The Most Required Oculus Quest 2 Accessories in 2022

oculus quest 2 accessories

Are you a gaming freak? If you have an oculus Quest to then you must have experienced a great VR  gaming experience without any doubt. But do you even know that you can make it even better than before? You can by knowing the most required Oculus Quest 2 Accessories in 2022. So keep reading to know about the same.

 Yes, I am right you can easily make it better by having such accessories that are required for Oculus Quest 2. 

As there are many addons or accessories that you can purchase to have a greater VR experience but maybe there is a use for stability that you don’t know what they are and how to use it.

That’s where this article came to the rescue.  we have recommended one of the best accessories for Oculus Quest 2 so that you can gain much greater experience in VR.

Most Required Oculus Quest 2 Accesories

Proximate VR Space Station Theo VR Mat

 To keep you within the gameplay area the proximate is the best option that you can have while playing with the Oculus Quest 2.

The foam from which this mat has been made isn’t there just to feel you comfortable but also there to provide you comfort and close grip on the floor as well.

This Proximate also has a few buttons over it to assist you to stand properly during the intensive gameplay.

Therefore, that’s how you can protect yourself from running into walls during the whole gameplay or playthrough.

Logitech G333 VR gaming earphones

For the feedback for the reviews for Oculus Quest 2 few people don’t love the inbuilt audio in it.  the speakers are theme sound and probably weak.

Moreover, external headphones are gawky.

But you don’t need to fret we have a better option here comes the Logitech z333 MI VR earphones that are specifically made for oculus quest 2. 

Are also much popular for blocking background noises and they sound amazing.

Lastly, there is a great thing that you should know about these earphones that you will never need an extra cable to have an ideal length to reach your ears while playing because they come with ideal cable lengths.

AMVR Powerbank Bracket

When considering playing intensive games in VR, you probably will run out of battery after a session of two hours or more.

That’s where a power bank will come into use. Therefore, this Powerbank bracket will assist you to clip to your VR headset strap and will accompany any battery you would prefer during your gameplay.

Lastly, this will lead to a higher duration session effectively and efficiently.

AMVR VR Headset and Controllers Display Stand

Where do you place your VR headsets after having an intensive giving session?

If you just place them lying around anywhere then it really creates a mess or maybe increases the damage of a device as well.

That is where this AMVR VR display stand comes from. It is an affordable and effective solution for your VR headset. 

This VR Headset display stand is light in weight, which gives you the ease to place your headset or controllers for further access.

Moreover, it will lead to making your gameplay area look neat and protect the device from any harm or damage.

Furthermore, you can even bind the cable for charging around the stand for effective access.

This Oculus Link cable assist in harnessing the power of your PC to enhance your virtual reality experience with breathtaking graphics and adrenaline-pumping gaming. 

Simply connect your PC to your Quest using the high-quality fiber-optic connection, and you’re great to go with your VR gameplay.

This Oculus Link Cable is a super-fast fiber-optic connection with a 5-meter play range. Isn’t that gripping enough?

In my take, it is. You need such a type of range to have a massive VR gameplay experience.

AMVR Touch Controller(Grip Cover)

You must have seen people throwing their controllers somewhere during intensive games like the scramble or beat Saber.

This probably happens because you can’t get a decent grip on your controllers.

That’s why we prefer you’re this AMVR touch controllers grip cover for better grip around the controllers for VR. 

This touch controller grip covers exactly to assist you in the way that you wanted. 

Moreover, it provides you with a textured layer made out of great material, which ensures a tight grip over the controllers.

Pen for Lens Cleaning

To protect your oculus Quest 2  from damage is not much of a concern but you can easily protect your lenses from scratches or dirt by using this lens cleaning pen.

Moreover, photographers also use these types of lens cleaning pens to keep their expensive camera lenses team.

This lens cleaning comes with a double-sided design that features a decent brush for dusting away and a pad for cleaning away the small particles of dirt, sweat, and fingerprints. 

Therefore, that is how your oculus Quest 2 can have one of the best accessories like this lens cleaning Pen and you can maintain it into top form without any more expense.

Anker Charging Dock For Oculus Quest 2

This Anker Charging Dock isn’t just a VR headset stand for Oculus Quest 2 but it can also spontaneously charges your headset so that you can enjoy intensive gaming without any ado in-between.

So what for the controllers for Quest 2 as they run on batteries(AA)?

Therefore, in this Anker charging dock, rechargeable batteries have been provided for the controllers.

Also, it comes with replacement covers comprised of ports for charging that can easily slip inside the dock.

Frequently Asked Questions – Oculus Quest 2 Accessories

  • Is everything included with the Oculus Quest 2?

The headset (obviously), two touch controls, AA batteries to power them, plus a few other essential things like a glasses adapter for the set as well as a Micro USB cord are all included in Quest 2.

  • What additional accessories should I get for the Oculus Quest 2?

However, I have recommended the best possible ones that are highly required but here are the quick ones that can easily be an add-on to provide a greater VR gaming experience.

  • Shell protector for the front of the face
  • Set includes head strap and travel case
  • Gloves with better and effective grips
  • Clear Rx lenses.
  • Silicone face covers

Wrap Up

However, the recommended Oculus Quest 2 accessories are the ones that anyone should have in order to gain a greater VR experience. That’s our take on the accessories, your choice might differ from ours.

Therefore, we would like to know your take on that and which Oculus Quest 2 accessories you can add to this list apart from the recommendations. 

Tell us below.

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