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Garmin Zumo 395lm review

Looking for Garmin Zumo 395lm review? Read further to know more about it.

Having a GPS device is very necessary these days, and that too if you need a GPS device for your motorcycle, then Garmin Zumo 395lm review is the most popular in all.  Today we will be telling you that why you should buy this instead of other GPS devices available on the market

Garmin Zumo 395lm review has a lot of reputation overall in the market and it is due to its functions and performance. If we are talking about function and performance then,  let us start with some key functions that this device has.

The very good and unique feature of this device is the tire pressure monitoring system.  As we all know that tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is not available in a lot of GPS devices but this Garmin Zumo 395lm review gets set exclusively.

Though a lot of competitors of this GPS are there in market., but it always stands out from other GPS because of some core competencies and key functionalities that it comes with. When it comes to GPS devices then Garmin Zumo is one of the topmost brands that every motorcycle ride knows about.



Garmin Zumo 395lm review
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We can say that it is well for adventure only. This can be concluded because it is made up of durable material and is build to last long. Moreover, this device is very rigid, and the build quality also feels to be of very supreme quality. 

Due to this device’s adventure capabilities, it is liked by a lot of people. Especially those who are so enthusiastic about adventure. All those people who ride motorcycles are especially enthusiasts for adventure and all those who are enthusiastic about adventure definitely know about this GPS device that is Garmin Zumo 395lm.


As we all know that a lot of devices don’t get a music player, Garmin Zumo 395lm review gets a music player. You can also connect your mobile phone with it. Once you connect your mobile phone with this GPS device, you can easily play any music directly from your phone.

Rider Alerts

Rider alerts are also available that can save your life. A lot of GPS devices don’t get this feature but it is necessary. When you are buying a GPS device for yourself, you should look for this feature as a must. 

What does rider alert mean?

Rider alert means that when a sharp turn comes, GPS device will notify automatically. Whenever there is any corner or dangerous patch upcoming, this device will notify you.

Digital Gauge

It consists of building the computer that measures accurately. It is measured accurately so whenever the fuel level goes down this will automatically alert you.

This is also a very useful feature because whenever your fuel level goes down at a certain position,  this device will certainly notify you. You can easily get notified and continue our journey without any hindrance.

Not only this, but it also gets a speed limit indicator.  so whenever this GPS device tracks se speed limit on the road it will indicate you if you are exceeding that.


The unique thing about these devices is that they get both car and motorcycle mounts. It can easily fit into both car and motorcycle depending upon your usage and you can even interchange it.

Good Camera Quality

Garmin Zumo 395lm review
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The camera quality of this device is supremely well. It has got a VIRB camera and can be remotely controlled as well. All these functions can be performed directly from the display itself. Moreover, it can be said to be easy to use.


All that glitters is not gold.  The same goes with this GPS device as well, it has some limitations that we are going to talk about. Some limitations in it can disturb you as well. But some of them are small limitations and may not disturb you intensively. So we will be discussing all limitations so that, you have a rough idea about all scenarios.

Small in Size

A very big drawback that we feel is screen size. Due to the small screen size sometimes it becomes difficult to peep in it. You have to submit your eyes to its small display. It becomes really difficult when you are off-roading or at high speeds. So to avoid it what you can do is, increase the text size but ultimately screen size can’t be changed. This is a major drawback for us.

Small Text 

As the screen sizes are small, ultimately the display size is also a bit small. It becomes difficult to read it. Due to these readability issues, we want to recommend it to all, specially to those who have foresight issues in their eyes. If you don’t have any foresight issues, then definitely you can look for this device as a buying option.

Screen Quality Issue

Sometimes when you are in extreme weather situations, you will feel screen quality issues as well. Whenever you are in bad weather you will feel it. We felt that this device has a bad screen quality when we tested it out during bad weather in dark.

Buyer’s Guide For Garmin Zumo 395lm review

Now we will be telling you that in what situations you should buy this Garmin Zumo 395lm:

  • Why buy this only?

Only buy it if you have a few a bit of budget issues or a limited budget. Else, if you can extend your budget, it sticks with it because of the value for money proposition and is very good.

  • Why not buy this?

Don’t buy it if you have a bit extended budget. If you have no issues and extending your budget then we will recommend you to go for an updated version instead of this. 

  • Is it worth the money?

In some scenarios, you can say it is worth the money. But merely, we will recommend you to upgrade it if you don’t have any budget issues as the value for money proposition for the bank for buck it offers is pretty well.

FAQs – Garmin Zumo 395lm review

  • Should you upgrade to another GPS or this works perfectly well?

As we said earlier, upgrade if you don’t have any budget issues. But if you have budget issues then definitely stick with this.

  • Should you buy accessories along with this?

It is recommended to buy your Garmin some accessories like mounts and cases. These accessories will not only protect your device but will also make it long-lasting.


Garmin Zumo 395lm review
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Definitely, we will recommend you to go with Garmin Zumo 395lm review. But once again we want to remind you that if you can extend your budget or better than other devices, but the proposition that this was in its price point is well. 

As we all know that there are a lot of other GPS devices available on market, but then everyone loves to buy Garmin Zumo 395lm only because of the key functionalities that it comes with.  Moreover, this GPS device stands out from its competition.

When it comes to motorcycle GPS Garmin is one of the topmost manufacturing companies and is popular in motorcycle GPS brands and a very simple reason to recommend it is its popularity and the way this brand has existed ever without any issues. 

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