Top 9 Best VR Games on Steam in 2022 (Reviewed)

Best VR Games on Steam

Looking for the best VR games on steam? Read further to know more about it.

Top 9 Best VR Games On Steam

1. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx

Nobody will get surprised if I would say half-life: Alyx is the best VR game made recently. 

My life was the most anticipated VR game of all time especially since the world had been waiting over a decade for a follow-up to the Half-Life series the Expectations for this game couldn’t be higher and in many ways it still surpasses them. 

As far as I am concerned this game is the best looking and best sounding VR game among every other VR game present on this list. But beyond the presentation, the high degree of inter-activity drives the emerging home.

The game world is heavily populated with proverbs and it’s all interactable with realistic physics. 

The sheer number of objects that you can Menu plate makes the world feel truly alive and it’s all these little details that support this auspicious VR game from the rest of the others. 

Playing through the campaign never gets boring, it is designed with the same DNA that half-life season 2 has with constantly evolving gameplay and new mechanics intentionally paced out there with every new level in the campaign. 

You know there will be surprises in the store but even beyond the campaign is the amazing modeling community that’s adding new maps and even entirely new campaigns into the game. 

Testing and reviewing new Alex mods is something I greatly enjoyed. To revisit this game with fresh new maps, thanks to the modding community.

Half-Life Alyx provides both quality and quantity of gameplay. It’s the game that keeps on giving you the rush you wanted.

2. SpellBound Spire

SpellBound Spire

Vr game to notice here is a spellbound spire. This game is so popular and also amazing to play that needs to be on this list for the best VR games in 2021. 

Room-scale puzzle game that requires you to physically walk throughout your gaming space.

It uses impossible geometry that enables you to walk a Continuous path within your gaming space.

If you have ever experience T for God, then you will get an idea of how the movement works in this VR game but I like this game a lot rather than preferring T for God because it isn’t just a demo it’s a complete and well-crafted puzzle.

A game that kept on surprising me the more I played it. This puzzle game is adding more mechanics and new challenges every step of the way all the way.

Just when I thought I have seen it, this game surprises me with even more ingenuity and creativity and besides the impressive personal design and the ambiance and architecture for a relief fund to take in.

I felt like I was exploring a new magical world it recommends a gaming space of 3×3 m but most people don’t have it. That’s where it has a unique feature called boosted movement. 

Therefore, every move you make gets multiplied by a value that can show you can play in space. For me, the experience felt really subtle and quite natural. Therefore, Spellbound spire needs to be on this list.

3. The Morrigan

The Morrigan

Here comes The Morrigan. The Morrigan revolves around a tale of a Foolish King that gave his daughter to an evil Queen to save his Kingdom.

Therefore, you got to rescue her. Lightly story-driven Dungeon crawler transverse through obstacles, course climbing, simple puzzles, avoiding traps, etc.

The action is wonderful, and the physics are excellent, with striking and parrying feeling quite real. To participate in swordplay, the sound design enhances the combat and makes it feel more intense.

I, personally, find a minimal visual design to be a cool look, kinda reminded me of vanishing realms.

Throughout your dungeon crawling, you’ll be able to store healing potions and food but be on a look at hitting coins because you can spend them at the market for more specialized potions, food, or weapons.

You can also unlock more by playing the arena combat zone. The weapons unlocked here can be used in the campaign and for those who are the completionists in the campaign, there are secret areas to find inside each level. 

Combat is the most interesting aspect of the game, and it added to the overall enjoyment of the adventure.

4. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Fireproof Games is the creator of the wildly popular puzzle series The Room, which was originally released for mobile devices. The room: VR, a dark matter designed from the ground up particularly for VR, is the most recent edition in the genre.

The game’s fundamental mechanics are mechanical puzzle boxes, but there’s also a rich and cinematic story.

You’re a detective looking into the disappearance of an eminent Egyptologist, and your search for answers will take you to many mysterious and magical locations.

There are four actual Puzzles with various designs in addition to the initial detective office. There are perplexing obstacles in each of these realities that have been painstakingly constructed and unique.

I get a sense of adventure and investigation when I travel around large places. You’re explaining how all the puzzles are connected since you’re not just completing one puzzle at a time.

The game will frequently shift your viewpoint, allowing you to stroll inside a machine or see more than you previously could through a specific lens. The problems are beautifully constructed and self-solving.

This is one of the most enjoyable puzzle games I’ve ever encountered. The interactions with devices are legendary and gratifying in the field.

I definitely played it more than a few times, and thankfully there is a timer in the system for when you get stuck. There are some moments of Spooky Ambience, like ghostly was first or temporal appearing, but it’s not scary at all.

I found it incredibly appealing and it was difficult to put down once I started playing it.

5. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Usually, games are based on TV shows or movies that aren’t good but The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is the best Zombie game that I have ever played for experienced tempting to classify this as a survival horror but I view it more like a role-playing game.

There is an interesting storyline that drives the whole campaign. 

All you will need is to constantly be on the Lookout for supplies and items that you can salvage for crafting and you will also need lots of NPCs that give you side quests and fill in the world with more narrative to make it more alive. 

Speaking of NPCs, zombies aren’t only concerned in this apocalyptic world. You will have to deal with some unfriendly humans as well all of the melon combat in this game is gruesomely satisfying.

