Disgaea 6 Review: A Rotten Good Time

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The latest game in the Disgaea series is the sixth entry, while the seventh has been announced for a 2017 release, Disgaea has become a huge reason to look forward to for any gamer.

Disgaea 6 is the sixth entry in the long-running PS3 action-RPG series, and the first game that has seen an English-language release on PlayStation 4. Disgaea 6 is not the first Disgaea game to get a PlayStation 4 release, either – the PS3 entry, Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness’ came to the PS4 in 2013, as did Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice for the PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Disgaea 6 : Defiance or Destiny promised to give strategic RPGs a slap in the face. It doesn’t just turn out to be a drag, although Defiance of Destiny is in some ways even better than Disgaea .

The latest game in Nippon Ichi Software’s long-running strategy series doesn’t differ much from its predecessor, but the changes it makes are a more substantial update than if the team had tried to change the entire structure. I’ve played every game in the series Disgaea , except Disgaea 2, and Defiance of Destiny , which is by far the most fun I’ve had with the series.

Disgaea 6:Overview One hell of a good time

Not quite

Disgaea 6 begins in the middle of the story, and while it’s pretty easy to guess what’s going on, I’ll keep the details to a minimum. The story begins with Zed the zombie finding himself in the middle of a prince-infested battlefield, about to defeat the most powerful god of destruction in the underworld.

Only it’s not. Zed dies at the last minute and is reborn into a new world where he faces the same silent and menacing god of destruction.

The reasons for Zed’s invincibility are many, but the main reason is his passionate undead dog, Cerberus. Cerberus was once a powerful sage and developed a forbidden magic called Super Reincarnation, which allows the user to reincarnate an infinite number of times until they reach their goal.

You’ll figure out the purpose of Zed as you play, but I was surprised at how well NIS integrated the concept beyond the reception. Disgaea never had much character depth, and while that was maintained to some extent in Disgaea 6, there are some notable improvements.

The circumstances surrounding Zed’s mission, how it changes him, and how he ultimately interacts with the new members of the group give Defiance of Destiny a more intimate feel. It’s much easier to care about the tragic zombie than Killia the Edgellard or the bravura Laharl, and sometimes the story becomes surprisingly moving.

It also helps that the cast of characters Disgaea 6 outside of Zed is one of the best in the series, both in terms of diversity and writing style. We’ve already touched on them, but this is a delightful panorama of eccentric personalities.

They range from the dastardly princess to the somewhat delusional TV superhero, with King Misedor’s linguistic quirks and Cerberus’ bad luck being highlights for me. This is one of the more humorous games in Disgaea, which helps to give the more serious moments the seriousness they need when they happen.

Of course, weirdness is nothing new in the series. In this and more, Disgaea 6 is recognizable in all its details Disgaea . Character creation and development is the same, the nature of the quests is familiar, the item worlds are almost identical in structure to previous item worlds, and even the DLC chapters where you recruit previous characters are similar in structure to previous games.

But again, with a few tweaks to the formula, NIS manages to keep most things the same. All these changes are greater than Disgaea 5 and, better yet, they lower the threshold to enjoy Disgaea , without changing what makes the series so entertaining.

Take the juice bar, for example. During each fight, you amass EXP and mana, some of which is stored in the bar. Some of this money can be spent on upgrading characters and even increasing their class skills, which is very useful when creating new low-level characters.

To get the most out of the juice bar, you’ll need to loot extra EXP and mana, and luckily Disgaea 6 doesn’t make looting so… Well, the loot.

The mechanics of Super Reincarnation differ from the plot of Super Reincarnation and must be improved to be useful. However, with the generous stacks of EXP you get from each fight, the repetition of battles is much more bearable than before inDisgaea 6.

Automated combat with extensive control over the game’s artificial intelligence is now the order of the day, and you can even send squads into the item world to win levels without even being there. It may seem like a simple change, but the difference these few features make to make the game interesting is hard to overstate.

I’m not a fan of miniatures and have barely bothered to read the previous Disgaea games outside of the main story and some of the machinations of the item world. Disgaea 6 changed that. I was surprised to level up several characters, and experiment more with classes and enhanced items.

In other words, I’ve done everything NIS wanted to do with Disgaea before, but I’ve made it so unappealing to all but the most loyal.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything. If you want, you can go for a more punishing Disgaea or traditional , and this level of flexibility really stumps the SRPG throat. The only problem is that these features aren’t revealed until the third chapter or so, meaning that the first few hours of gameplay can feel all too familiar.

The visual changes in Disgaea 6initially made me question what to expect. At least the old two-dimensional illustrations still exist. There seemed to be no reason to change it, so I was curious how much brighter the game became. The character models are sleek and clear, with a satisfying design and, despite my initial skepticism, the special attacks seem more dynamic.

However, these improvements also have some drawbacks. Moving through the base is a bit jerky, and the loading times when switching to special attacks seem a few milliseconds longer than necessary. Neither is really a problem. However, Disgaea 6 can hardly be considered a difficult game, and it is strange that such hiccups exist.

Disgaea 6 Review – Conclusion


  • The coveted QJ upgrade package
  • Always excellent writing.
  • A satisfying and incredibly moving story
  • Same solid core systems and mechanismsDisgaea


  • Same experienceDisgaea
  • Some performance issues

Disgaea 6 focuses more on improving what’s already there, and it more than succeeds. Yes, one day NIS will have to make more significant changes to the series than just some tweaks here and there. WithDefiance or Destiny, I’m happy to wait until then.

[Note: Nippon Ichi Software provided a copy of Disgaea 6 for this review].It’s hard to believe that this is the third entry in the Disgaea series, but Disgaea 6: The Promise of a Promise is easily the best entry so far. It may not be the most unique thing to ever grace our consoles, but it’s hard to argue against the depth and replayability of the game. The main campaign is quite lengthy with plenty of extras to keep you playing. On top of that, the game has a robust multiplayer component that’s easy to get into and play whenever you’d like.. Read more about disgaea 6 metacritic and let us know what you think.

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