Finest Computer For Valve Index Headsets(VR)

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We maintain a virtual reality cafe and have tested over a handful of PCs with a variety of headsets, including the Rift S, Index, Odyssey+, Quest, Pimax 5K, and more.

The ‘finest’ computer will be determined by the following factors:

  • Your VR headset (Rift, Index, Oculus Quest, Reverb G2)
  • Games that you would like to explore
  • Graphics settings you’d like to use for those games
  • and, of course, there is a concern about your budget plan too.

Today, we will be telling you about the five computers but before that, you must know about Valve Indexes and what exactly it is.

Valve Index is an absolute top-tier VR headset and it comes with LCD panels that have a 144 Hz refresh rate and talking about the resolution, it comes in the 7:45:80 into 1660 screen resolution pixels.

With such high-ending specifications, it does not mean that you need a big budget,  we are here to provide you with compatible PCs as well.

The good news over here is that even a low specification PC can run the valve index smoothly and effectively.

Furthermore, we will recommend you to buy the best one so that it can be future-proof as well.

Just because while buying if you extend a bit of your budget, then the durability of your PC and its future life could increase to a great extent.

 But prior to the recommendations, let’s deeply understand about Valve Index first.

Valve Index has four modes for refresh rate and these four different i.e. 80, 90,120, and 144 Hz of refresh rate.

Specifically, a computer will only be able to run a refresh rate of 80 to 90 Hz and a computer with such specifications can easily run 120 Hz or 144 Hz of refresh rate with much more feasibility. 

However, if your computer is not too powerful, it won’t be able to run super sample games.

That means, the edges of objects will look more blur and unreal but if you have a high specification computer, then with the help of super sampling, all the images, and videos.

That will be playing while you are playing a game will prove to be engaging and part of your reality. Moreover, it would look real. 

3 Finest Computer For Valve Index [Must Consider]

1. Skytek Azure

The main reason to pick this Skytek Azure PC is that it has got a 3 series graphics card which is 3072. 

It’s a lot more powerful than the 2080 Ti and according to the reviews and results, we will give it a rating of nine out of ten because it creates an impressive value for money scenario as well.

Furthermore, considering more about it, it’s a mid-range PC so you can afford valve index and that’s what the reason is for most people so that they can able to afford this PC for Valve Index quite easily. 

Did you know that it can run nearly every game at a refresh rate of 120 Hz quite easily? Moreover, in the case of Microsoft Flight Simulator and some poorly optimized games that were voted for VR can be a bit hard to play. 

We have tested quite a lot of games on this computer and according to us, Half-Life: Alyx can easily run on this PC for Valve Index Headset. 

Other games like bone works, such games at 120 Hz Ultra settings run quite easily. When you try to run these games at 1144 hours on an experimental model, it maintains a refresh rate of the majority of 95%, which is quite good for such types of PCs.

It’s awful but no such issues would interrupt you in-between, the games can easily run at 120 Hz without arising any issue.

2. ABS Master PC for Valve Index

According to us, it is the best budget PC that you can look for as it is comprised of an RTX half-life 2060 graphic card.

Moreover, we can assure you that it is the lowest budget PC for Valve Index possible. Also, it can easily run games like Half-Life: Alyx at a 90 Hz refresh rate but you can also play them at 120 Hz.

However, sometimes, there occurs a problem that it will start to shut down and sometimes, even start lagging.

In addition to that, the best way recommended running VR games should be at 90 Hz as per our experience and stats.

Lastly, we had also tested the Beat Saber game at 120 Hz and don’t expect to hit that benchmark. The Beat Saber is a game that is well optimized and can run quite easily below specifications but other games which you try to run at 120 Hz can create a bit of a problem as well.

 3. Alienware Aurora R 11

It has got a 3080 graphic card and to get a bang for your bucks, you can opt for the 3070 graphic card variant as well.

Additionally, it creates a good value for money if considering the 3070 graphic cards because it is cheaper as well and probably be affordable for most people. 

This PC has got 10th generation i9 processor and is comprised of an RTX 39 Ti GPU.

Moreover, it comes with three different RAM options i.e. 32, 64, and 128 GB depending upon your budget.