There are multiple ways to kill zombies but the most convenient way is to Grab their heads and step them will sharp objects.

As you collect scraps and upgrade your crafting ability you will then be able to create ranged weapons or even more brutal Melee levels.

Also need to graft healing items like food, the bandages are applied by wrapping around your arm which I find to be an ingenious use of motion controllers.

You are granted a lot of freedom in the campaign so you can take your time during Quest just collecting items to build up your Arsenal. It is a kinda slow game so it’s best if you take your time to enjoy it.

Furthermore, if you like Zombie games then you have to play this game.

6. Into the Radius

Into the Radius

This VR game is one of the rare examples of a game that had a rough launch into early access but continued steady developments and improvements to eventually blossom into an impressive full VR game.

In a post-apocalyptic world, you need to explore a large open area to accomplish various conditions like item retrieval for killing ghostly creatures while a mysterious narrative and force on how to find another lost soul that keeps reaching out to you. 

Beautiful! Isn’t it? at least it used to be. You can see everything from here not that I ever climbed it myself but I imagine what it would be like.

This game is very hands-on and tactile from the way you sort your inventory load, your ammunition, or interact with your map. You can easily tell, this was made from the ground up for VR. 

I found this to be incredibly difficult even in an easy setting. I was getting destroyed by both environmental dangers and the roaming enemies stealth is critical to your survival and this won’t be a simple walk in the park, the overall atmosphere is awesome, it feels like a truly unique game world. 

The story campaign can keep you busy for well over 10 hours + more randomly generated missions beyond the story campaign. Into the radius is beautiful and creepy with incredibly challenging gameplay.

If you are looking for a unique Stealth exploration game, then I highly recommended this VR game to you. 

7. Start Wars: Squadrons 

Start Wars: Squadrons 

You might have heard about a small indie movie called Star Wars and in 2020, we got a pretty cool space combat game based on it. 

Combat itself isn’t necessarily groundbreaking but it’s so well polished overall that it feels like you are actually inside a Star Wars movie.

The visuals are outstanding and the action is incredibly exciting. This isn’t a complex flight time and later it’s straightforward the arcade action which I prefer. There is a single-player story campaign that is surprisingly well fleshed out.

In my take, you switch sides between the Rebels and the empire, and in between missions you get to meet your other squad members which will in the story and make the universe feels more alive.

The writing itself won’t necessarily win any awards or rewards but that’s ok. Besides the single-player campaign, there is also a multiplayer which is where most of the replayability is. 

This game doesn’t use motion controllers but you can use a keyboard and mouse gamepad. 

8. Paper Beast

Paper Beast

This paper Beast VR game is an otherworldly puzzle adventure in a fantasy landscape populated with origami wildlife. 

This is very Abstract for the game, the life of which I haven’t seen before the first half of the game was mostly taking in the scenery and learning the game mechanics.

All of the gameplay is learned by discovery and it took me a while before I really understood the rules of this universe and in some ways, I was still learning up until the very end there are seven chapters in total with three to four scenes within each chapter and each scene present a unique challenge. 

None of the puzzles felt repeated to me. You have some control over the world around you but not that much.

Some props you can move around and even some animals but you are not an all-powerful thing for the movement. There is both sliding and teleporting.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of this VR game, it is a fascinating and beautiful world to behold. With a sometimes touching but often perplexing storyline. 

After you beat the story campaign, you get a God mode sandbox where you can do whatever you want with much more power than you had in the campaign. 

This mode shows off the sand and water Physics of the game engine, which I found impressive given how well the game performs. 

9. Portable Farm

Portable Farm

I am including this game on my list because of its Innovation and the new possibilities it provides. The honorable mention is the portable farm, a game that can be played on top of any other game.

Your farm grows all the time in the background so the intention is to check in with your farm every once in a while and then close it again to get back to your main game.

The farm opens and closes with a specific hand gesture. What I find so cool about this is the way you can view and interact with the farm.

There is a window bottle that allows you to see your farm and that window is freely movable. Additionally, the farm itself also has handles to position in the pedal independently of the portal window.

After growing crops, you can then sell them for cash to plant more crops or start to decorate your farm. I think this would usher in a whole new era of mini-games in VR and I hope that portable farm is just the beginning.


  • Are the above VR games still in demand in 2021?

Yes, definitely. That’s the reason for me to mention such incredible VR steam games on this list. These above-recommended VR games are just Top-notch when it comes to precision, power, motions, accessibility, and much more.

  • Do these VR games have a specific genre?

The recommended best VR steam games do have a specific genre as per the player’s interest. For an instance, some are puzzle-solving best VR games while some require you to perform actions for your survival in the game.

Even I have recommended a mini-game i.e. Portable Farm, which I, personally quite intriguing when played with my VR headsets on. 

Last Note

Therefore, with that, I am done with my list of the best VR steam games. Now, it’s up to consider which one to go with. If I would be at your place, then I would try the Top 3 ones, and then consider one among them to continue my VR gaming experience.

Matt Booth has been playing video games professionally for over a decade. He started out as a competitive player in the Halo series, and transitioned to professional gaming with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Since then, he has competed in countless tournaments across the globe, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.

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