8 Best PC Case In 2021

Looking for the Best PC Case?

A PC case is the most important part of your computer because it houses all of the components. It is often the only part that will be seen by anyone who visits your personal space or by any guests in your home office.

That’s why there are so many different styles and colors to choose from when shopping for a new PC case. The PC cases should have enough room inside to meet all of your needs while still looking good on the outside!

The PC cases come with a number of different features that allow you to customize and protect your computer. Many aspects go into finding the perfect PC case for you, but we will give some great tips on getting started!

best pc case

Choosing the unique PC case is a difficult decision for many people. They want to know what features they should be looking for and how much money they should spend on their computer case. The best PC case is one that looks not only great but also has excellent features. 

The best cases are the ones that have a lot of ventilation since it helps keep your computer cool and prevent overheating. They should also be made out of durable materials like metal or plastic. Cases with handles make it easier to transport, while those without handles can still be transported by using a carrying bag with shoulder straps.

A good chance will protect your components from dust build-up and accidental damage, leading to costly repairs if you don’t take care of them properly. It’s important to pick one that fits all of your needs, so read reviews before purchasing!

Top 8 Best PC Cases

1. Fractal Design Define 7 – Best Mid-Tower PC Case

The Fractal Design Define 7 is the latest addition to the popular Define series. It has an innovative, modern design with sound-dampening features that gives it a sleek look. The case comes with three pre-installed fans and can hold nine total fans for increased airflow.

There are also four water cooling holes on the right-side panel of the case, making this one versatile machine! The Define 7 includes sound dampening panels and 140mm fans to keep your system cool, as well as dust filters and a fan controller to help keep things clean. And with support for large graphics cards, it can accommodate any build you might have in mind!

It has a sleek, minimalistic design that will make any PC build look like it belongs in an Apple store. The Define 7 can accommodate large graphics cards and CPU coolers with ease. You won’t have to worry about your cables getting tangled because there are plenty of cable management cutouts for you to route them efficiently. This case also comes with sound dampening foam inserts that will help eliminate noise while you’re gaming or watching movies late at night!

Not only does this case look amazing on its own, but it also includes two high-quality 140mm fans so that airflow is maximized inside the system. It features a whole side panel window, vertical graphics card mounting, and an innovative storage layout that includes four hot-swap bays for quick access to your data.

Fractal Design Define 7

 It also has a sleek design with sound-dampening material inside to reduce noise and increase airflow. It also comes in six different colors, so you can choose what best suits your style! It has plenty of room for all sorts of components, and it’s made from sturdy materials that will last for years.

Not only does it have ample space, but Fractal Design also puts a lot of thought into how you can maintain the cleanliness inside the case with removable dust filters in both intake and exhaust positions!

This includes sound dampening material to keep your system quiet, room for up to six fans, eight expansion slots, and an innovative cable routing system that hides cables away in plain sight.

The front panel features an elegant brushed aluminum finish with the iconic fractal design, which provides excellent protection against fingerprints. For cooling options, this case includes two silent 120mm fans on the top of the chassis to keep your system cool during intense gaming sessions. If you are looking for a high-end style without sacrificing function, look no further than the Fractal Design Define 7 Computer Case!

Pros & Cons –


  • Keep your system cool with two silent 120mm fans
  • A brushed aluminum finish provides excellent protection against fingerprints.


  • It doesn’t have a lot of storage bays
  • It doesn’t come with an exhaust fan

2. Lian Li LANCOOL 205 – Best Smaller PC Case

The Lian Li LANCOOL 205 is a great-looking computer case that comes with all the features you need. It has room for up to five fans and includes cable management cutouts and rubber grommets to keep your cables organized. The front panel is lit by two pre-installed blue LED fans, and there are also several vents for airflow on the top of the case. This case can accommodate graphics cards as long as 10 inches in length!

This design of this chassis features an elegant front panel with two USB 3.0 ports located at the top for easy access and an HD audio port next to the power button.

With its mesh design on both sides, the cooling ability is maximized while dust build-upbuild-up is reduced. This chassis measures 203mm x 542mm x 525mm, making it perfect for gamers or those looking for a sleek and stylish look.

