Best Resolution For Gaming In 2021

Love playing games? Want to get the best resolution for Gaming? You are exactly at the right place.

We will guide you through the pathway to make your choice wise and successful. So, are you confused about what are the things you should consider while buying gaming equipment in order to get a perfect resolution for video and sounds?

There are multiple things that you would require for playing games. They should make your gaming experience better.

To get proper specifications you need to know the perfect resolution for gaming purposes. It has to be one of the best in class and has to meet the standards of gaming. 

When you opt for a stunning equipment of extremely good quality and texture, it will make your experience aesthetic and lucrative. You need to check the compatibility factors and budget.

Are you not finding the exact specifications you need or going out of budget while choosing? Here we are, your helping hand, a ray of hope. Perfect resolution helps you get a vibrant and comfortable experience in gaming.

Don’t worry! Now let’s dive deep into the ocean of perfect resolutions and find the best you may have. Let’s Begin!

Equipment needed for Best Resolution for Gaming

Before jumping on to knowing the perfect resolution let’s check the perfect equipment required for perfect gameplay.

Then for perfect gameplay, we need to know the type of gamer we want to be like whether we want to be a console gamer, a VR gamer, or a PC gamer. There are multiple types of equipment that are required to serve the purpose of gaming. 

The number of accessories actually depends on the type of gamer you are, whether you are a professional gamer, or a beginner, or play just for fun, etc.

The amount of time you play every day also adds to the accessories. If you are really playing for long hours every day then it becomes extremely necessary to get something comfortable to sit on too.

There are a plethora of driving factors that are required for considering the accessories you would buy for gaming.

For a console Gamer the equipment required is:

  • Nintendo
  • Playstation
  • XBOX
  • Retro Gaming

For a VR Gamer the equipment required are:

  • VR headset
  • VR controller
  • VR accessories
  • VR Gaming computer and desktop components

For a PC Gamer

  • High Graphics CPU
  • Games
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • WebCams
  • Gaming Peripherals
  • Hard drive

Whatever equipment you may require, the major part of any gameplay is resolution and quality. The resolution should be soothing, comfortable, and realistic making the gameplay interesting and exciting.

You should be motivated to watch for long hours and play without a pause with all the equipment we have. So, we need to dive deep to dig out the best resolution we would require to have a flawless gaming experience.

What do you mean by Resolution?

The resolution of the display of any monitor or television or any other display is actually the total number of pixels that can be distinctly identified in each of the dimensions that are being displayed.

It is actually the array of pixels that make the image and video clearer with the increasing amount of pixels per unit area of the display. 

Pixels are actually the measure of the Resolution for purposes of gaming. Gaming is designed to have sharp and clear visuals on the screen, so if the system has lower resolution compatibility then the picture or videos will be distorted.

The pixels are usually arranged both horizontally and vertically. Based on the pixels there are multiple resolutions available in the market. 

There is also a term called pixel density which is actually the number of pixels per inch of the display which is actually the driving force of a game resolution choice. The standard of the industry is no less than 300 pixels per inch.

Pixels are actually the tiniest form of pictures visualized on any screen. Aspect ratio also has a great impact on perfect resolution and 16:9 has been considered best based on the market standards. 

Factors affecting the Resolution of any screen:

  • Pixel Density

Pixel Density as discussed above is the measure of pixels per inch of the display. It is the most important criteria for which the resolution of a screen can be considered good or bad. Pixel density below 300 PPI is not considered great.

Above 300 PPI pixel density is good and you will get a good resolution. For the purpose of gaming, it is of utmost necessity to have a good PPI because it will add to the aesthetics of the game.

  • Brightness

The maximum brightness the screen can provide also affects the resolution. The colors appear vibrant only when we find the brighter images of the pictures.

The brightness should not make the pictures over white, but it should be great enough to make the images vibrant and to avoid any visibility error.

If you have lower brightness then it will be a possibility that you won’t be able to see the screen properly in bright sunlight. It will reflect and cause problems. The proper color temperature needs to be balanced to keep the resolution overwhelming.

