Motorcycle Maintenance Tips In 2022 – Best Guide

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Do you wanna know some useful motorcycle maintenance tips? Then read on to find out.

Buying a motorcycle and riding it is not a very difficult task. But what is very difficult is maintaining a motorcycle.

This is literally a very difficult task for some careless people. But those who are hardcore enthusiasts and love to ride their bikes but for a normal rider who is someone too busy in his other work then the bike is just a normal vehicle for him. This article will help you in a lot of ways.

Today we are telling you that how you can maintain your motorcycle by following some simple tips. Along with the tips that I will be providing you. You should also keep in mind some factors for maintaining your motorcycle some of these factors are:-

  • You should never drive your motorcycle with the half-clutch engaged. This will result in less mileage and your clutch plate will wear out easily.
  • Never drive a motorcycle with half breaks engaged even if it’s of front or rear brake.
  • Though motorcycles are a machine and are made to drive, you should never rev the nuts out of it every time unless your mood is to do so.
  • Unless its an emergency, generally, you should drive it at a medium pace.
  • You should get your motorcycle service at the prescribed service intervals given by the company.
  • This can be monitored by reading the user manual provided to you with your motorcycle.

Just by following these simple tricks, you can maintain your motorcycle even while driving.

But some additional factors are there that you need to consider so that in a long run your motorcycle is maintained and doesn’t affect your pocket.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

1. Change the engine oil

Engine oil is the heart of the motorcycle. It is very important to make the heart running so that blood flows in the body. The same goes with the motorcycle as well, as engine oil is the blood for the motorcycle.

The heart is the engine of a motorcycle so to keep the blood running in a good condition. You need to get it changed to keep the engine oil running in a good condition. You need to get it changed at regular intervals. 

Now, what are these regular intervals to define this you can check out the user manual? The buyer’s guide was given to you with your specific motorcycle generally engine oils have to be changed at 10,000 km as prescribed by the motorcycle companies. This time interval depends upon the size and power of the engine that your motorcycle has.

2. Air filter

It plays a very important role as the same goes with the body as well that you breathe in good air. Your blood absorbs that and you live for a long life same goes with motorcycles as well. Motorcycles breathe in oxygen and that oxygen is used to burn in inside the engine and by this.

Your motorcycle moves ahead so if the air filter is itself dirty then air will go inside the engine. This will impact your engine in the long run very badly.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

It can also cost you thousands of dollars while getting it fixed. So, precautions are better than cure and according to this fact, you should get your air filters changed at regular intervals. When you take your motorcycles for servicing.

3. Maintain tire pressure and thread

People don’t give much emphasis to these two things because they don’t feel about this much but you should keep this in mind. In a week or two, you should check your tire pressure. Because if your tires have low pressure here then they will get worn out much earlier and check the thread in the tire as well that it is worn out or not.

A worn-out tire includes many risks of slipping and bad grip and it provides bad grip for roads as well. It can be a cause for the accidents as well. So, to avoid this, your tire should have good air pressure and be in good condition and they should not be bloated from anywhere.

4. Change the coolant

It’s very obvious that when you are driving then your engine will heat up and to cool down this heat earlier there was a technique named water cooling. But now things are getting advanced and to pull this engine we use a coolant.

Moreover, the engine mechanics use a special liquid which is called coolant and the work of this liquid is simply to cool down the engine when bikes come to a stop.

Moreover, this coolant comes into action and cools down your vehicle very quickly so that it doesn’t catch fire and it also maintains an optimum temperature when your bike is running as well.

If the coolant is old then it won’t perform better than a new coolant can, so, you should look at it and get the coolant as you will at the general check-up and servicing.

5. Keep clean chain

Generally, people don’t give much emphasis upon this thing that your chain should be cleaned at every 800-1000km when you are riding on the highway.

At every 500 to 700 km you should clean your chain and lubricate it properly. So that the spoke doesn’t get affected and your bike performs well and functions without any glitches. These are some basic tricks and techniques that you can use and by this, your bike will be maintained for a longer duration of time.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

These five factors were for the engine and the performance of the bike but regarding looks and appearances as well. There are a lot of factors like your paint. 

6. Paint

When you look at your bike it should look beautiful and make it look beautiful you should emphasize the paint quality because the factory painted bikes get a good quality paint.

It is very necessary to maintain it and to maintain it there are different techniques. You can use PPF or ceramic coating or simple wax can also be used to make it shiny and new.

7. Maintenance

If any part gets damaged then you should get it replaced immediately on your bike even if it is a cosmetic part as well because a single defective part in your bike and cause multiple problems in the future as well and it doesn’t even look good at first sight.

If you emphasize these things then your motorcycle will be good for a long period of time. Yes, you can take some precautionary measures as well to maintain your bike for a long duration of time.

Some precautionary measures are to be checked regularly. Your insurance should not get expired. It should have zero depreciation as well. You should check regularly about your pollution certificate. If it is expired then go to the nearest fuel station and get that renewed.

Maintaining an optimum throttle along with this while driving is the key by which you can maintain your bike for a long period of time.

Definitely driving a good condition bike even if it’s old is a very pleasant feeling than driving a brand new bike which is has some errors in it and is not working properly. So, by this, you would have got to know that how can you maintain your motorcycle. I expect that all of you would maintain your motorcycles as well as you maintain yourself and your belongings things.


One of the most common problems with motorcycles is not a lack of power, but a lack of maintenance. To help you take care of your bike, we’ve put together some maintenance tips that will keep your bike running smoothly.

We hope you enjoyed this blog about motorcycle maintenance tips! Please consider sharing this post with your friends if you found it helpful. If you have any questions about motorcycle maintenance or would like to know more about a specific topic, please contact us anytime. We’re always excited when we can share information that can help people enjoy their bikes even more. Thank you for reading!

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