Lian Li LANCOOL 205

With a sleek design and superior cooling capabilities, this case has been praised for its innovative features. The Lian Li LANCOOL 205 is an ATX mid-tower that can support up to three 120mm fans, two 140mm fans, or a 240mm radiator on the top panel. It also includes four pre-installed 80 mm fans with LED lighting in front and rear panels, as well as another set of four more 80 mm fans with LED lights at the bottom.

 This aluminum-clad computer enclosure features plenty of cooling options and supports up to six fans or three water cooling radiators. If you love customization, this case provides lots of choices with regard to drive bays, fan grilles, and more! The interior space of the case can be reconfigured in various ways with the included accessories. Furthermore, there are two 120mm fans pre-installed inside that will help keep your system cool!

 It features a black aluminum front panel, which allows for better airflow to the internal components. The top of the case has two 120mm fans that can be used as intake or exhaust fans. There are also three more 120mm fan slots on the side panels to allow for additional cooling capability if needed!

Pros & Cons –


  • Fine cable management
  • Magnetic and removable dust filters
  • Clean Design


  • It doesn’t come with intake fans.

3. Phanteks Eclipse P300A Best Budget Friendly PC Case

The Phanteks Eclipse P300A is a well-crafted chassis that will make any enthusiast proud. The exterior is made of aluminum and tempered glass. The interior features a spacious layout with plenty of room for large video cards, cooling radiators or water coolers, and multiple power supplies.

This case also has cable routing options to help reduce clutter in your build. It has plenty of room for installation or upgrades, and its tempered glass side panel lets you see your components at all times. This case also includes RGB lighting customized with the included controller, perfect if you’re looking to impress your friends with some flashy lights!

The Eclipse P300A was designed with gamers and enthusiasts in mind, offering plenty of airflow and cooling potential. It also has clean cable management solutions and front-panel USB 3.0 connectivity for fast data transfers. The case has plenty of room for your components and can accommodate up to three 240mm radiators on the front panel.

Also features five pre-installed fans, with support for up to ten total fans! This case is perfect if you are looking for one that offers more cooling options without sacrificing space or budget.

It features three tempered glass panels with an integrated RGB lighting system on each side panel. With this case, you can install up to four graphics cards and five hard drives! It comes with two 120mm fans, which provide excellent airflow and cooling properties for your PC build.

Phanteks Eclipse P300A

The case also includes 3x pre-installed fans (2x 140mm in front and 1x120mm in rear) to keep your system running cool even when you push it hard with heavy loads. Another great feature of this case is its side panel window, which allows you to show off your excellent PC build inside!

It also has nine expansion slots on the right-side panel for adding extra graphics cards or other hardware. The top panel has two pre-installed 120mm white LED fans with another at the rear to ensure optimal system cooling even while under heavy load.

Pros & Cons –


  • Very Roomy
  • Minimalistic design
  • Plenty of HDD/SSD mounting options
  • Well optimized airflow


  • The side glass panel is a fingerprint magnet
  •  No USB 3.2 connector

4. NZXT H400i – Best MicroATX Gaming PC Case

The NZXT H400i is a micro ATX PC gaming case that is designed for performance and style. With its sleek, compact design, this case has enough room to fit all of your needs without taking up too much space. The NZXT H400i also comes with two pre-installed 140mm AIO liquid cooling units which are perfect for keeping your system cool during extended gameplay sessions.

The modern curved steel panels are durable and give the case a high-end feel. It comes with 2 pre-installed 140mm fans for maximum airflow and support for up to 8 more 120mm or 140mm fans should you want additional cooling options. With the ability to hold microATX motherboards, this is perfect for those looking for a compact gaming rig!

It’s the perfect fit for gamers who want maximum performance in minimal space. The NZXT H400i has everything you need to build a robust system inside its elegant enclosure – including liquid cooling support, dual 120mm fans, and three easy-to-clean dust filters. 

This sleek and lightweight chassis features everything that gamers need to get started. It has plenty of room for expansion, with support for more fans or radiators on top of dual 120mm radiator mounts in front.

NZXT H400i

A PSU shroud helps manage cables and provides some additional airflow, while USB 3.0 ports on the side panel allow easy access to your files without having to open up the entire computer case!

This case has all the features that gamers need, including plenty of storage space and cooling options. The best part about this case? It’s available at an affordable price! They have designed a new line of computer cases that are affordable and high quality.

The H400i is a perfect example of this, as it offers many features for the price. We will explore those features below to see how they can benefit your gaming experience.

