How To Disable Guardian System In Oculus Quest [Expert Guide 2022]

How To Disable Guardian System In Oculus Quest

Are you looking for How To Disable Guardian System In Oculus Quest? This is the right place for you. So keep on reading to know more.

The Guardian barrier is a cornerstone of any Oculus Quest session, and it’s almost always required. 

It gives you comfort by keeping you away from the edges and barriers while also confirming that you’re still in the designated playroom. 

There are, however, some circumstances in which you also might want to deactivate your Guardian boundary. Here’s what to do next. 

Warning: turning off your barrier also turns off the headset’s positioning. This implies that as you turn your head around in space, the virtual environment appears to be fixed to your head and follows you around. 

When the Guardian function and tracks are off, the Quest only monitors its location in 3 degrees of freedom (like that of an Oculus Go) rather than the usual 6 degrees of freedom.

Some individuals may be disturbed by this, therefore we recommend turning off the boundaries only in situations where you will remain still.

Why Should You Do It?

You might not want to deactivate your Quest’s Guardian boundary in most instances. Certain conditions, such as consuming media, adapt themselves better to degrees of effectiveness without the need of a guardian.

The tracking and Guardian systems, for example, require a really well area to operate. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to view a video on your Quest in a poorly lighted or fully dark environment. 

Turning off your border and tracking, on the other hand, allows you to sit in a dim environment and watch a film without fear of the Quest losing positioning.

Therefore, let’s get to know about the simple steps to Turn Off Guardian System Boundary in real-time.

Turn Off Oculus Quest Guardian System

  • Click Settings and then ‘See All’ on the bottom menu bar in the Quest Home to get the entire settings menu for your Quest.
  •  Go to the Device tab and scroll all the way down.
  •  Disable your Guardian boundaries and positioning tracking by turning off the Tracking switch.

The positional tracking on your Quest has been turned off, and your Guardian boundary has been disabled.

Holding down the Oculus button on the bottom side of the right touch controller while your boundary is off will reset the orientation of the Quest’s vision.

To reactivate your Guardian and tracking, return to the same settings screen, turn on the tracking option, and confirm your Guardian boundary. Apart from this, you can also turn off the guardian boundaries and tracking system using Developers mode. Let’s get to that.

Disable Guardian System Using Developers Mode

  • Click on Settings, then proceed towards the menu of full settings on the Quest. Now on the bottom of the menu, select See All.
  • Click on the Developer Tab.
  • To disable your guardian boundary to retaining the positioning of your Quest, turn off the Guardian option.

However, if you haven’t allowed the developers mode on your Quest, then it won’t be useful for you. We recommend you to read this guide: Should I Buy the Quest 2 Elite Strap?

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