  • Technology of Display

The Display also matters a lot. There can be any variety like CRT or Cathode Ray Tube, RPTV or Rear Projection TV, LCD or plasma (Liquid Crystal Display), LED display (Light Emitting Diode) or it can be OLED (Organic LED).

The better the display technology the better resolution is supported and offers varied viewing angles. It makes the screen look more aesthetic and helps to get 3D effects with better visuals. So, the technology used matters a lot to get the effects of the best resolution. 

  • Size of the screen

The size of the screen is another very important criterion affecting the resolution. Screen size is actually the measurement of the diagonal of the screen for your display. The screen size is usually measured in inches. The bigger the screen size, the greater resolution is required. 

The large images with lesser resolution will look blurred as the distance of the pixels increases. But for gaming, it is suggested to have a wider screen because they usually offer higher resolution, and looking at them on a small screen would definitely be hectic for long durations. 

  • Presence or absence of Anti-Glare technology

The presence of Anti-Glare technology is very important today. Looking at high-resolution images for long hours can affect your eyes badly. The screens that offer anti-glare technologies, make the screen much more appealing to the users and get the proper resolution with proper aesthetics.

  • Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is one of the major factors that affect the resolution of any visual. The most commonly used aspect ratio is 16:9 but ultrawide models like the 32:9 or 21:9 also exist. The horizontal pixel count becomes greater with the ultrawide visual display. The aspect ratio usually determines the pixel count it can support and thus the resolution.

Types of Best Resolution for Gaming:

  • Full HD (FHD) or 1080p

The most common gaming resolution is Full HD. It has a resolution of 1920 X 1080. The visuals are very concise and have good clarity. The gamers can easily play in this resolution.

It is more or less considered as the industry standard and most laptops and Televisions come with this resolution. Though the variety is changing rapidly and it is really hard to opt for gaming monitors in 1080p because most people prefer more.

Though it is quite popular because of the price range and most of the cheapest GPUs support this resolution. It is most common and is great.

  • Quad HD (QHD) or 2K

This is well in between FHD and UHD and gives fairly excellent visuals. It is great for people who take gaming seriously but are low on budget. It is a good step up and has a resolution of 2560 X 1440.

It is a great middle ground. It offers great frame rates and certain middle-range GPUs like the AMD RX 580 or AMD RX 590 or the Nvidia GTX 1060 are great GPUs for Quad HD gaming. 

  • Ultra HD (UHD) or 4K

Wow! This is really great and fairly famous. 4K gaming is what people crave. Most of the monitors and televisions are sure to turn 4K very soon.

They are really expensive but if you are very serious about gaming and you are professional in regards to gaming. The resolution of this is 3840 X 2160. Extremely great frame rate, responsiveness, clarity, and visuals give a 3D effect.

  • Full Ultra HD (FUHD) or 8K

The resolution of this 8K is 7680 X 4320 and is the emperor in the world of resolution. You just cannot imagine the clarity and depth of 8K gaming unless you feel and visualize it yourself.

You will have an amazingly overwhelming experience. But be very assured that they are going to cost you a fortune because they are extremely expensive. 

Best resolution for gaming:

Now it is really difficult to state which one resolution is best for playing games. There are pros and cons of every resolution and if we want to talk about it as a whole then the points that come up are:

  • If the performance matters more than the visuals then opt for the 1080p resolution. If you want excellent frame rates then 1080p is the most convenient design. Moreover, if you look into your budget then definitely no other resolution screen will provide the best for you.
  • Go for the 2K monitors or television for playing games if you are low on budget but have a moderately good professional level feel then definitely 2K would be the option which would be midway between the two. It helps you to balance between the graphics and performance.
  • Now when it comes to 4K monitors or televisions, then nothing can be a better resolution than this. Though 8K is available which is much more vibrant, due to its abnormal high cost, 4K would be a better alternative. 4K helps us to get excellent visuals, performance, and graphics support. 

