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Microsoft released Windows 10 quite a while ago, but it seems that the company keeps on not being able to fix the problem of the taskbar not hiding in fullscreen mode.

Windows 10 has been in the market for a while now, and a lot of people have been using it for a while now, but there is one thing that bothers most people and that is the taskbar. The taskbar is meant to be used as a task bar to run all your windows, but with the system being so complex, it is harder to find the windows that you want.

Using Full Screen mode in Windows 10 is as simple as it gets. If you don’t want any distractions and want to concentrate on what’s on the screen, Windows’ Full Screen mode is the best solution. Normally, people use Windows Full Screen mode when playing games or watching videos. You can do this with a browser like Chrome or a video player like VLC Media Player on your computer.

However, some users are experiencing an issue where the taskbar is not hidden in full screen mode. It can be very distracting to be bothered by countless icons on the taskbar, especially when you just want to concentrate on your work or a movie.

Here are some ways to fix the error in Windows 10 Taskbar not hidden in Full screen mode.

1. Update Windows and restart the computer.

First, make sure you have the latest version of Windows installed on your computer. Press Windows key + I to open Settings and click Update & Security.

If you don’t see an update available right away, you can get a manual update (if available) by clicking the Check for Updates button. If there are updates, install them immediately, then try full screen mode again to see if the taskbar is hidden or not.

2. Enable automatic disclosure settings

Windows 10 comes with a lot of options to customize your computer. One is a simple setting to automatically hide the taskbar when you are not using it. This means that the taskbar is hidden and only appears when you move the mouse over the bottom edge of the screen. This is what the desktop looks like when the taskbar is hidden.

To do this, open Settings by pressing Windows+I and click Customize.

Select the taskbar in the left pane and check the option Hide taskbar automatically in desktop mode. Now move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to expand it to any window. If you are using tablet mode, there is also a separate option for that.

Make sure the taskbar always appears in full screen mode when you watch videos or play games on your computer. You can also quickly access the taskbar settings by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting Taskbar Settings.

3. Activate full screen mode by pressing F11

This is probably the simplest and easiest way to enable full screen mode in Windows. Just press the F11 key on your keyboard and the application window you are using will immediately switch to full screen mode.

The F11 key is the universal shortcut key for all versions of Windows and works perfectly. Regardless of the application or screen you’re in, Windows switches to full-screen mode and hides the taskbar. On some keyboards (especially laptops), you may need to press Fn+F11 at the same time to activate Windows Full Screen mode.

4. Restart Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is the main process that shows the user the full user interface and allows them to interact with Windows. Restarting Windows Explorer usually solves many problems. Also, a reboot is much faster/easier than a full Windows 10 reboot. This only takes a few seconds and fixes the error Taskbar not hiding in Windows 10. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. You can also try the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.

If necessary, scroll down a bit until you find the Windows Explorer process in the Apps column. Right click on it and select Restart. When you do this, your windows will disappear for a while and some applications will close; this is normal – don’t panic.

Another way to do this without opening the task manager is to hold down the CTRL+SHIFT keys and right-click on the taskbar. A new Exit Explorer option should now appear at the bottom.

5. Disabling hardware acceleration in Google Chrome

Sometimes the taskbar also causes problems when you use the Chrome browser. When you watch YouTube videos in full screen, do you see the taskbar? If this is the case, here are some solutions.

Open the Chrome menu and click on Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and press the Advanced button.

Under System Preferences, deselect Use hardware acceleration if available. You will be prompted to restart Chrome.

Try switching to full screen mode in Chrome to see if the taskbar is hidden or not.

6. Use of alternatives to chromium

Chrome is the best known and most convenient browser, but like all software, it also has some drawbacks. If the problem continues to occur and you think it’s related to Chrome, it might be time to look for alternatives. Canary is Google’s version of the Chrome browser for developers and early adopters. It’s normal to have some bugs, but for the most part it works well.

Chrome canary download

7. Chrome reset

As a last resort, to solve the problem of automatically hidden taskbar in Chrome, you can reset the browser to its original settings.

Open the settings again in Chrome and click on Advanced at the bottom. Under Reset and Clear, select Restore Defaults.

In the next window that opens, click Reset Settings. This will reset all the settings you’ve changed since installing Chrome. You can always get them back.

I hope these steps have helped you solve the problem of Windows 10 taskbar not being hidden in Full screen mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my taskbar not hide in fullscreen Windows 10?

Windows 10 hides the taskbar when you go fullscreen, but it doesn’t hide the taskbar when you use the “show desktop” option.

Why won’t my taskbar hide when I go fullscreen?

If you have a taskbar that’s not hiding when you go fullscreen, it’s likely because you have an app that’s not compatible with fullscreen. You can check the taskbar settings to see if there’s an app that’s not compatible with fullscreen.

How do I fix my taskbar not auto hiding?

If you have a taskbar that won’t auto hide, you can try the following: Right-click on the taskbar, select Properties, and uncheck the box to “Automatically hide the taskbar”

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