You can also choose the RAM according to that and it got an impressive-looking case that comes with the Alienware keyboard and mouse.

That’s it to consider this PC for Valve Index as a bit premium and considerable too. 

Another value for money option for you available is that you can build your PC as well. 

But let me tell you that a lot of people don’t prefer to buy or to make their PC because it creates a lot of hardships for some people in setting up everything required. 

If you are a beginner and planning to build your PC then let me tell you that it can take approx 3-7 hrs depending upon your learning capabilities.

While on the other side an expert can easily build a customized computer even in an hour and sometimes even within 30 minutes.

Furthermore, it all depends upon your knowledge and your learning capabilities.

If you are interested to build your PC for Valve Index, then we would recommend you to go ahead with it because it creates a good value for and builds an experience for you in setting up things.

Therefore, if you’re ready to build your PC, then let me recommend that what things do you need to build your PC.

Firstly, starting with the graphic card we will recommend you to go with the RTX 3080 because it is considered a strong graphic card and can process 120 Hz of refresh rate easily.

Otherwise, if you don’t have that much of a budget, you can stick with 3070 graphic cards or a 2080 Ti as well.

But we would definitely recommend you to consider increasing your budget and probably go for the 3070 graphics cards so that at least.

You can play all games at 90 Hz and a few of them at 120 Hz as well.

In addition to that, you should consider the Phantom gaming pc motherboard because it doesn’t heat Graphics a lot and has got USB C ports as well VR gaming.

Considering the power supply, you can get any power supply which is approx 750 Watts and for the cooler, you can choose them according to your budget and preference for RAM.

Lastly, we recommend you to go for 16 to 32 GB of RAM at a minimum and depending upon your budget.

Otherwise, if you don’t have any budget issues, then you can consider the RAM of 64 & 128 GB RAM as well. 

We have a Customer Guide for you so that you can be provided with more clear details about the specifications that we just had given you a glimpse of VR gaming. 

Customer Guide For Finest Computer For Valve Index

If you’re confused that which gaming pc should you go with or which type of laptop you should go for Valve Index, then let me give you some better clarity of information by briefing you about the specifications in our Customer Guide.


If you have a bit of budget constraint, then we will recommend you to consider 16 or 32 GB of RAM but if you can extend your budget by a little amount without any issues, then we would recommend that you should go with at least 64 GB of RAM.

Storage Space

Storage space in terms of quantity is not that significant. 500GB will also do the work flawlessly but what is significant is that the storage should be SSD.

So, even if you have a low budget, storage space in terms of quantity could possibly be compromised or overlooked but you will get the storage on SSD.

Air Cooling Feature

While playing such high-graphical games, cooling proves to be significant because if your PC heats up in the middle of your intense gameplay, then it becomes a bit hard to handle.

Moreover, even when you are typing or touching the trackpad and even the keyboards, it feels a bit uncomfortable to you.

Therefore, we think that we should go for a laptop that is comprised of thermal paste and its processor has got liquid cooling or has good events for cooling it down.

There is a core competency thing over here is that if you buy a good processor, we won’t think that there will be some issues related to cooling.

A decent and high specification processor won’t get heat up as quickly as a low-specified processor, that is why it is significant to consider such high-end processors when considering such computers for Valve Index.

Graphics Card

As we have specified above, you should consider a 3080 graphics card if you have a decent and considerable budget.

If your budget is a little inadequate, then you should go with 3070 Ti and not below the criteria. Though there are processors of 2080 Ti as well 2080, these can be recommended only if you have an extremely low budget.

If your budget is decent, then you should go with a 3073 graphics card and if you don’t have a cap over your budget then you should go with 3080.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, we are done with the top 3 Finest PCs that you should consider, or adding a custom build PC can also do your work flawlessly.

If we are supposed to be stuck in this scenario, then we would go with a  custom build PC because it creates much more value for money and you can get things according to your requirements and needs.

That is why it depends upon you if you have a decent knowledge of PC and its configuration for Valve Index, then you should build your PC.

Otherwise, if you are a beginner, then we would recommend you to go with the above-recommended  3 PCs for Valve Index.

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