes to the next generation or the next upgraded model. According to reports, the S model will be coming even in less than 6 months

Quest 2 Elite Strap

therefore, waiting for it is a considerable thing but if you are planning to buy it immediately, I will recommend you to go for it because there are no best alternatives to this device to date.

Just you have to take better care of its handling because if it falls down, then it can break down easily. There are some quality issues as well. 

therefore, take care of this device in terms of physical presence because if there is some physical damage, then the damages will keep on recurring, and the device will get lethargic and less responsive as time pass on.

  • Is this device value for money or should we look for other devices?

Definitely, according to me, this Quest 2 Elite strap is value for money. However, there are just a few factors that affect my mind while recommending it is that if you are a too lazy person and you can’t take care of your device properly, then I wanted to recommend you to go for other devices.

Otherwise, it would be great to purchase the Quest 2 Elite Strap if you are the one who is taking care of their devices anyhow.

Conclusion – Quest 2 Elite Strap

Therefore, in a general review of the Quest 2 Elite strap, let’s proceed to the conclusion. You can consider purchasing this device because it creates a good value for money equivalent to its qualities as well.

Quest 2 Elite Strap

Though its next model for the upgraded version will be coming in six months or less than that. Therefore, only if you want to purchase it immediately or if you can’t wait for 6 months, then I will recommend you to consider it as of now.

However, if you have already considered some other alternatives, then you can consider those too. Moreover, according to ratings & reviews, I am here to highlight that this device is best in the Drone segment and has no best alternative available at this price point in the market till now.

But if you can wait, then the wait is worth it else this is also a good device. You just have to take care of it physically and rest all the things are already assured in the consideration of performance and other things.

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