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GPS Motorcycle Mounting

Do you want to know about GPS Motorcycle Mounting? Then this blog is a must-read for you.

While driving a bike it becomes very difficult for anyone to navigate via their phones because when you are operating your motorcycle, your both hands are in operation, means your left hand is engaged into a clutch and your right hand is engaged in two front brakes and accelerator.

So if your both hands are engaged in action then you can’t handle your phone because you don’t have third hand, right? So to handle this you should buy a motorcycle GPS mount so that you can navigate your target location hassle-free.

Benefits of A GPS Motorcycle Mounting

Before proceeding further let me tell you the benefits of using a motorcycle GPS mount because without knowing the benefits you won’t know the actual usage of this thing. So first, you need to know the benefits that you can know the usage of this product.

First and foremost, a motorcycle GPS mount will enable you to keep your hands free which is very helpful in case of emergencies. It can be very easy and just as convenient for you to use; all that needs to be done is for you to affix it on the handlebars of your bike.

A benefit that entirely happens to be legal is that if you’re lost or in dire need of assistance, having a GPS unit attached on your bike’s handlebars can save your life when you need it most because if anything goes wrong, such as driving into a construction zone where there are no markings or lane lines (and other signs) visible from the road because the sun has partially blocked them out (example: sunset/sunrise), it would help immensely if you had one of these mounts attached at the center of your handlebars.

Lastly, it also provides you comfort as well let me tell you that it provides you comfort in many aspects like if your phone is discharged, by using a USB port or a power bank in front you can use your phone.

You can charge your phone as well and you can navigate to any place without holding your phone you can engage in calls and disconnect the calls as well. If your helmet has speakers in-built in it, then also you can use it as it is legal but don’t use the microphone and don’t detach the phone from the mount, insert it into your helmet because it becomes illegal.

Things To Look At While Purchasing A GPS Motorcycle Mounting

GPS Motorcycle Mounting

Firstly, you must consider a good budget because many people are confused between different budgets and it may happen that you are comparing a low and product with the high budget products in this case so these things should be avoided. To avoid these things you must be clarified in your mind which budget you want to spend.

You don’t want that when you mount your phone on your motorcycles, it should fall because your phone is much expensive than the older one so that’s why I am recommending you to go for a good and a nice build-quality mobile holder or GPS motorcycle mounting.

Top 3 Best GPS Motorcycle Mounting That You Should Buy

Now you are talking about the top 3 best GPS motorcycle mounting that you should buy-

1. Premium motorcycle aluminium handlebar

The USP about this is that it is an aluminium bar and it is of black color so it can go with any color motorcycle if you talk about the colour combination. It has a flexible design, so any sort of handlebar (thick or its thin) can be fitted easily and it is strong enough so it can hold your GPS trackers for mobile phones very easily. It can be easily used for multipurpose it cost approx. $35.

2. Garima Motorcycle Mount

This costs around $25. A good thing about it is that it can also be fitted in any sort of bike but you can only insert big devices. The good thing about it is that it can be fit on any sort of bike but you should be careful about buying and installing bigger devices in there as smaller devices will not be able to support the mount.

These mounts can come in handy for any person who frequently uses their phones during and outside of traveling since it makes GPS tracking super easy! It is a very reasonable price so if you’re looking to save money then look no further than this particular one and don’t forget how handy this product is for people whose job requires them to travel and track their movement via GPS throughout the day. Ultimately, it is a good value for your money.

3. Motorcycle clamp Mount holder

This cost about $30 and the quality is very good, but it is made from plastic so that can be a bit of a letdown; however, it does have a solid feel to it and can handle any sized device regardless of its weight or if you plan on using it during the winter months. It has an adjustable top that allows you to customize this mount to fit your motorcycle’s handlebar thickness just right. This piece is also a nice black color choice, which goes with virtually any color theme you could finish this mount in.

So these are the top 3 best GPS motorcycle mounting for your motorcycle that you should buy all three at the different prices are the best so before buying you must consider that what price proposition you are looking at and what sort of design for budget suits you accordingly you can buy it.

FAQs – GPS Motorcycle Mounting

GPS Motorcycle Mounting
  • Is a plastic case ok?

Not really, it depends upon your need. If you go into a lot of adventure for high-speed, I recommend you to go with a metal case because plastic can get melted, or in extremely cold situations, can crack as well and your phone can get damaged as well so go with metal ones.

  • What are the colour options available?

Generally black and silver are the two most selling color options because these suit any motorcycle color but if you purposely want any personal color choice, then red, silver, grey are the next three top common colors that are available. Despite this, if you want any other different color, then you can look at different products that come with such colors and a solution to this is that try to get it wrapped if you are not finding your suitable color.

  • Can the holder hold a big heavy phone easily?

Yes, definitely any mobile holder can hold a big phone as well but again the point comes is about the stability and the build quality, so if you want a holder that can hold a heavy device, then you should go for a metal case as it is sturdy  and strong.


These were the top 3 best GPS motorcycle mounting that you can go at different price points and these are the top three best value for money proposition and are listed according to their value for money proposition only in case you find them and available on any selling platforms then you can go with any type of substitute as well just keep in mind that the specifications should be almost equivalent. 

GPS Motorcycle Mounting is important for all motorcycle riders. Riders who depend on their GPS for directions and mapping will be able to focus on the road and not on their devices. The mount is very affordable and can be purchased from a variety of online retailers.

If you have any queries, let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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