After a detailed study, we can find that the best you can buy is 4K resolution or 8K resolution. Though expensive, they are the best experience a gamer could have.

This is a great option and I would definitely like to suggest to you some of the best televisions and monitors of 4K in order to get some good ideas.

Let’s check out few examples of the best televisions and monitors:

Best 4K Television For Best Resolution for Gaming

1. LG CX OLED Gaming 4K TV Best Resolution For Gaming

This is an excellent 4K television, and the resolution is ultra HD which is 3840 X 2160. It is a 4K more upscale utilizing artificial intelligence.

The processor it uses is a9 Gen3 AI 4K processor. It comes with 4 HDMI ports for proper connectivity with gaming accessories and others. You can even set up a set-top box or Blu-Ray players using this.

It comes with three different USB ports, and it is an OLED device. It has a 40-watt output and comes with 2.2 channel speakers.

It uses Dolby Atmos technology. It has Acoustic tuning powered by artificial intelligence. It has all the innovative TV features and has Google Assistant and Alexa built-in within this. 

It has support for OTT platforms and comes with Apple airplay 2. It has filmmaker mode and has G-sync compatibility. It has a display that is highly comfortable for the eyes. It is incredibly slim and comes with a warranty of one year.

It even offers a sports alert. They have multiple variants like 55 inches, 43 inches, 65 inches, etc. You can opt for any one of your choices. It is one of the best you can have for gaming purposes.


  • It has excellent capability in matters of performance.
  • It has a wide range of viewing angles.
  • It is straightforward to use, and you can access the infinite contrast ratio.
  • It has a high-performance quotient and has support for VRR.
  • It is an intelligent television.


  • You can fear the risk of burn, which can be permanent.
  • The HDR brightness is within a decent level and not something overwhelming.

2. Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED Gaming TV Best Resolution For Gaming

The excellent 4K television model by Samsung is one of the finest competitors in this industry. It comes with support for HDR gaming.

The device has multiple size variants like 49 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, and 85 inches. It can be mounted on the wall.

It has wireless, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet, HDMI connectivity. It has a QLED display with a full direct array with backlights controlled and offers excellent contrast facilities.

It has ultra viewing angles along with anti-glare features. It thus makes the visualization even more beautiful and aesthetic.

It comes with Quantum HDR and Quantum 4K processor, which is extremely powerful. There are a total of 4 speakers, two at the bottom and two at the top. It has built-in ALEXA support, and it is a smart television.

The Television weighs around 61.3 pounds for the 55 inches TV. It is energy efficient and has excellent performance.


  • Television has a perfect time of response.
  • It is slim and has a remarkable contrast ratio.
  • It handles and manages the reflection on the screen and is a smart television. 


  • The Television does not support Dolby Vision, and it may appear dark at the corners at times due to high contrast. 

3. VIZIO P-Series Quantum 2020 Best Resolution For Gaming

This is a unique 4K television by VIZIO, and it is the P-series which is excellent and commendable.

It is a 4K television ideal for gaming and has wireless, USB, Ethernet, and HDMI connectivities. It has a LED display technology, and it supports Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and many more.

It comes with an excellent and unique Dolby vision, which makes the visual more vibrant. It has four times the resolution of 1080p.

It comes with an IQ ultraTM processor, which is the smartest and fastest. It has a powerful upscaling engine and has HDMI 2.1 port for connection.

It has a premium gaming engine with a 120-hertz frequency. The gaming engine can automatically optimize the XBOX or the PlayStation, and you can easily play the games.

The graphics are smooth and are very much suitable for gamers. The refresh rate is reasonable and thus prevents lagging.

It has AMD FreeSync and has a power cable, remote control, and a stand with it. The Television weighs about 129 pounds for the 85 inches TV. It is voice-controlled and can be an excellent choice!


  • Robust and Enhanced design.
  • It provides comfortable and smooth usage.
  • It supports multiple OTT platforms and has a gaming engine.
  • The resolution and the contrast are tremendous and handle reflection nicely.