Pros & Cons –


  • Solid design
  • stylish and sleek.
  • Very sleek design
  • Patented cable routing kit included
  • Plenty of room to work with


  • No bottom fans
  • No sound-dampening

5. Cooler Master Silencio S400 – Best Micro ATX Mini Tower PC Case

The Cooler Master Silencio S400 is an excellent choice for people looking for an affordable but powerful PC case. It offers ample airflow and cooling to keep your hardware running smoothly without breaking the bank. The case has many features that will make it worth your time, like its space-saving design, clever cable management system, and its easy-to-clean dust filters.

It has an innovative cable management system to reduce clutter and improve airflow, four USB 3.0 ports for lightning-fast file transfers, three pre-installed fans to keep your components cool, and noise dampening materials so that it’s quiet as well as beautiful.

This includes rubber grommets on the power supply and fan intakes for reduced vibration, as well as foam padding on the hard drive bays to minimize sound. The front panel also has mesh filters to reduce dust intake. With this design, you can enjoy your PC without all of the distracting sounds!

 It has plenty of room inside for your computer parts, but it doesn’t have any fans built-in to keep things cool – instead of relying on your fan set up or an aftermarket cooler like the Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 CPU Cooler.

The only downside is that it’s not compatible with many major motherboard form factors because of its unusually small size. So if you’re using anything more significant than Mini ITX, this might not be right for you.

Cooler Master Silencio S400

 It has a sleek, minimalist design that looks great in your living room or office space. The case comes with two 120mm fans and supports up to eight expansions cards for those who want to use their computer as an entertainment center. With its easy-to-remove dust filters, cable routing features, and removable motherboard tray, this case will keep both your system cool and your desk clean!

 The front of the case has two USB 3.0 ports, audio input and output jack, and a reset button. It also features three 120mm fans: one in the back, one on top for intake, and one in the front to exhaust air out of the case; this configuration ensures excellent airflow at all times while keeping temperatures low.

Inside, you will find enough space for up to seven HDDs or SSDs (five HDD trays + two 2.5″ brackets), six PCI slots (if not using motherboard IO), five expansion slots (without taking into account any external cards), and four spots for cooling options – including. 

Pros & Cons –


  • Minimalistic design
  • Unique front panel I/O hider
  • Plenty of room to work with


  • No bottom fans
  • Not an appealing design

6. Cooler Master Cosmos C700M – Best Full Tower PC Case

The Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is a powerful, high-end gaming PC that can accommodate any of your needs. Whether you’re into video game development or just want to play the latest games at max settings, this machine will satisfy all of your requirements with ease.

It has an Intel i7-7700K processor and NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card, which allow it to handle demanding tasks without skipping a beat. The motherboard on this computer is designed for overclocking if you need more power and includes four DIMM slots to upgrade easily in the future. If you are looking for one of the best gaming PCs available today, look no further than the Cooler Master Cosmos C700M!

This complete tower computer chassis has a rugged exterior that can take anything you throw at it. The inside of this beast features four removable drive trays, room for up to eight 120mm fans, and support for GPUs up to 400mm (almost 16 inches) in length.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

It offers extreme cooling performance with its vast 27cm fan and tempered glass side panel to show off your build. It also features an integrated power supply shroud which allows for up to three 280mm radiators or two 360mm radiators on top of it!

It has an aluminum front panel and supports up to two 240mm radiators or one 360mm radiator in the top of the chassis. The interior is spacious enough for any size motherboard with plenty of room for cable management with all-black sleeved cables from start to finish. Plus, it features a modular design that accommodates different configurations and changes without taking apart your entire system. With its uniquely designed chassis, four included fans, and a number of great features for gamers and PC builders alike, this case has everything you need to build an incredible system.

Pros & Cons –


  • Incredibly large, it can fit EATX boards and multiple GPUs
  • Top-mounted power supply


  • None! It’s a great case that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a new one.

7. Fractal Design Meshify 2 – Best E-ATX Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case

The Meshify 2 is a great-looking tower that offers some fantastic cooling and installation options. Fractal Design has been around for a while now, and they have nailed the design on this one. The front of the case has a large mesh panel with a light at the top to show off your installed hardware.

