MLB The Show 21 April Monthly Awards program – How to unlock 95 OVR Byron Buxton, rewards, and more

Are you up for a challenge ? The MLB The Show 21 April Monthly Awards program is now on-going and it aims to reward those who are trying to complete the 95 OVR Byron Buxton. The rewards will be available until the end of April and the other players, you can join the program to unlock the Buxton, rewards, special packs, etc.

It’s been a great year for Sony’s MLB The Show franchise, with the latest version 21 coming out earlier in April and introducing some huge new changes to the game. The biggest new feature was the introduction of monthly challenges, which sees you competing to unlock rewards and earn in-game cash to spend on other rewards. The challenges are available from the start and come in three difficulty levels: bronze, silver, and gold.

The first month of the 2021 MLB season is behind us, which means it’s time for the first monthly awards show in MLB The Show 21. The 5th. In May, Sony San Diego released its first monthly rewards program of 2021, and in that program, Twins outfielder Byron Buxton’s item is on sale at 95 OVR. What you need to do to unlock Buxton and all the other rewards in this program. Let’s see what you need to know.

MLB The Show April 21Monthly Reward Program

As with other MLB The Show programs, players must purchase points to participate in the program. There are 20 different prizes in this program, and here’s how they’re distributed:

  • 5 points – 84 OVR Cedric Mullins passes monthly
  • 10 points – Topps Nu Opening Weekend Choice Package
  • 15 points – 500 chop
  • 20 points – 84 OVR monthly pass Danny Duffy
  • 25 points – MLB The Show 21 Pack
  • 30 points – 87 OVR Nick Solak monthly card
  • 35 points – Topps Now selection package (04/05-04/11)
  • 40 points – 88 OVR Matt Barnes Monthly Pass
  • 45 Points – 1000 Stubs
  • 50 points – 89 OVR Shohei Ohtani (OF) Monthly pass
  • 55 points – Topps Now (04/12-04/18) Choice Pack
  • 60 points – Justin Turner Monthly Pass 90 OVR
  • 65 points – Topps Now selection package (19.04.-25.04.)
  • 70 points – 92 OVR Monthly Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
  • 75 points – MLB The Show 21 Pack
  • 80 points – 93 OVR monthly pass Corbin Burns
  • 85 Points – 2000 Stubs
  • 90 points – Pack Ballin’ is a Habit
  • 95 points – MLB The Show 21 Diamond Bat Equipment Perk
  • 100 points – 95 OVR Month Pass Byron Buxton

MLB The Show players can earn a number of rewards this month, including 3,500 stubs and four cards with an OVR of 90+.

To progress in this program, you must complete a combination of collections, moments, and missions. Here is a route that can take you to 100 points:

  • April monthly prizes and Topps Now collection (15 points)
  • Nine points from the monthly awards for April (36 points)
  • Do one of these other tasks to earn the remaining 49 points:
    • 15 hits by Topps Now players (10 points)
    • 7 hits by Topps Now players (10 runs)
    • 15 strikeouts against Topps Now players (10 points)
    • 5 hits with monthly Cedric Mullins (4 points)
    • 9 strikeouts with monthly Danny Duffy (4 runs)
    • 3 extra base hits with monthly Nick Solak (4 runs)
    • 5 strikeouts with monthly Matt Barnes (4 points).
    • 2 homeruns in a month by Shohei Ohtani (4 runs)
    • 3 extra base hits by monthly Justin Turner (4 runs)
    • 2 home runs against the monthly Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.
    • 9 eliminations with Corbin Burns, one month old (4 points).

Ideally, you should complete three tasks to get 10 points. Then combine five of the remaining eight missions to reach 100.

Here’s a look at the top three cards handed out this month:

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.


Corbin Burns


Byron Buxton


Note on Topps Now and April MA tickets

Don’t forget that you need to collect 25 cards from the April Monthly Awards and Topps Now sets to build your collection. You need to score 80 points in the program to get 93 OVR Burns, and also open all the selection packages. Additionally, you must complete all Topps Now moments to get more cards that you didn’t take in the selection packs.

If you’ve already filled out the Topps Now Moments form, don’t forget to pick up any tickets you don’t already have. Players who complete the collection will also receive 1,500 stubs.

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