6 Finest Story Driven VR Games in 2022 – Best Reviewed!

Finest Story Driven VR Games

Do you wanna know about Finest Story Driven VR Games. Read on to know more

Do you ever fascinate by the storyline or the plot of the VR games you have played till now?

Or even, are you the type of person who engages more in games when they are comprised of a better storyline?

For both questions, if your answer is a YES, then this article would prove to be your buddy till last. In this article, I am providing the best story driven VR games that can intrigue your experience to a massive extent. 

A better storyline in games is always considered as the cherry on the cake because it offers you to go on an adventurous thrilling journey in the game which you can probably forget. 

Therefore, without any ado, let’s begin this article and give you the best story-driven games that you can easily play with your VR headset. 

6 Best VR Games with an Engaging Story-Driven Plot

1. MOSS: Finest Story Driven VR Games

Moss is largely a Finest Story Driven VR Games that can be played in the third person, which means you don’t experience the world through the eyes of the protagonist. Instead, you’re on the outside of the action, but that doesn’t take away from Moss’s enchantment.

You’ll play as Quill, a sweet mouse who unlocks the ancient power obtained from  Glass Relic. Furthermore, you must guide Quill through riddles and frightening situations after her uncle is kidnapped.

Quill recognizes you as the player since Moss is provided in the form of a storybook. However, even though it’s a third-person, this strengthens your bond with Quill.

This game is highly engaging and sweet too, therefore, when you play this VR game, you will be somehow lost during the gameplay because of the interactive gameplay.

2. The Solus Project: Finest Story Driven VR Games

The Solus Project is a solitary survival journey. It takes set after Earth has been destroyed, at a time when humans have been forced to live on spacecraft near Pluto.

It’s your mission to investigate a distant planet as a possible human habitat. Unfortunately, your ship crashes on the planet, leaving you as the crew’s solitary survivor.

Now that you’re standing alone, without any technology, and are unable to communicate with other humans, you must consider some way on how to get through the planet’s grating environment while simultaneously confronting its mysteries.

Isn’t it fulfilling enough? Now you are responsible to save humanity at the stake of your life.

3. HellBlade: Finest Story Driven VR Games

This is another Finest Story Driven VR Games with a complex plot and a third-person perspective. 

Initially, it is considered as a non-VR title, but the VR edition provides an immersive experience that the flat version simply cannot match.

Furthermore, this story is based during the Viking era, revolves around Senua, a Celtic warrior from some sort of Island, who is the protagonist of the novel. 

You’ll quickly realize that mythological monsters aren’t Senua’s only foes when she sets out to save her sweetheart from Nordic torment.

Senua thinks the voices in her brain are the result of a curse, but she is suffering from psychosis. 

Also, the game’s creators collaborated with mental health professionals to provide a realistic representation of what it’s like to suffer from such a type of mental illness.

4. Alyx: Finest Story Driven VR Games

Half-Life: Alyx is a fantastic addition to the whole Half-Life franchise, providing even more intrigue to the overall plot. 

Because the plot takes place before the second part, you’ll want to make sure you’ve already come across the previous parts of this game to get the most out through this game. 

You take on the role of Alyx, the scientist Eli Vance’s daughter. A strong alien race, also called the Combine has tightened its grip on the whole Earth in the five years leading up to the events of Half-Life 2.

The storyline is intriguing in that it will engage you in the completion of several operations, such as, solving puzzles, fighting aliens, and interacting with your surroundings during the whole gameplay, and you will gradually get immersed in the game’s fascinating plot.

In my opinion, this game is a must-try, not just because of its engaging storyline but also because of the availability of certain tasks that need to be accomplished in order to survive during the gameplay.

5. Falcon Age: Finest Story Driven VR Games

In this adventure game, you and your pet bird of prey are pitted against the globe.

A robot empire has acquired your planet where you have spent your life till years, and now that you’ve escaped prison with your falcon buddy, now the only reasonable thing to perform is to fight back.

Furthermore, your falcon learns new tricks and talents as it matures from a chick to an adult to assist you on your journey. You can also dress it up in adorable outfits.

On your arm, you have the falcon and on the other, you have stun baton and now you’ll be charged by the resistance with liberating regions of the map from machine control, restoring hope to a population that hasn’t had much of it in the past.

As a result, with its uplifting plot set in a gorgeously drawn universe, it’s one of the greatest VR games for gamers looking to forget themselves in a virtual world.

Should I say more about this or are you convinced?

6. The Talos Principle Finest Story Driven VR Games

If you’ve already completed The Talos Principle in its original form, this VR adaptation makes it even more immersive, making it a success for a second playthrough.

When you had placed your VR headset, you’ll be transported to a world that’s a bizarre mix of modern technology and ancient ruins.

You’re faced with searing concerns about your purpose and identification as your creator assigns you a series of difficult problems to solve. 

You get to consider your course via this non-linear environment, including which riddles to solve first and which conclusions to reach.

Talos Principle supports complete room-scale, allowing you to alter time, lead laser beams, and discourage drones using your whole living environment.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is storyline that significant in VR games?

Definitely. The story plays a highly significant role in considering such engaging VR games that let you on a rollercoaster ride filled with thrilling adventures. 

The plot of the story indirectly determines the time you would gonna spend on the level or stages of the game. 

Therefore, you must try the above recommended VR games in order to build a better perspective about such story-driven VR games.

Are the above VR games have the best story plot?

Yes, buddy. That is the reason I have recommended the top best ones rather than including others on this list. 

However, there are several VR games with a decent story plot but the above-recommended ones are the top ones comprised of the complex and engaging storylines in the meantime. 

I guess, you have definitely played one of the recommended VR games, if you haven’t, then please try one of them to just validate what I have just proclaimed in this article. Cheers!

How can I know that some VR game has a better story plot than others?

Obviously by playing and engaging with such games. You will consequently be built a way through which you can easily determine that a specific game has a better storyline than others. 

If I have to determine a few factors that can determine the best storyline for a VR game, then it would be the journey, thrill, main character, and sub-characters. 

These things would assist you in determining whether the storyline has a better plot or not in a VR game.

Wrap Up

So, it’s time for me to leave you with your VR games. Don’t forget to drop in again.

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