Garmin Montana 680T Review 2022 – About The Garmin Montana Device

Garmin Montana 680T Review

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Just imagine being stuck in a situation where you’re out of touch for hours at a time, your employees are causing trouble for you, and you don’t know how to escape the peril. The best way to get out of that sticky situation is to buy a GPS device which has more features than just a compass or location reading but one which shows place names as well as providing accurate details about locations.

We would like to talk to you today about the Garmin Montana 680T, a product which will help keep you safe no matter where your travels take you, whether it’s under rugged or challenging terrain. This particular model can show an impressive level of detail as well as allow users to organize data based on category such as life-saving information when trying explore new areas or hard-to-reach places!

It is a must-buy because it saves your life and let me tell you that you could never put a price on life, because it’s the most expensive thing. So you should never compare your life with monetary values and if this device is capable to save your life, you should buy it.

Garmin Montana 680T Review | About The Device |

Before we begin with the detailed functions let me give you a quick sneak of what this device is capable of.

The device has a 4-inch screen display, and it’s not just black and white like some other screen displays. This one is multi-colored. When buying a GPS, the important thing is that the size of the device shouldn’t be too big because that might make it too hard to bring with you wherever you go, and this product’s USB interface fits in perfectly because it was made compact and small.

The ideal dimensions for this product are 7.48 into 14.4 cm for length and width respectively, with a 3.64 CM long interface – which essentially makes it easy to attached to your keychain or handbag without feeling heavy or clunky. And when it comes down to its screen size, this product has two 5.06 x 8.93 centimeters of live space for you to do whatever you need on your device like watch videos, play games or listen to music no matter where you are at! It also has an incredible resolution of 4 inches , which makes everything that much more crisp while watching those movies on your device!

While discussing about a handy and useful gadget it should also have an equally good premium service as well. The product having batteries with it leads to a lighter weight of the product, 289 G so you don’t face any issues of carrying it anywhere. The battery timing is good enough for 22 hours which is sufficient for taking it anywhere whether humans can go or not because even in the tough terrains the battery life will never let you down.

It has 8 megapixels and an autofocus camera! With its GPS feature, you don’t have to worry about losing your stored data either – just allow the GPS feature to update uploaded information! One of the reasons to consider buying it is that it automatically tags your pictures with GPS locations. This is especially useful for photos that you want to remember later and show them to other people by saying, “Look how awesome that trip was!” The camera is also waterproof/weatherproof so this camera can be taken anywhere! Just look at all the amazing features: 3-axis compass, biometric altimeter and 8MP autofocus camera. It’s only available in this store!

The display provides a user-friendly touchscreen interface as well as preset buttons that are always easily accessible so while hiking or doing any type of adventure you can also operate your GPS with the help of your hands even if you are wearing gloves. This feature is so convenient, and it comes with preloaded topo maps and the GPS receiver also comes with a free 1 year subscription for Bird’s Eye Satellite Imagery. The geotag pictures that you take in it help remind you of where you’ve been anywhere from one month to a year from looking at those photos again since there’s little chance that you’ll remember where it was exactly where you went.

Talking about this type of device, until and unless there is a good connectivity feature these devices don’t work well and a very positive thing about this Montana 680T is that it has got wireless sharing as well. You can share all your routes map locations and photos wirelessly to any other device as well which helps to which has a very good connectivity future and overall increases the usability of this device.

In your day-to-day usage as well we all a lot of time forget that where we have to go and we get confused between locations and while we are on a call or it is not very much handy for us to use our phones for locations.

It is because we perform other tasks while driving on our phones like we are on a call or we play music and video so at that Garmin Montana 680T can be a very good device for you in your car as well because it has got a very good battery backup and is also bright enough so even in the day time, it can help you its purpose as well.

Now talking about the specifications, firstly, this Montana 680T is a touch screen and has a 7272 into 480 pixels of screen resolution and talking about the display type it is bright and has A 65 color TFT with a dual warranted screen and is even readable in sunlight. So, it makes this device very much usable even on bright sunny days and it is lightweight which makes this a very good product in portability aspects as well and has got very good battery life.

It has got a lithium-ion battery which includes 3 AAA batteries and can give your battery life of 16 to 22 hours depending upon the intensive tasks you perform on it. When you store a lot of photos and videos and need good storage as well, it has got an 8 GB of internal storage as well which can help you in long run to save all your photos and other things and you can also extend this storage up to 32GB is by inserting an external SSD card.

As it is a GPS device you would be using it for navigation purposes so you can save up to 500 custom maps in it according to your needs. Talking about the box content, you would get a device with a lithium-ion battery pack, a USB charger, an ac charger, and a quick start guide along with the box.

Now let’s talk about the accessories you can purchase for it. Adaptors allow you to quickly and easily charge your device. You may also purchase a new battery that costs around $30 or so, and these are lithium-ion batteries that will give your device an extended life! You might want to purchase some new antennas – or extenders – as well, because this would help to improve connectivity. As far as cases go, there are plenty of these available on the market today. It is said that flip covers are excellent choices due to their ability to provide maximum protection since they cover every corner of your device! Protection is always important!

Neither do images have a crack in them as this would take away from your display. However, if you’d like to protect your display you can choose to buy an anti-glare screen protector for around $8. The reason why anti-glare is important is because it will provide the screen with a reflective fingerprint resistant layer that protects the screen clarity and readability.

FAQs – Garmin Montana 680T Review

Garmin Montana 680T Review
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  • Is the anti-glare screen protector important?

No doubt, anti-glare screen protector is very important for your device. Especially when it comes to reading off the screen without any strain. Whenever we are having a hard time to read the content of our phone’s display because of any glare on the screen, there is an easy solution from this problem and that is using anti-glare screen protector for your smartphone. This screen protector can easily resist any kind of scratches and dents for sure you would like to have it in your device.

  • Is there any other alternative for Garmin Montana 680T?

Not really, because Montana 688T is the benchmark in its segment and if you are talking about a good alternative, you might need to extend your budget but think it is the best GPS device in this budget.

  • Can we use our phone instead of GPS?

If you have thoughts in your mind that you can use your phone instead of Montana 680 then you would be doing a big blunder. When you would be using your phone then you won’t be able to make calls watch videos and play music and especially if you are outside then your phone’s battery would also get drained.


It might happen that your phone doesn’t have all those sensors and would not perform the task perfectly as a GPS does. If you are going on a long adventure it’s very important to be prepared. The same goes for a reliable, functional and tough GPS with all the latest and greatest in technology, especially if entering unknown territory! It’s not as though your run of the mill, every day phone can really measure up in such extreme variables.

So, to save all those things you must have a good GPS with your android or it would also serve the power purpose of a good navigator Garmin Montana 680T.

It has got a good battery backup good display along with a camera and geotags the location so all these multiple things that a monitor 6:30 performs can be done even with a flagship smartphone. So, it serves the best purpose between both the word and according to me it is the best GPS and market in its segment. 

That was all about Garmin Montana 680T review. Leave your queries in the comments below.

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