  • You will receive not such great angles for visualizing.
  • It can be having specific nasty screen effects, which many people won’t like.

Best 4K Monitors For Best Resolution For Gaming

1. LG 27GN950-B Best Resolution For Gaming

This is an excellent 4K monitor, and the resolution is ultra HD which is 3840 X 2160. It is a LED monitor which is an UltraGear series of monitors. It is 27 inches and has a Nano IPS Display.

It has an IPS one millimeter GtG of 144 hertz along with VESA DSC Technology. It is compatible with NVidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium pro. It is a DCI-P3 along with ninety-eight percent VESA display HDR 600. It is actually an almost borderless display and is extremely great.

It has extremely great color depth and a dynamic range of colors are available. The refresh rate of 144 hertz makes it extremely efficient and can be used if you are professionally playing games and very passionate about it.

It has a sound sync mode that has RGB Sphere Lighting 2.0 helps you to get an enormous gaming experience. The monitor is adjustable and is designed for proper posture and comfort.

It has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and the item dimensions are 23.9 X 11.5 X 18.1 inches and can be mounted on the wall. The weight of the monitor is 16.9 lbs.


  • It has excellent capability in matters of performance.
  • It has a wide range of viewing angles.
  • It is straightforward to use, and the local dimming produces VA-like contrast.
  • It has a high-performance quotient and is extremely fast and responsive.
  • It is equipped with a wide range of accurate color gamuts.


  • You can fear the risk of burn, which can be permanent.
  • The sRGB mode of the monitor is oversaturated.

2. Asus ROG Strix XG27UQ Best Resolution For Gaming

The excellent 4K monitor model by Asus is one of the finest competitors in this industry. It has an LCD display and is having a 27 inches screen size. It is a 4K monitor and is an IPS gaming monitor which comes with a refresh rate of 144 hertz and has 1 ms of MPRT for an excellently smooth gaming experience.

It also supports Display Stream Compression technology for the transportation of Ultra High Definition streaming across a single interface with a high speed and there will be no loss of any visual quality.

It has an HDR or High Dynamic Range that maintains excellent contrast and has DisplayHDR 400 certification and comes with 125 percent sRGB or 90 percent DCI-P3 professional color gamut which helps you get excellent color performance.

It has an adaptive Sync which helps deliver a seamless and tear-free experience in gaming. It is compatible with the G Sync and has a robust construction and has two HDMI ports. It also comes with 2 display ports.

It comes with ASUS eye care technology in order to reduce fatigue in the eyes. It has an ergonomic design and can be mounted on walls. The dimensions of the product are: 24.95 X 17.19 X 10.61 inches and the item weighs about 16.53 lbs.


  • The monitor has a perfect time of response.
  • It is slim and has a remarkable contrast ratio.
  • It handles and manages the reflection on the screen and works the fastest. 


  • The monitor is quite expensive and is not affordable by most people. 

3. Acer Predator XB273K Best Resolution For Gaming

It is an excellent monitor by Acer that has a screen size of 27 inches and has a LED screen display.

It has a 4K resolution and has a widescreen. It is compatible with IPS NVIDIA G-Sync and the refresh rate is 120 hertz which can be increased to 144 hertz by overclocking.

It comes with two display ports. It offers high brightness and contrast with the VESA certification of DisplayHDR 400. It comes with DCI-P3 which helps us to get a ninety percent wide color gamut. You can optimize the colors with the help of quantum dot technology. 

It comes with two HDMI v2.0 ports and four USB 3.0 ports and the cables are also included. It has an IPS panel that has mind-blowing support for good refresh rates. It has a predator gaming view with all the useful features.

It has a shade shield that is you can visualize the whole game without any overhead lighting obscuring the plentiful details hiding in the shadow with the help of integrated shade.

It can be mounted on the wall. It comes with an item weight of 24 lbs and the dimensions of the device are 24.76 X 12.09 X 21.3 inches. 


