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Garmin Zumo 220 Review

Looking for Garmin Zumo 220 review? Read further to know more about it.

Garmin Zumo has been constantly performing very well in terms of GPS. When it comes to motorcycles, and when people are out there in the market searching for motorcycle GPS, Garmin Zumo is at their top thinking.

Today we will be reviewing the Garmin Zumo 220. Why you should be purchasing it? Does it still has plenty of offers for you? Is it good as an entry-level model? Will it appeal to you on a tight budget or not?

All these queries and questions will be answered in it. We will try to keep it as simple as possible so that, even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about GPS devices for motorcycles we should easily be able to make you understand.

It almost tells you the accurate position where you are standing in your live location feature as well the hotfix technology of the Garmin GPS device quite easily calculates your position with speed, efficiency overall responsiveness. The way this device performance is phenomenally well.

Some Key Specifications – Garmin Zumo 220 Review

  • Lane assist

It helps you because when you are moving on a highway and even if a bit your mind gets distracted from your surroundings. Then accidents can happen at higher speeds because when you are at a higher speed you want to realize when your bike changes lane.

When an accident can take place because for casual it to happen even half a second of laziness is enough to avoid this GPS device gets a safety feature of Lane to assist.

Till the time being if you are in your own Lane the GPS device works perfectly and as soon as you change lane by mistake, if your bike changes the lane then this GPS device will start making noise and will alarm you so that you come back to your lane again.

  • Digital fuel meter and compass

It even tells you that how much fuel is there in your home bike and can even tell you about the compass digitally that what is the exact location where you are located at present.

  • It has got a speed limit indicator

This GPS device can automatically track that how much speed is allowed at a particular highway or a road and by scanning that speed kills GPS device will accurately tell you that how many kilometers per hour speed should be maintained.

If you, by mistake or in excitement, change or exceed your speed, then the GPS device will indicate you to lower down your speed and come to safety speeds.

  • Vehicle-mounted power cable

If you are running out of battery then you can easily charge it because it has got vehicle-mounted and power cables as well which are the ones other competitors don’t get at this price point.

  • Replaceable battery

If a situation arises that you don’t have a power bank with you and if by mistake your battery gets drained out or stops functioning in your GPS then you can carry a backup battery with you as well. Because the battery in it is easily replaceable so you can replace that battery and insert a new one and continue your journey.

After listening to so many features that it gets, you must be convinced to purchase head but before purchasing you should consider each point in this GPS device. Because we are not here just to tell you the sweet things.

But before beginning to the same things, let me tell you some good things that it is what IP waterproof rating as well so it is a type of waterproof device and can resist fuse pills and UV radiations as well which tells us that this device is built to last long.

  • Pros

It has got a good quality material and the overall construction and the buildup of this device fees to study and is made to build for last.

It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface even if you are a new beginning you want to face any issues and use it.

  • Cons

A very big con of it is that it is very difficult to read its display when you are out in bright sunlight and at some certain angles it is totally unreadable.

  • Overall build quality

When we talk about a GPS device then its build quality is really very important because in a GPS device there are a lot of things to be considered. One of them is the build quality of the GPS device because it has to undergo a lot of things like it has to resist fuse bills it will be mostly out in the sunshine so it should be e friendly from UV radiations as well.

Moreover, it should also have AV and not only a good battery life the battery care should also be strong so that even if it falls, there is no damage to the device of the battery. The display quality should be also much better so that it is easily readable in bright sun as well. 

It has got 3.5 inches of screen which is a bit less but keeping in mind the price point that it offers is decent there is USB port as well and you can easily connect your phone via Bluetooth in this.

A good feature is that when you connect it with your phone via Bluetooth then even if you’re riding at high speeds and if a notification comes to your phone.

It will be automatically displayed in the GPS device by which you can look and give it a glance that is it worth it to stop your motorcycle and respond to that notification or you should continue your journey.

It also has a Micro SD card slot this will help you a lot of sense as by this you can easily watch out that which music you want to play and it also has an MP3 player so you can play all your favorite music while keeping them stored in your Micro SD card slot MicroSD card and it also can be connected via BlueTooth and you can play music in it quite easily.

The installation process is also very easy for this GPS device that has got a simple mount that can be attached to any bike handle. Along with that, it has got a power cable cradle and a suction cup mount which also can be used for your car’s dashboard, and the overall assembly is very simple and can be installed by a beginner or a noob as well.

Navigation features are really very good in this device, as it can tell you all the different maps and routes and it has downloaded maps as well. Plus, there is a full keyboard which you can type and use to enter any location where you want to go which can be connected to Wi-Fi as well.

Browsing and surfing can be also done quite easily for any location on the map that you are searching for. There is also a function in this device of “Where am I”. This function will help you to find your current location not only for this device, but will also tell you about the nearest hospitals, gas stations, dress intersections, Police Stations, fire stations and a lot of places without a problem.

Overall features given in this Garmin Zumo 220 review are very good and cannot be avoided at this price point. If you keep in mind its competitors, then to according to us, this Garmin Zumo 220 review device is the value for money proposition that it is offering at this price point is very good and cannot be avoided at all.

Especially the lane assists feature and the time tracking feature along with the speed limiter, the digital odometer, and the fuel. All such features that are offered at such price point is a good thing and should be considered as a worth buying machine.

Last but not least, the most important thing is that it should be waterproof as well because when you are riding a motorcycle pressuring and Highways there is a lot of fun time-matched rain that cannot be avoided and sometimes it happens that you have to undergo from that rain.

Garmin Zumo 220 Review
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FAQs – Garmin Zumo 220 Review

  •  What is the warranty period of Garmin Zumo 220?

You get a one-year warranty period with this if you want you can get it extended as well but as an overall package and gets a one-year warranty only.

  • Is it fuel spillproof

It is fuel spill proof and it also is UV rays protected so if a few fuel pills while riding for a long duration of time and you are out on highways and direct ultraviolet rays are falling on your Garmin Zumo 220 review device, then there is no harm to it at all.

  • Why should this device be considered over other GPS devices?

It’s a good question. This device should be considered over other GPS devices because of the live tracking feature and the digital fuel meter feature. These are a few major factors that can determine you to go for this device and one place of other devices.

  • Is the display size decent?

Display sizes would create issues for you even if you are looking at it for a long duration of time. If you have issues with your eyes it means that if you are far sighted, then definitely you should go for a bigger display but if your first sight is not too weak then you can read all the demarcations in it easily.

  • Is it waterproof?

It is not totally waterproof. It is spill-proof and film proof from fuel as well as from UV rays. It is also protected from water, it has got ipx7 waterproof rating so it is not totally waterproof that you submerge it in water and this device will sustain but it can protect you from few drops of water or spray of the water.


Garmin Zumo 220 Review
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Now let’s wrap it up and just tell you whether you should buy it or not. It depends upon your requirements and your fulfillments of needs. If you think that this device is fulfilling all you want, then definitely you should go for it but if there is the intuition or if you are into a bit of confusion then definitely you should once wait and take a halt. Just go through your requirements and what do you need.

Is this device fulfilling all those requirements or not? If you think that this device is fully fulfilling all your requirements, then definitely you should go with this. But if you think it is not doing so then definitely you should wait and look for something else.

That’s all about our blog on “Garmin Zumo 220 Review”. Thanks for reading!

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