HUAWEI Releases New Flagship Products Including HUAWEI Watch 3 Series, HUAWEI MatePad Pro, HUAWEI nova 8i

Today, Huawei has announced three new smartphones, including the new HUAWEI Watch 3, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, and the HUAWEI nova 8i. They are all solid devices, packing the latest and greatest specs into their designs. The HUAWEI Watch 3 is Huawei’s flagship wearable device, and it packs a 42mm circular AMOLED display into its body. It comes with a heart rate monitor and a built-in GPS, and its two variants have different storage capacities: either a few gigabytes for the base model, or 128GB or 256GB for the pricier versions. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro is Huawei’s first tablet that has a detachable keyboard, and

What to look for in a Watch? First things first, what are you looking for in a smartwatch? The answer is likely a smartwatch that sits comfortably on your lifestyle rather than is a burden. If you prefer to stay active and active, then a sporty watch such as the Huawei Watch 3 or the Huawei Watch 2 might be better suited for you. Combine this with a premium laptop keyboard and mouse, and you have the ultimate in hybrid productivity.

HUAWEI recently held a major presentation in the APAC region, unveiling six new flagship products. Among the products on display are the HUAWEI nova 8i, the HUAWEI MatePad series of tablets, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 series of smartwatches, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 and two high-end monitors, the HUAWEI MateView and MateView GT respectively.

The HUAWEI MatePad series of tablets and HUAWEI WATCH 3 series of smartwatches are Huawei’s first smart devices based on HarmonyOS 2. HUAWEI states that HarmonyOS’ distributed data management and distributed task scheduling features enable both products to work more efficiently.

HUAWEI MatePadSeriesTablets

HUAWEI MatePad series tablets can work with Huawei PCs and HUAWEI MateView to work on multiple screens as a tablet with HarmonyOS 2. In mirror mode, the tablet can be used as a drawing pad and in extended mode as a monitor.

It also supports drag-and-drop and file transfer between devices, so you can share more efficiently across multiple devices.

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 12.6-inch, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 10.8-inch and the HUAWEI MatePad 11-inch are part of the HUAWEI MatePad series. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 12.6 and 10.8 feature a stunning borderless screen with an industry-leading 90% screen-to-body ratio.

The HUAWEI MatePad 11 is Huawei’s first tablet with a 120Hz refresh rate, giving users a smoother visual experience when playing games or watching videos.

The new HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation) with platinum coating enables natural writing like with a pencil.

The new smart magnetic keyboard features a full-size design and 1.3mm key travel for a comfortable typing experience. The magnetic cover, wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity are also carried over from the previous model.

From July 7, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro (Olive Green) will be available for RM4,399 at the HUAWEI Store online and at HUAWEI partner stores such as Lazada HUAWEI Flagship Store, Shopee HUAWEI Official Store and Senheng.

Consumers can enjoy free gifts worth RM549.70 in the form of a HUAWEI Classic backpack, HUAWEI Video (1 month VIP access) and 6 TVOD Pass, as well as HUAWEI Cloud Storage (3 months access – 50GB).

Furthermore, HUAWEI today announced that the new HUAWEI MatePad 11 tablet will be launched in Malaysia in the near future.

HUAWEI MateView and MateView GT

HUAWEI MateView is a smart desktop display that provides professional color reproduction. It is a professional quality standalone monitor with a 28.2 inch 3:2 screen with a high resolution of 3840 x 2560 pixels.

The HUAWEI MateView can also connect wirelessly to smartphones, computers and tablets. It can also be operated by keyboard and mouse. Conversely, the keyboard and mouse can be connected to the monitor to control other devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

Plus, the HUAWEI MateView GT is Huawei’s first curved display, making it ideal for gaming and e-sports. It has a 34-inch curved screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9, a resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a refresh rate of 165 Hz.

Innovative developments such as the SoundBar are also included. It is designed to optimize the gaming experience and provide the user with a complete entertainment experience.

From July 7, the HUAWEI MateView will be available for pre-order for RM2,988 at the HUAWEI Store Online, HUAWEI Experience Stores and HUAWEI partner stores such as Lazada HUAWEI Flagship Store, Shopee HUAWEI Official Store and Senheng.

When purchasing the HUAWEI MateView, customers will get an instant RM100 off their purchase and a free HUAWEI WIFI AX3 Dual Core worth RM199.

