The 13 Best VR Games to Play in 2022

Best VR Games

Are you looking for the Best VR Games? This is the right place for you. So keep on reading to know more.

Best VR headsets and all are good but have you ever taken a look at the best VR games? 

I am sure you must have. Otherwise, if you don’t ever consider VR games that are story-driven and intriguing as well, then from now on, you should.

But How Did You Get to Know About Such Games?

Simple, stick with this article till last and you will probably have the list of best VR games that are popular in 2021 and definitely for more years.

The recommended games are not just only about adventure, it is also comprised of the best story plot and engaging visuals too. 

Moreover, before getting to the list of best VR games, let’s get to learn about some factors that are proving to be the crucial aspect in determining VR games in the list of Best VR games.

Therefore, let’s proceed to know about some impactful factors.

Factors to consider while finding the Best VR games in 2021

  • Story Plot (Highly Crucial)

The plot of the VR game is highly crucial and impactful when considering the Best VR games. 

For an instance, the story plot of the VR game should be highly engaging and filled with thrills, drama, adventure, and suspense to make you feel that you are a part of the game in reality.

Furthermore, you must invest your efforts in looking for VR games that are comprised of the best story plot possible consisting of the above-mentioned genres like thrills.

  • Great Visuals

That’s where most VR games lack, which is great Visuals. I know, most VR games are comprised of the best possible visuals but it doesn’t directly determine the interaction you will get from the VR games. 

Visuals and graphics have a co-relation with each other as both are prominent in increasing the user’s interest and intrigue them on a decent scale.

  • Characters

The characters or the main protagonist of the VR game that you are supposed to play can elevate your interest level to a great extent. In most VR games, the main protagonist and the co-characters can have a greater impact on your gaming experience too.

Lastly, the back story of the character in VR games is what we love about. Therefore, this factor somehow correlates with the story plot of VR games.

  • Compatibility with the Headsets

This is a no-brainer when it comes to compatibility. Some VR headsets support every possible VR game and some don’t. Therefore, you have to decide whether the game you are supposed to get into is compatible with your VR Headsets or not.

Moreover, Popular and renounced VR Headsets like the Oculus Quest series, Vive, HTC, etc., supports most VR games that are comprised of the factors that we have specified in this article. 

13 Best VR Games to Play

1. Half-Life: Alyx

No one will get amazed if I could say half-life: Alyx is the best VR game made as of late. 

My life was the most expected VR round ever particularly since the world had been sitting tight longer than 10 years for a development to the Half-Life series the Expectations for this game couldn’t be higher and in numerous ways it outperforms them. 

All things considered, this game is the most attractive and best-sounding VR game among each other VR games present on this rundown.

Be that as it may, past the show, the serious level of between action drives the arising home. 

You know there will be shocks in the store yet even past the mission is the stunning displaying local area that is adding new guides and even totally new missions into the game. 

Testing and inspecting new Alex mods is something I extraordinarily appreciated. To return to this game with new guides, because of the modding local area. 

Half-Life Alyx gives both quality and amount of interactivity. It’s the game that continues to give you the surge you needed.

2. SpellBound Spire

A VR game to see here is an entranced tower. This game is so famous and stunning to play that should be on this rundown for the best VR games in 2021. 

Room-scale puzzle game that expects you to truly stroll all through your gaming space. 

It utilizes incomprehensible calculation that empowers you to walk a Continuous way inside your gaming space.

On the off chance that you have at any point experience T for God, you will find out about how the development functions in this VR game yet I like this game a great deal instead of inclining toward T for God since it isn’t only a demo it’s finished and all around created puzzle. 

In this manner, each move you make gets increased by a worth that can show you can play in space. As far as I might be concerned, the experience felt truly unpretentious and very normal. Accordingly, Spellbound tower should be on this rundown.

3. The Morrigan

Here comes The Morrigan. The Morrigan spins around a story of a Foolish King that gave his girl to a shrewd Queen to save his Kingdom. 

