Hood Outlaws And Legends All Hidden Achievement List

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, the full list of hidden achievements in “Grand Theft Auto V” has been revealed. The one you’ve been waiting for: “Accident Prone”, which you get for hitting a cyclist. The list of all the hidden achievements in GTAV was revealed by a gamer who managed to extract the game’s achievement list from the code.

Grand Theft Auto V has a rich, expansive world. It’s so detailed, that players have been able to find things that the developers didn’t even know were there. The developers placed a few hidden things that are not achievements, but some players have been able to unlock them. There is a list of hidden achievements for GTA V. Some of them are easy to find, while others are much, much harder. It’s difficult to find them all, but it’s not impossible.

Hood Outlaws And Legends is a medieval multiplayer stealth game developed by Sumo Digital. There are a total of 50 achievements that must be completed to fully unlock the achievement list. Most achievements can be obtained by playing the game regularly, but some require you to master a specific character. Below is a list of all achievements, including hidden achievements, and how to get them.

Hood Outlaws And Legends Performance List

Claiming – Recapturing the opponent’s conquering point.

The Hood, the Bad, and the Ugly – Complete a match with a team of unique characters (each player must choose a different class than the other, all characters must be on the team).

Starting a fire is like setting up a shelter for the first time.

Lincoln Green – Buy and equip a cosmetic bag (can be done after upgrading your house).

Challenge – Take on a series of daily challenges. (You can check your daily tasks in your hideout).

Equipped for Action – Equip an accessory in each of the available slots for each character. (Increase your character’s rank by committing robberies and unlocking perks and resting in your hideout).

This. That’s it. Sherwood – Increase the protection rank to 10.

National Treasure – Reach rank 10 with a single character.

Merry Men – Reach rank 10 with 4 different characters.

Local Hero is an achievement of a player for rank 25.

A living legend – Reach rank 100.

The ballad takes place… – Create a set of captions.

…The ballad ends. Collect all the legends.

Petty thief – steal 25% of the jewels.

Assassin’s Greed – steal 100% of the trinkets.

Sweet dreams… – Committing the murder of another player.

Tag – Kill an opponent tagged by a teammate or have a teammate kill an opponent tagged by you.

Pilgrimage – Finish the game on 5 cards.

Heroic deeds – Successfully obtain treasures from 5 cards.

Flip a coin with your quartermaster – spend at least 20,000 gold.

Brave – Carry the treasure out of the vault and, without dropping it, place it on the winch.

Survivalist – Get three consecutive treasure entries without breaking the winch interaction.

Backwood Butcher – Kill 4 unique players from the opposing team during a match.

Infamous Outlaw – Score over 2500 points in a single game.

God of Death – Kill 3 enemy players in 5 seconds. (You can use Robin’s ultimate ability while enemies are mining trinkets).

Win or die: steal the loot from the chest after the opponent has captured the first 6 notches.

Strike that, Reverse it – Eliminate the opponent in the final stages of extraction and advance 90% or more.

Time is a precious thing – Successfully recovering a treasure in 12 minutes.

The tension is terrible… – Manage to get the treasure without killing an opponent player.

Under the Influence – Kill an enemy player affected by Flash or Poison.

Hidden achievements

You have to… Passport – to open the safe for the first time.

Fear Cuts Deeper – Lure the guard into the bushes and kill him from there.

…Survives Pack – Perform a synchronized kill on an enemy within 10 feet of your teammate.

…Not today – avoid death during the game and successfully win the treasure.

You got nothing, have a nice day. – Possess all the conquest points at once.

Backwood Butcher – Kill 4 unique players from the opposing team during a match.

Fall from Grace – Kill an enemy player while climbing a rope or ladder.

Silence is easy – executed by the sheriff.

Slide under drop gate – Slide under the drop gate after an alarm or lockout just before closing.

Man Mountain – Kill 5 enemies in a row with melee attacks without dying with Jon.

Keep the door open. – Grab the portcullis and pounce on your teammate with the chest, with John.

Ultimate Power – Hit 10 or more enemy targets during a single use of the Strike skill.

Lord of Light – Gives teammates 500 health back when you use this ability with Tuk.

Young Wolf – Kill multiple enemies with a single arrow with Robin.

Master Archery – Shoot your opponent in the head from over 50 yards away with the Robin.

Faceless Wraith – Kill 3 enemies in one use of the skill with Marianna.

Hitwoman – Kill multiple enemies with a single bolt gun with Marianne.

Forest Guardian – Kill an enemy player who is trying to kill a teammate.

The key to everything – steal the key from the sheriff.

Most Wanted – Kill the enemy target, key or treasure carrier and take possession of it.

A few more guides for the worst offenders and legends.

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