The Most Popular VR Headsets [Updated in 2022]

most popular VR headsets

Are you looking for the most popular VR headsets? Then stay here, read on to know more.

You don’t need to have a smartphone or Invest in the best gaming PCs just to have an intense experience in high-quality VR.

A high-quality VR headset is enough to provide you with an experience of the virtual reality world. Therefore let’s get to our recommendations and if you like any one of them please consider to purchase

This oculus rift S is made upon the original oculus rift which is considered the best VR headset around for porting connections to a PC and enjoying intensive gaming.

Considering the weight of this VR headset,  light as well that is why it can be also considered for long sessions of intensive gaming.  this is integrated in such a way that it has decent feature forming speakers. 


  • In-built space tracking
  • Availability of touch controllers


  • It needs a PC

This headset is solely responsible for providing you with an intensive VR gaming experience for a longer duration. The controllers of this headset are incredibly amazing and can easily put out your actions. 

This HTC Vive headset requires external sensors for tracking to execute and a good level of setup and room space. Therefore people who live in small rooms or apartments are not able to find this headset to be the best headset on our list.


  • Swift and engaging graphics
  • Adaptable and user-friendly controllers
  • Enormous game library


  • Unavailability of built-in audio

OK, so in the event that you have a worry about the assurance of your eyes, here you go. This VR headset accompanies an eye insurance highlight that will not allow your eye to feel the distress that most VR headsets give. 

Other than that, this VR headset likewise suites best when watching anime online for unlimited hours. Notwithstanding, you ought to consider the advantages and downsides too for additional assurance of your buy for VR headsets. 


  • Eye insurance highlight 
  • Better flexibility 
  • Great similarity with android gadgets 
  • Reasonable for watching anime on the web 


  • Less Durability 
  • Now and then, applications don’t work

This one isn’t disparate from the above suggestions, yet it has some particular elements that are exceptionally critical while thinking about a VR headset. 

For an instance, it has an inside structure, and the focal point central length was worked for a 109-degree field of view. 

Besides, it likewise accompanies hostile to blue light-covered focal points, against intelligent with 94% light transmission. This VR headset has a lightweight face pad that is breathable and lovely. 

To hold light back from meddling with your vision, it has a delicate nose cushion as well. 


  • Amazing design 
  • Better customizability 
  • Accompanies an outside distant regulator 


  • Less durable as compared to other ones

This valve index is considered one of the best VR headsets when VR became more of a thing past years ago.

This headset is amazing and comprised of comfortable in-built speakers. Mor 18 comes with the high-end built quality too. 

There’s a great deal to like with regards to the Index, as it accompanies an LCD board that offers variable invigorate rates to suit the force of your PC. 

Also, the pictures it serves up are reasonably fresh and high-rez. The regulators are likewise a high point.

Moreover, you can customize the gripping of your hands. Also, it comes with straps for your hands to keep you from dropping them as VR activity warms up.


  • Upgradable options
  • Amazing controllability
  • Top-notch built quality


  • Little heavyweight

This VR headset is considered one of the most adjustable and renounced headsets among the other brands.

You just require its app for controls and installation, then you are great to go. When considering the controls, this VR headset also comes with a controller that can also be suitable for better control when you are residing in the anime world. 

Lastly, the design and price of this VR headset are extremely impressive, which is quite notable. 


  • Amazing design
  • Better optimization
  • Decent fitting 
  • Comes with a remote controller


  • Sometimes, the controller doesn’t work


This factor is a little crucial when considering the adjustability and handling feature. However, most VR headsets are designed in such ways but you need to consider which design to go for because there are countless. 

Lastly, remember to focus on the adjustability factor at first. 


The controls of a VR headset are majorly responsible for the output you want during usage. The controls of a VR headset should be highly responsive and swift in order to provide the desired experience you want.

When experiencing intensive gaming sessions using VR or having fun on your latest play station, it would be a decent idea to have better responsive controls on your VR headset. 


This might be a crucial specification for some, but you should consider your budget before considering purchasing a VR headset. 

Lastly, in our opinion, the Oculus Rift S & HTC Vive VR Headset should be the priority if you are considering the most popular VR Headsets. 

Go according to your preference and budget. Till then, meet you on the other end.

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