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Best VR Rooms In The US

Do you wanna experience the best VR rooms in the US? Read on to know more.

For an outing, or just chilling with your people, virtual reality rooms may be a fantastic experience.

It can be considered an amazing experience if you’ve never tried VR before.

Therefore, if you’re new to it, you’re in for a treat. Even if you’re not new to VR, you’ll be able to try out new equipment and play custom-made VR games that are only available at VR centers.

VR rooms are a highly advanced and amazing technique adopted by many companies to provide such real-life experiences in a go.

These rooms not only provide the imaginary world into reality but make you imagine the impossible too. 

In this very article, I will be providing you with some examples of VR rooms in the U.S, so that you can get to know about the virtual rooms and could have access to experience this in the near future. 

The Best VR Rooms In US

1. VR room Chicago Best VR Rooms In The US

190 North: Krypton VR Lounge in Chicago

This VR room or say, lounge, in Chicago, is made for people who are willing to experience such joy using VR. I must say that this VR room in Chicago is quite popular for this virtual yet real experience and is the Best VR Rooms In The US. 

Furthermore, In Chicago, there is also another VR room called Mass VR. It’s unusual because, unlike most other places, it doesn’t have dozens of games to choose from. 

They instead provide two unique gaming experiences:  VR Champions and Hallow Realm and the most intriguing part is that both are exclusive titles that are only available at massive. 

If considering the VR Champions is a multiplayer shooter game in which the goal is to penetrate and destroy the opposing team’s power core base while the opposing team tries to do the same.

With such a large play area, you may run around freely and thoroughly immerse yourself in the experience.

2. VR Arcade: Los Angeles Best VR Rooms In The US

AT&T corporate event at Virtual Reality Arcade Hollywood in Los Angeles

VR Arcade Los Angeles

In this VR arcade in Los Angeles, there are certain specific features such as racecars with fancy illumination and chairs that rock back and forth in a moving capsule. 

Isn’t it intriguing enough for you to pay a visit? In my case, when I had visited the VR arcade, it was a surreal adventure ride for me. I believe that I have possibly imagined the impossible reality.

Not only people, but mostly every individual out there, believe that VR is the future and I believe it would be.

Not because of the fact that it is based upon advanced technology, but because of the revolution, it will initiate in the forthcoming years.

Back to the VR arcade (room) in L.A., this virtual reality experience is a must-have.

Also, when considering such a massive experience in the U.S, there are quite a few VR rooms, but these Best VR Rooms In The US should be one of the recommended ones.

3. Exitus VR Houston Best VR Rooms In The US

What is a virtual reality escape room?

Exitus VR Houston

There is no real-world movement required in these games as they are entirely a standing or seated experience. 

Mind Horror, for instance, is a detective game in which you enter the brain of a killer and then kidnap her and place her in an undisclosed location. 

The majority of the escape room games are multiplayer and can be able to accommodate two to six players, however, single players can also play Oculus and HTC Vive titles.

This VR room in Houston also has certain features so that you can attain an intriguing experience using virtual reality.

The escape room or VR room games are designed specifically for you for the purpose to solve riddles to necessitate collaboration. 

Each game lasts from 55 minutes to 60 minutes, thus providing you a great time to avail this thrilling experience. 

4. VR World by New York City Best VR Rooms In The US

VR World NYC – The Best Virtual Reality Experience in New York! Trying the best immersive games.

VR World by New York City

VR World is a VR center that offers both single-player and multiplayer games with a lively, social atmosphere.

There are over 50 distinct VR experiences to choose from, including games, films, music, and art.

This VR center in NA comes with a total play area of 12,000 square feet spread over three stories.

Furthermore, this VR room is responsible to elevate your experience for VR in several ways. This VR room has a racecar seat, pedal, and steering wheel.

Besides that, there is an availability of special chairs for each encounter and a plank to walk on. 

However, the greatest of them all is a Moveo VR cockpit that travels in all possible directions. 

Best VR Rooms In The US – FAQ’s

These are some of the frequently asked questions that are answered here :

  • What are the pros of visiting a VR room instead of acquiring your own VR headset?

The very first thing here to notice is that vehicles or equipment placed are unique.

VR room usually comes with a large playing area where you can easily roam and play your game. 

Most games are multiplayer games and are initiated to serve the purpose of providing social fun.

It’s a great way to let your people pay a visit to virtual reality rooms. Lastly, a wide range of games are available in VR rooms so you can play according to your interests and also a reason that you won’t be able to play these games anywhere else.

However, if you aren’t convinced yet, then you have probably forgotten that you can get to try new VR headsets whenever you visit a VR room. Isn’t it convincing enough?

  • Is it safer to visit Best VR Rooms In The US?
best vr rooms in the us

Absolutely! You have teachers who will show you how to use the equipment while simultaneously keeping an eye on you. So there is a mere possibility of getting any harm.

Otherwise, it would be best and safer too, when you are considering paying a visit to such amazing and massive best Virtual Reality rooms in the United States. 

  • Can these Best VR Rooms In The US cause motion sickness?

Only games with artificial motion give you motion sickness. Motion sickness will not be caused due to stationary games or room-scale games (in which you must move your body).

However, if you’re unsure about what’s available, call the trainer or instructor at the present location.

  • How much does will be the expense of visiting Best VR Rooms In The US?

It is greatly determined by how much people visit that place and whether you’re considering a room or a whole session. 

A virtual reality room can cost anywhere up to $30-$70/hour for one person, depending on how large the game is. 

Some places provide day passes that allow you to utilize the facility for the entire day at a reduced price.

Best VR Rooms In The US – Wrap Up

best vr rooms in the us

As we have already given you the best and unique examples of the best Virtual Reality rooms in the United States so that you can avail of information about such VR rooms if you are in the United States and want to have such massive experiences. 

These above-recommended places like Chicago, Los Angeles, and NYC obviously.

However, there are also several places where you can experience such thrilled Best VR Rooms In The US but these above are the best ones. 

Last but not least, these Best VR Rooms In The US are just another way to explore your desire to experience such a massive experience of gaming or playing high graphical games and be a crucial part of it or a protagonist may be.

Matt Booth has been playing video games professionally for over a decade. He started out as a competitive player in the Halo series, and transitioned to professional gaming with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Since then, he has competed in countless tournaments across the globe, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.

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