Garmin Zumo 660lm Review

Looking for Garmin Zumo 660lm? Read further to know more about it.

As we all know that government human GPS devices are very good when it comes to motorcycle GPS. That’s the reason why each ride a loves to use these GPS devices of garments.

Today we will be reviewing the Garmin Zumo 660 LM that should you buy it or not? What are the reasons you should avoid it and what are the reasons for which you should go ahead and purchase?

Before starting the review let me tell you some letter style you some of the key specifications features that this GPS device.

Features of Garmin Zumo 660lm

  1. It has 4.3 inches display which is easily readable and is quite bright as well as club-friendly and it is a touch display that is very good.
  1. It can easily result from flows 12 and in can also be used and the UV rays.
  1. Talking about the lifetime updates a lot of people are curious that will it get lifetime updates or not. Let us confirm that for a lifetime it will be getting the map of.
  1. It has got at once to wear Bluetooth technology that will help you and hands-free calling.
  1. It has got an MP3 player by which you can play songs and can be connected by Bluetooth as well.

Garmin Zumo 660lm is specially designed for bikers

The Garmin Zumo 660 has 4.3 inches of display which is easily readable. Moreover, it is friendly and touch response is also very good in it without any problem you can use it because it is glove-friendly GPS devices and handsome you’re overall workflows enhances as you don’t have to take a halt again and again it is what ipx7 water rating as well so it is waterproof.

To make your intense free let me tell you that tells you a good thing about this GPS device is that it will be getting lifetime map updates with help of lifetime map updates you can be tense free and you can find your roots very easily.

It has got Bluetooth connectivity as well and you can easily connect your mobile phone with the Bluetooth of the GPS device. When your GPS device gets connected with your mobile phone you can easily use it talking about USB is that when your GPS device is connected with Bluetooth.

You are riding at triple-digit speed and if you get a notification on your phone. You don’t have to stop the GPS device will automatically pop up a notification that of your phone so while seeing that pop-up.

You can decide you should reject that notification or you should stop and take a halt to respond to that.

It has got an mp3 music player with advanced Bluetooth technology you can also buy the help of Bluetooth connect to headsets. You can use it but this is not recommended for safety purposes so will recommend you to get smart and would build a quality helmet in which there is a built speaker and let me tell you that that is legal as well.

Navigation Tools for Garmin Zumo 660lm

It has got 3D Landmark trains as well it can easily show you curvy lanes Kavi roads moreover it can also show you the boundaries and the Highways along with the state and country locations very precisely.

If you are looking to buy this then you should also keep a point in mind that it has got Lane to assist feature which will display in the screen itself which is a good thing, has worked Bluetooth calling as well.

Which will overall optimize your ride and performance while riding it has got a speed indicator limited as well with help of which you can easily e keep your bike and control even at times if you get a bit excited.

This is specially built for motorcycles only you can easily connect your motorcycle with this GPS device with the help of old scanner it can tell you digital fuel meter speaker built odometer trip meter.

Can also tell you that at which service interval or how many kilometers are pending for your upcoming service which is a very good and advanced feature.

According to this should be present in all GPS devices but unfortunately is not present and this makes a strong point for you to move towards purchasing this device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Glove-friendly touchscreen very important?t

Yes, it is definitely important if you write mostly while wearing your blocks but if you are right in locally and you don’t go to highways a lot. Then it is not very important because generally, people don’t wear gloves when riding locally but if you are going out of station then definitely this point should be considered.

  • What is the warranty period offered with GarminZumoo 660 LM?

Same as other GPS devices it has also got a 1 year warranty period and if any problem arises in which GPS device can be restarted out and can be rectified by the company under warranty.

  • Is the battery backup good?

The battery backup is very good and the battery life is also very good if it is not used intensively.

  • Do GPS devices last long for many years?

It depends upon your usage that for how many hours or how many days continuously you are going to use it and how much with the  care you will be keeping this device with you 

  • Does the Lane keep assist feature properly work in it

The lane keeps assisting feature properly works in basically, when your bike gets deviated from its Lane and automatically moves towards another lane then this device will give you walking.

I Will be alarming you so that you come back to your own Lane this is a very good safety purpose that all other GPS devices should have as a feature but unfortunately have not getting offered and the price point at which you get this feature is a very good thing.

  • Reasons to avoid its competitors

You should avoid its competitors because at this price point you cannot get the length he persists feature along with the digital club-friendly display which is very crisp as well.

  • Is the display easily visible in bright sunlight

Yes, this display is very visible in bright sunlight though it is a bit small could have been a bit bigger as well if it is manageable for you then the display brightness is very good.


At last, we will recommend you to go for this GPS device as for most of the people it will certainly be fulfilling was the requirements but if you feel that it is not fulfilling your requirements then let’s tell you that in this case,e you will have to upgrade your budget a bit because at the price point.

It offers that is certainly a very good GPS device and there is no match performance and features being offered in other competitors at this price point. 

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