Along these lines, you had the chance to save her. Gently story-driven Dungeon crawler cross over through snags, course climbing, straightforward riddles, staying away from traps, and so on 

The battle is the most fascinating part of the game, and it added to the general satisfaction in the experience.

4. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Flameproof Games is the maker of the stunningly famous riddle series The Room, which was initially delivered for cell phones. The room: VR, a dull matter planned from the beginning especially for VR, is the latest release in the class. 

The game’s crucial mechanics are mechanical riddle boxes, but at the same time, there’s a rich and realistic story. 

This is one of the most agreeable riddle games I’ve experienced at any point ever. The connections with gadgets are unbelievable and satisfying in the field. 

I most certainly played it over and over, and fortunately, there is a clock in the framework for when you stall out.

There are a few snapshots of Spooky Ambience, as spooky was first or transient showing up, however, it’s not unnerving by any means.

I thought that it is unimaginably engaging and it was hard to put down once I began playing it.

5. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

For the most part, games depend on TV shows or films that aren’t acceptable however The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is the best Zombie game that I have played at any point ever for experienced enticing to group this as an endurance loathsomeness yet I see it more like a pretending game. 

There is an intriguing storyline that drives the entire mission. All you will require is to continually be on the Lookout for provisions and things that you can rescue for creating and you will likewise require loads of NPCs that give you side journeys and fill on the planet with more accounts to make it more alive. 

You are allowed a great deal of opportunity in the mission so you can take as much time as is needed during Quest simply gathering things to develop your Arsenal.

It is a somewhat lethargic game so it’s ideal if you require some investment to appreciate it. 

Moreover, assuming you like Zombie games, you need to play this game.

6. Into the Radius

This VR game is one of the uncommon instances of a game that had a harsh dispatch into early access however proceeded with consistent turns of events and upgrades to ultimately bloom into a great full VR game. 

In a dystopian world, you need to investigate an enormous open region to achieve different conditions like thing recovery for killing spooky animals while a secretive story and power on the most proficient method to track down one more lost soul that continues to contact you. 

Wonderful! Right? essentially it used to be. You can see everything from here not that I at any point climbed it myself but rather I envision what it would resemble. 

Assuming you are searching for a novel Stealth investigation game, I strongly prescribed this VR game to you.

7. Start Wars: Squadrons 

You might have heard about a small indie movie called Star Wars and in 2020, we got a pretty cool space combat game based on it. Combat itself isn’t necessarily groundbreaking but it’s so well polished overall that it feels like you are actually inside a Star Wars movie.

The visuals are outstanding and the action is incredibly exciting. This isn’t a complex flight time and later it’s straightforward the arcade action which I prefer.

There is a single-player story campaign that is surprisingly well fleshed out.

In my take, you switch sides between the Rebels and the empire, and in between missions you get to meet your other squad members which will in the story and make the universe feels more alive.

The writing itself won’t necessarily win any awards or rewards but that’s ok. Besides the single-player campaign, there is also a multiplayer which is where most of the replayability is. 

This game doesn’t use motion controllers but you can use a keyboard and mouse gamepad. 

8. Paper Beast

This paper Beast VR game is a powerful riddle experience in a dream scene populated with origami untamed life. 

This is exceptionally Abstract for the game, the existence of which I haven’t seen before the main portion of the game was for the most part taking in the landscape and learning the game mechanics. 

The entirety of the ongoing interaction is learned by revelation and it took me some time before I truly comprehended the standards of this universe and somehow or another, I was all the while learning up until the end there are seven parts altogether with three to four scenes inside every section and every scene present a special test. 

None of the riddles felt rehashed to me. You have some command over your general surroundings yet not so much. 

This model flaunts the sand and water Physics of the game motor, which I discovered amazing given how well the game performs.

9. Portable Farm 

I’m remembering this game for my rundown on account of its Innovation and the additional opportunities it gives.

The fair notice is the versatile homestead, a game that can be played on top of some other game. 

Your homestead fills constantly behind the scenes so the expectation is to check in with your ranch from time to time and afterward close it again to return to your principal game. 

The homestead opens and closes with a particular hand motion. What I observe to be so cool with regards to this is the manner in which you can see and interface with the ranch. 

