How to Improve at Beat Saber [Tips & Tricks] – Best Guide in 2022

how to improve at beat saber

Do you wanna know how to improve at beat saber. Read on to know more

In this article, I will be telling you that how you can improve at beat Sabre but cool down if you are a bit afraid that how will you increase your speed for it. If you are frustrated just like YouTubers having live streaming. 

Also, they do this in such a swift way so there might be a question in your mind that actually how are they playing so fast as compared to you.

You should remember that there is a thing called muscle memory and it’s all about that only because reacting to you comes towards you rather than having to think about it. 

Your muscle memory if by chance gets improved then you can also play fast and pretend to be cool out there on social media platforms among your friends’ circle.

Another thing that also comes into consideration while playing the Beat Saber is the pattern recognition because a pro player in work would have played a lot of times and he would have got familiar with the pattern as well and majorly what matters is that how long do you practice it on a required basis.

Tip To Consider: How To Improve At Beat Saber

A lot of times, what happens with players is that they start playing wrong tubes, and due to their song frequency disturbing a lot, they tend to develop or practice playing that particular song wrongly because they make the same error again and again.

Fortunately, this can be avoided and this can be easily done if recognizes that what are the actual problems and you should practice that specific portion of the song instead of playing a tired song.

Practicing it, again and again, elevates your improvement graph at the beat saber

You should do smart work not hard work while playing beat Saber and by following this practice you can improve in it by a lot of extending tend and this can be done even quickly by practicing this.

Pro Tip: How To Improve At Beat Saber

Let’s discuss that what are some of the points to keep in mind while playing beat Saber, therefore it would probably assist you in improving at Beat Saber.

Turn up sounds

One of the main reasons why you might be struggling while playing the Beat Saber is that you are not following the beat correctly.

But the fortunate news is that this can be rectified. If you hit the sounds quite soft and practice them slowly and gradually when you develop a habit with soft sounds, then you can go up to fast tracks as well.

To turn up, it sounds like you can go to your settings over there where you will find the option of player options, then insert in it and you’ll go to Aciphex volume.

Over there, you can turn the volume to the max and you are great to go.

 Establish a good balance between your wrists and arms

As we all know that every person is different and every person has a different physique. The same goes with your hands as well.

Every person has different types of hands and wrists and if you practice your race and collaboration, then you can improve to a lot of extend risk and be faster than others.

However, you should also remember that rest are a bit less accurate and these can be made more accurate if you practice a lot.

To improve upon this skill what you can do is used 20-30 % of your rest and 80- 70% of your arms.

If you follow this practice, then you won’t miss any tubes and you can play good songs by following this trick.

I will recommend that you should follow this formula and you won’t get damaged in the middle of anywhere, this is an assurance from my side.

Try to play difficult songs as well

Once you get to use a curtain track or a soft note song, then you should develop or practice-changing those soft songs using some other tracks. 

Once you get the practice of a particular song with them, then you should change the entire play and try to go for difficult songs where tracks are tracks and should be too quick.

Yes, it can be a bit difficult at a certain point of times when you are changing from slow songs to hard for fast playing songs but keep on practicing and one should develop your practice you will become perfect in it one day certainly.

Use practice mode

If you use this mode, then you will be usually playing the parts where you are failing.

Instead, you should find your mistakes and practice only those particular X ways only. You are making the same error, it occurs again and again and once you rectify these major errors, then you should again play the entire song and then you should focus upon your minor mistakes.

That’s where you are! Some of the minor mistakes that you are making some of the time and then you can practice to change them as well.

 Turn on the song timer

If you do this, then you will particularly know that which time span you are making a particular mistake.

Whether it’s a recurring mistake or a minor mistake, you need to consider these made just by mistake and can be rectified. Therefore, by following a period you can easily figure out that where are you making mistakes.

 Turning on no-fail mode

This method will allow the song to continue even if you make a mistake, and the score will not be affected.

It was so until and unless you feel the song. That’s probably a practice that you should start doing from day one so that your productivity can get enhanced and you don’t take a lot of time to practice.

Use Boss notes

Fortunately, Boss notes can improve your muscle memory to a lot of extents and by using this, you can easily rectify the mistakes if you continue making the same errors. 

Because this will help you in a lot of sense and you will be astonished sometimes because visual cues can make sweet. 

Sometimes they are distracting but just focus on the audio fuse and make things easier and stand still and do nothing.

If you find it hard to look out for maps, it can hit you on your mind but you should be patient enough.

That’s why we recommend that you should do meditation as well. It will gradually help you in your personal life as well.

Especially, in this case, because you need a lot of patience and practice. therefore, if you get a hard song and you are not getting it yet, then you should give it a pause and wait for some time.

Analyze it or see different videos of different streamers who are playing this particular song and try to analyze from them and just came out with a Bang!

Particularly, if you are not able to perform songs then just copy. If you are not able to make up for something, then just try to imitate doing that and play that song flawlessly without any interruption during the gaming session of Beat Saber.

 Play for fun

You should not keep your mind under pressure that you need to learn it quickly or in a real quick.

However, the thing is you should just be played for fun and your mind should not set pre-recorded sets that you are playing to become better.

Moreover, you have to take it professionally just simply by playing it. For your fun, if you find one in what you are doing then you won’t even realize that when you did that thing over and over, you got professional in it.

Some Other Things To Be Kept In Mind

One thing that I will recommend to you strongly is please do not get frustrated or test by looking at other streamers that are especially YouTubers because in YouTube what you find a lot of times is fake.

As well you can find free downloaded videos of people who have played that at 2x and somehow with the help of Editing skills are showing you that they are perfect but actually, they are not.

Even, if you find some live streamers performing extremely well then you should remember that Rome was not built in a day and the same goes over here as well.

That person hasn’t been considered as a professional in a day it would have certainly taken a lot of time.

Therefore, what you should do is to try to imitate him because a lot of successful people also say that if you are not able to make up to something, simply try to imitate it.

Apply the concept of fake it until you make it. It could be the key to become a professional at Beat Saber.

Therefore, try to copy them exactly what they are doing because some songs can be really difficult and there can be some tricks to perform them. 

Live stream, as well as pre-recorded videos, have those tricks included but the thing is just that they are not getting notified by people.

Try to notice them out and you will be able to perform them quite easily without performing any sort of hardship. This game is about practicing and copying if you get a hard song.

Lastly, few things more to consider is that you should not at all play Beat Saber to show it to your friends.

They should not be at all in your mind because playing Beat Saber is quite long as it takes time and if you have a small goal of just showing it in front of your friends.

It can sometimes become frustrating for you as well. I will advise you not to do so because you will ultimately start taking pressure upon yourself and results won’t be positive at all.

Last but not least, what we should focus upon is that you are doing it for fun and not for your profession or something else.

You should not at all take pressure upon your mind or in your subconscious mind of something that you have to do for any limited number of times.

If in some cases, you have to do it within this time spam, these things should not roam around in your mind.

Instead, just flush out these thoughts from your mind and play it for fun because when things are done for fun you won’t even realize the pressure you put on yourself.

When this thing got over and you would become a Pro in Beat Saber.

Therefore, just follow the above-mentioned tricks and tips that I have recommended you and I can assure you that you can be able to become a professional player at Beat Saber.

If this article assists you in the way you wanted, please drop a comment.

Matt Booth has been playing video games professionally for over a decade. He started out as a competitive player in the Halo series, and transitioned to professional gaming with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Since then, he has competed in countless tournaments across the globe, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.

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