Indian Motorcycles An American Legend

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Indian motorcycles have been around for a very long time approx since 1901. Despite being for such a long time. The fan base for such motorcycles hasn’t dropped a bit as well. Talking about some famous rivals of this is Harley-Davidson. 

This is in itself a legend in the present day, this iconic status has established Indian as American Legend among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Over hundreds of years, there are several innovations in the technique of these bikes.

Yet they come with a traditional look with this tradition and these richly equipped functionalities.

The Indian motorcycle company was founded in 1897 by George M handy and Oscar Centre ROM and was popular after a few years when it was started. 

There were some famous models of Indian motorcycles as well of which the two most popular models to be produced by Indian motorcycles work Scout and Chief.

It first made an appearance and 1920 and these two motorcycles were sold till the end of 1953.

After that, the production comes to an end at that point but approx for 30 years these two wars dream of each teenager to ride.

Indian motorcycle is a brand from history which was born out of a passion for the open road.

Moreover, this brand supplied us military and Elite forces with 60% of motorcycles.

These were used in World War 1 and be reproduced, innovative new models. Among them, a lot of them were equipped with sidecars as well.

Indian Motorcycles An American Legend

Some of them were also used in World War 2 which tells us the reliability and the quality of these motorcycles.

Indian motorcycles saw great success in 1930 when the band was bought over by DuPont Motors.

Initially, the brand got a few bumps at the starting of its years. It started its wings to wander around and under this new brand, it went to higher success.

The designers of the Indian motorcycle and engineering team took 27 months to design the Indian chiefs from the base.

These motorcycles got a thunder stroke 111 engine which offered A 111 cubic inches of power and 119 LBS of torque.

It was class-leading at that point in time it was smooth efficient and powerful the thunder stroke 111 is a 49-degree air-cooled v20.

That got a six-speed overdrive transmission and it features and matched premium exterior finishes and some cool inserts and touches.

This makes it extraordinary from the others in the market and this additional effort that Indian motorcycles used to put in its motorcycles made them something different from the others.

Especially from the Harley Davidson and up-to-date as well these, these motorcycles have gained some different sort of respect in the mind and head of people.

That is why it is still a legend that people want to ride. 

The new Indian 2014 Indian chief vintage is soft baggage that took iconic Indian motorcycles to a whole new level.

At that point in time, its rivals trembled down in the market tremendously.

The cool inserts and the different leather color and the finish and got on its front and the rear seats made it look different from others.

The side bag with the three-parallel design was something insane that any motorcycle did not get even.

Fortunately, the elongated silencer runs across from the center of the exhaust engine up to the last of the tail light.

This was something very unique in this motorcycle along with the elongated and lowered mud flap of the front wheels.

Now talking about the wheels it was something different because so many numbers of spokes with white insert was something dangerous.

The Indian motorcycles played along with such dangerous scenarios all the time.

It was also loved by everyone and was welcomed and this also became a trend as soon as this school motorcycle got launched.

In its journey, Indian motorcycles also saw a lot of ups and downs.

Furthermore, it also collaborates with a few market joins to capture some strengths of different motorcyclists.

Therefore, it was able to do this successfully and Indian motorcycles also expanded its business.

Its business expanded in Malaysia and different parts of countries.

Not only this but also Indian motorcycles gave a lot of emphasis upon the product.

Especially their service is the most prominent one among others.

Moreover, they were considered the first to provide 5 years warranty program with good mileage.

That is why it is the first in the industry and it reflects the confidence of Indian motorcycles that it had in its quality products. 

A lot of accessories and customizations were available.

Furthermore, the most significant thing that Indian motorcycles played along with was that the accessories.

The accessories are used to provide were something very difficult to be fitted.

Due to this aftermarket, people failed in a lot of ways to fit these accessories.

Because of this, Indian motorcycles gained a lot of problems in their production and manufacturing too.

Ultimately, riders had to get those accessories fitted from showrooms only.

Furthermore, a lot of customization was also available in the Indian motorcycles.

Therefore, this customization wakened the interest in motorcycles in a lot of young riders and new to people who didn’t even know to write.

Lastly, this passion that the two founders started with the company got transferred to a lot of young people as well.

But still the special is being shared with a lot more with such ease.

This is what’s the vision with which these two had started.

In our opinion, we think that division was really a strong and successful region till date.

Last but not least, Indian motorcycles set the benchmark in nowhere to the competition to different automakers for makeup.

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