The HUAWEI MateView GT, priced at RM2,488, will be available from July 7. at HUAWEI online stores, HUAWEI Experience stores and HUAWEI partner stores, such as Lazada HUAWEI Flagship Store, Shopee HUAWEI Official Store and Senheng will be available for pre-order.

Those who purchased the HUAWEI MateView GT during the pre-order period from July 7 to 21 will receive an immediate RM100 off their purchase and a free HUAWEI WIFI AX3 Dual Core worth RM199.


The HUAWEI WATCH 3 series is a new flagship smartwatch that allows users to communicate independently. You can use the same phone number and data plan on the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series to make calls and listen to music on your smartphone.

This attractive HUAWEI WATCH 3 series watch features a curved glass display and 316L stainless steel body, as well as an all-new 3D rotating crown that recognizes different pressure levels and responds with haptic feedback, making it comfortable to wear and use.

Your personal assistant for fitness and health management becomes the HUAWEI WATCH 3 series. The HUAWEI WATCH 3 series is a professional fitness and health manager with over 100 workout modes to choose from.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series can now measure skin temperature with a new high-precision temperature sensor and has comprehensive health monitoring features. The HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series also features fall detection and SOS functions that allow users to track and monitor their health data in real time.

From July 7, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 will be available for RM1,699 and the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro for RM2,199 at HUAWEI online stores, HUAWEI partner stores such as Lazada HUAWEI Flagship Store, Shopee HUAWEI Official Store, Senheng and the HUAWEI Experience Store.

HUAWEI nova 8i

The body of the HUAWEI nova 8i is slim and has an excellent aspect ratio. It has a 6.67-inch bezel-less Huawei display. Thanks to NCVM (Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization) technology, the back of the phone has a beautiful appearance and an elegant 4D curved design.

It offers consumers the best possible storage experience. For younger users, the system’s four rear cameras, including a high-resolution 64-megapixel main camera, offer excellent photo opportunities.

In addition, the HUAWEI nova 8i 66W supports HUAWEI SuperCharge, which charges the smartphone in just 38 minutes.

The HUAWEI nova 8i, priced at RM1,299, will be available for purchase from July 7. at the HUAWEI Store online and at HUAWEI partner stores such as Lazada HUAWEI Flagship Store, Shopee HUAWEI Official Store and Senheng for pre-orders.

Each pre-order comes with amazing freebies worth RM260, including a HUAWEI Entertainment Box, HUAWEI Video (1 month VIP access), HUAWEI Cloud Storage (1 month access – 200GB) and HUAWEI Music (3 months VIP subscription).

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4

The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 are the industry’s first open earphones with Adaptive Ear Matching (AEM) noise cancellation technology, which improves noise cancellation in various wearing conditions. HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 is light and comfortable to wear, with each earpiece weighing just 4.1 grams.

The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 are equipped with a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) composite diaphragm for high-resolution sound. The tweeter section is richer and more detailed with no significant loss of quality.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 supports two-device connectivity and provides customers with the best entertainment experience.

Two devices can be connected to the HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 at the same time, be it smartphones, tablets, PCs, smartwatches or the Huawei HUAWEI Vision, as well as any other Android, iOS or Windows smart device.

The HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 can be purchased from 7. July for RM599 at the HUAWEI online store and HUAWEI partner stores such as Lazada HUAWEI Flagship Store and Shopee HUAWEI Official Store, as well as Senheng for pre-orders. Consumers can get the HUAWEI Band 4 for RM139 with any pre-order.

During the presentation, Huawei also said it would continue to develop its retail and online strategies, including the HUAWEI Experience Store and e-commerce platforms, to provide consumers with a better and more convenient shopping experience.

Huawei has opened HUAWEI Experience stores in a number of countries in the APAC region. Currently, there are 110 HUAWEI Experience stores in Malaysia, 80 in Thailand, 140 in the Philippines and 30 in Indonesia.

At the HUAWEI Experience Store, consumers can try out the latest Huawei smartphones, displays, tablets, wearables and audio products. Huawei aims to provide its customers with a simple and uncomplicated shopping experience and enable them to live seamlessly with the help of artificial intelligence.

Huawei has also made significant efforts to develop e-commerce channels and O2O services. Huawei products can be purchased in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines through the HUAWEI Store and third-party e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee and others.

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