I figure this would introduce an entirely different time of little games in VR and I trust that versatile ranch is only the start.

10. The Solus Project: VR Game

The Solus Project is a singular endurance venture. It takes set after Earth has been obliterated when people have been compelled to live on a rocket close to Pluto. 

It’s your central goal to examine a far-off planet as a potential human territory. Sadly, your boat crashes in the world, leaving you as the team’s lone survivor. 

Since you’re remaining solitary, with no innovation, and can’t speak with different people, you should think about some way on the best way to get past the planet’s grinding climate while at the same time going up against its secrets. 

Isn’t it sufficiently satisfying? Presently you are mindful to save humankind at the stake of your life.

11. Falcon Age: VR Game

In this experience game, you and your pet flying predator are set in opposition to the globe. A robot domain has procured your planet where you have gone through your time on earth till years, and since you’ve gotten away from jail with your hawk pal, presently the main sensible thing to perform is to retaliate. 

Moreover, your bird of prey learns new deceives and abilities as it develops from a chick to a grown-up to help you on your excursion. You can likewise dress it up in charming outfits. 

On your arm, you have the hawk and on the other, you have paralyzed implement and presently you’ll be accused by the obstruction of freeing locales of the guide from machine control, reestablishing desire to a populace that hasn’t had a lot of it before. 

Accordingly, with its elevating plot set in a flawlessly drawn universe, it’s one of the best VR games for gamers hoping to neglect themselves in a virtual world. Would it be advisable for me to say more with regards to this or you are persuaded?

12. The Talos Principle Game

In the event that you’ve effectively finished The Talos Principle in its unique structure, this VR transformation makes it considerably more vivid, making it a triumph briefly playthrough. 

At the point when you had set your VR headset, you’ll be shipped to a world that is a strange blend of present-day innovation and old remnants. 

You’re confronted with singing worries about your motivation and recognizable proof as your maker relegates you to a progression of troublesome issues to settle. 

You will consider your course through this non-direct climate, including which enigmas to settle first and which ends to reach. 

Talos Principle upholds total room-scale, permitting you to modify time, lead laser radiates, and debilitate drones utilizing your entire living climate.

13. HellBlade VR Game

This is another VR game with a perplexing plot and a third-individual viewpoint. 

At first, it is considered as a non-VR title, yet the VR release gives a vivid encounter that the level form basically can’t coordinate. 

Moreover, this story is based during the Viking time, spins around Senua, a Celtic champion from a type of Island, who is the hero of the book. 

You’ll rapidly understand that fanciful beasts aren’t Senua’s just adversaries when she embarks to save her darling from Nordic torture. 

Senua thinks the voices in her cerebrum are the consequence of a revile, however, she is experiencing psychosis. 

Additionally, the game’s makers teamed up with psychological wellness experts to give a sensible portrayal of what it resembles to experience the ill effects of such a sort of dysfunctional behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which VR games are free?

Not only one game, but there are also many games that are free but there is a saying called,” free things don’t last long” and that’s what we care about. 

The above-mentioned games are paid and in that term, they are highly popular games among the Best VR games list. 

In our take, you shouldn’t consider the free VR games, games should have a great story plot and that is what free VR games lack.

  • Do all the recommended games comprised every specified factor?

Not every single recommended one but most of the above mentioned are comprised of such factors that are considered as essential.

But these games have the best possible great adventures, story plots, and visuals too. Therefore, let’s enjoy and play such the best VR games with full enthusiasm.

Wrapping Up – Best VR Games

If you’re a new headset user who isn’t sure which of these games to play, start with the finest VR games on this list that feature free versions as well. While many games are only available as VR titles or as unique editions, there are other games that can include VR functionality. 

Whether you’ve recently purchased a headset, look through your existing game library to see if there’s anything you can play right away. Alternatively, if you’re not in the mood for VR, purchase a game that can be played without a headset.

Therefore, that’s what we have offered for you in the list of Best VR games that are popular in 2021 and I know that you will get to know about the best VR game for you.

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