  • Robust and Enhanced design.
  • It provides comfortable and smooth usage.
  • It has overwhelming gaming performance along with HDR.
  • The resolution and the contrast are tremendous and have DCI-P3 colors.


  • It is extremely expensive and out of budget for many.

Why should we use 4K resolution?

  • Detailed images:

The most crucial governing reason to buy a 4K screened device is the detailing available in the pictures. The pictures or videos we see are clear with high resolution and have 3840 X 2160 pixels which is almost four times the clarity obtained from full HD pictures. The slightest of lines or details can be well understood when you watch it at 4K TV.

  • Depth of the image:

The sharpness and the depth effect of the images are much more appealing. You may even confuse the ideas with 3D pictures as it has excellent depth effects, and it appears incredibly realistic, and the rendering is marvelous.

  • Colour Balance:

The color or the contrast of the images and the videos we see are extraordinarily vibrant and make the scene such appealing that it tempts us to think that it is happening in front of our eyes. It has a great color temperature which is incredibly soothing to the eyes.

  • Cinematic view:

The cinematic view of the 4K screen gives you a theatre effect and makes the watching experience great. The gaming experience becomes the ultimate pleasure, and you will enjoy the beauty in the comfort of your room.

  • 3D visualization and screen size:

The 3D visualization which we obtain from a 4K TV and monitors is the best one could ever have. The screen filtering capability is high, and the urge to buy more giant TVs has increased. The bigger, the better, it’s always said. When you play a game, it becomes much more wonderful than playing on a regular TV or PC.

  • What is 8K and what are the benefits of using it?

By 8K we mean 8000 pixels and it is approximately so. The highest definition available in the market is the 8K. There are few reasons you should buy 8K for the perfect professional experience. 

The better the resolution, the better the detailing and size of the visuals. It is almost four times the resolution offered by 4K visuals. 8K screens have the capability of upscaling their visuals to 8K in most of the devices. The contrast is better along with amazing color vibrance. It makes all the visuals wider, more specific, and better.

But again we need to remember the compatibility factors and the pricing. 8K monitors and televisions are the most expensive and as the size of the television increases the increase of resolution also increases. The 8K resolution is quite pricey and people fail to afford it but if you can then definitely go for an 8K resolution setup. Without upscaling 8K is not justified because we won’t receive much content in 8K.

But for the people who are in need of a resolution budget-friendly, we want to talk about some 2K monitors. So, let’s see.

Best 2K Monitors For Best Resolution For Gaming

1. Dell S3220DGF Best Resolution For Gaming

This is an excellent 2K monitor, and it has a QHD wide resolution. The screen size of the monitor is 31.5 inches and has an LCD display.

It is an excellent monitor by Dell and has an aspect ratio of 16:9. It is almost 77 percent more efficient as compared to the Full HD display.

The curved monitor also has support for HDR content which includes both movies and games. It comes with VESA certification of Display HDR 400.

It has a great clarity and contrast ratio of 3000:1 and helps you to display deeper blacks and has DCI-P3 which helps to boost the color up to ninety percent. It has a coverage of 1.07 billion colors.

It is much more immersive and helps you extend the line of your sight and helps you to get more into the picture. It helps you get engrossed in the most amazing gaming experience. It has great visuals with a refresh rate of 165 hertz.

It has no lag and has excellent display performance. It has HDMI connectivity and has two HDMI ports. It comes with one display port, one USB 3.0 upstream port, one USB 3.0 downstream port along with BC1.2 charging.

It also comes with a headphone out jack and audio line out jack. The monitor weighs about 34.24 lbs and the dimensions of the monitor are 9.83 X 27.91 X 24.34 inches. It is an excellent 2K variant monitor and is affordable.


  • It has excellent capability in matters of performance.
  • It has a refresh rate of 165 hertz.
  • It is straightforward to use, and the color is great and has high contrast.
  • It has a high-performance quotient and is extremely fast and responsive.
  • It is equipped with a wide range of accurate color gamuts.


  • You won’t get the gamma presets in this 2K monitor.
  • The sRGB mode of the monitor is absent

2. Razer Raptor 27 Best Resolution For Gaming

The excellent 2K monitor model by Razer is one of the finest competitors in this industry. It has an LCD display and is having a 27 inches screen size.

It has a QHD Wide resolution and has an IPS grade display which helps to get incredible details and has excellent picture clarity. It has an extremely fast refresh rate of 144 hertz. It helps to get precise and accurate images and visuals on screen.

It has an almost 100 percent DCI-P3 color gamut and comes with HDR400. It helps to obtain a wide range of colors. It comes with a solid aluminum base and has Razer Chroma RGB and has inbuilt cable management. 

The display cables are also included along with this. It comes with a Razer Synapse that helps to control settings and also helps to connect to your station of battle. It is the ultimate gaming monitor and has high speed and extremely crisp clarity.

It has variable refresh rates that help to eliminate any sorts of lags in input and also prevent tearing of the screen. It has ultra-thin bezels and thus can be considered to have a bezel-less display.

The height of the monitor is adjustable and has very easy access to input-output ports. The dimensions of the monitor are 7.4 X 24.1 X 19.25 inches. The weight of the monitor is 30.5 pounds and is an extremely on-demand monitor. It can be one of the best choices for you.


  • The monitor has a perfect time of response.
  • It is slim and has a remarkable contrast ratio.
  • It has saturated colors, excellent HDR, and the builds quality is excellent.
  • It has nearly 100 percent of DCI-P3 Coverage


  • The monitor is not equipped with true sRGB color mode and you need to manually switch between SDR and HDR modes. 


  • Difference between 4K and UHD.

The difference between the 4K and UHD is elementary. The fundamental difference between the two lies in the purpose of their use and 4K is generally used to serve professional and cinematic standards while UHD or Ultra HD is more for the display of consumers and means of the broadcast. A television with UHD technology cannot have the exact resolution as that of the 4K televisions. 4K comes from the 4096 pixels, which are usually not available on the Television.

  • Is a 4K television better as compared to Full HD Television?

If you ask for my suggestion, then I would say a 4K television is way better than a Full HD television. The full HD television has 1920 X 1080 pixels, whereas 4K has 3840 X 2169 pixels. The 4K television provides much better picture quality, but in terms of budget, the Full HD television would be more pocket-friendly than the 4K television.

  • What graphics card do I choose for 4K gaming?

Yes, you would need a good and great graphics card for your 4K gaming. The clear winner is NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super.  The graphics card needs to be powerful enough and the graphics by NVidia is the best in class.

  • Can the human eye perceive 8K?

While theoretically, it seems possible for the human eye to perceive 8K but the eyes actually don’t visualize all the things in the same resolution.

If we actually move away from the screen too much then perceiving 8K resolution is almost impossible and you won’t be differentiating much between 4K and 8K. 


Hope we could help you find the exact resolution for the visuals that you want. Make sure to meet the points you need to consider before choosing.

A television or monitor will help you to get the best experience in gaming. It would be a treat to the gamers. Screens with perfect resolution will make your experience smooth and enjoyable. We hope the article helped you.

I know now you are ready to buy your dream television or monitor. The broader picture will make your gaming experience world-class.

I would love to say that considering all the points we can find out that however, all the resolutions have their pros and cons, till now the best-suited resolution is 4K which we should opt easily if we have a good budget.

Do not forget to consider the resolution and the budget you have in order to match the resolution you can best afford in that budget.

Do not rush. Read again and again and remember one thing always that only high prices don’t need to buy your beautiful products.

You have to make a wise decision to get the best product and enjoy your gaming to the fullest. So, go ahead and choose the best resolution for the gaming you were looking for. Happy Game-in!

For more of our monitor picks, check out the articles mentioned below. Gamers can also check out our top-picks coverage of other peripherals such as gaming keyboards, gaming mice, gaming laptops, and, graphics cards, etc to finish outfitting their game dens.

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