There are also two more LEDs in red or white that can be swapped out if you want something else to stand out. On the back of the case, there are six fan ports, four USB 3 ports, an audio jack, and three water cooling holes near the bottom right corner. I didn’t mention how easy it is to install all of your drives because there are plenty of bays!

This case has a unique design that can be classified as a combination between minimalism and elegance. The Meshify 2 features an innovative vertical GPU mount, which allows for better airflow and more room inside your system. It’s an ATX mid-tower computer case with 3 tempered glass panels and support for liquid cooling.

This would be perfect for those who want to customize their build!

The front panel has a large air intake, including two pre-installed fans and room to add three more. There are four included 120mm fans and one 140mm fan in the top of the case and space for two 280/360 radiators on top of the motherboard tray.

Fractal Design Meshify 2

Depending on your needs, it offers an innovative, modern design that can be configured for maximum airflow or quiet operation. The dual fractal fan layouts and steel mesh give this case a sleek look that will impress all of your coworkers. It comes with two pre-installed 140mm fans in the front and one 120mm fan in the back.

There are also two dust filters on this case: one at the bottom of the power supply area and one under where your motherboard will go. It’s much easier to build a PC now than it has ever been before, so if you’re looking for a high-quality yet budget-friendly solution, this could be just what you need!

Pros & Cons –


  • The Fractal Design Meshify comes with three 120mm fans, which are more than sufficient to keep even the hottest system cool.
  • There is plenty of room for HDDs and SSDs – it can hold up to eight drives without having too much clutter on your desk.


  • There have been some complaints about poor instructions.

8. Phanteks Evolv Shift 2Best Mini-ITX PC Case

The Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 is an excellent enclosure for all your high-end hardware. This case boasts an innovative, patent-pending design that allows you to have the best of both worlds: clean cable management and easy accessibility. The front panel I/O panel has USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, power button with LED indicator light, reset button with LED indicator light, and two SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Type-C connections on top of the case!

 The front panel can be removed, which makes it easy to access the interior of the case. Inside, you will find two 5.25″ drive bays and four 3.5″ HDD bays with room for more if needed. There are also three USB ports on the top of the case that are easily accessible when using this PC in vertical orientation or mounted upside down on a wall mount. This complete tower design has ample room inside, with enough space to hold up to six 120 mm fans at once!

Phanteks Evolv Shift 2

 It comes with all the features you could want, including cable management, water cooling support, and plenty of room for your components. The Evolv Shift 2 is an ATX mid-tower chassis, which means it will have room for your motherboard and graphics card. It also has five 3.5″ drive bays, three 5.25″ drive bays, and two SSD mounts on top of the front panel cover. This review will take an in-depth look at all of these features as well as how they perform!

The Shift 2 has an elegant design and comes with a tempered glass side panel for viewing all of your components, which is perfect for showing off your build. Inside this spacious case, there’s room for up to three GPUs and two power supplies! It also features removable HDD cages so you can customize the layout inside of your PC to suit any need you might have.

Pros & Cons –


  • Beautiful design. 
  • Great cooling potential. 


  • No reset button
  • Expensive price tag

How to choose Best PC Case – Buying Guide

Selecting the right PC case is a difficult decision. There are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from, not to mention colors! A new pc case can help you show off your personality or just give your computer room some character, whether you’re looking for a flashy neon green color or something more neutral like black.

best pc case

There Are a variety of things to consider when choosing the best PC case for your needs.

It has a lot of room inside so you can easily upgrade it later on – Fits all your computer components nicely and leaves enough space between them – Has an option to install cool LED lights or other lighting systems if desired – Comes with built-in cable management systems that can help keep your workspace looking nice.

PC Cases are often the ones that fit these requirements. However, there is no one size that provides all solutions to choosing the best case for you. By following this guide and browsing our list of top computer cases, we hope you will find just what you need!

Things to consider while buying Best PC Cases


different size of pc cases

There are many different sizes of PC cases, but not all of them will fit your specific needs. If you want to build a powerful gaming PC, the case should have the following characteristics: it must be large enough to accommodate your motherboard and GPU; it should provide plenty of space for wire management, and there should be adequate cooling. On the other hand, size isn’t as crucial if you need an inexpensive computer to surf the web or do light office work. 

There are different cases such as tower cases, mid-tower cases, mini-tower cases, cube-style computer cases, etc. Tower cases are by far the most popular type because they offer more room for extra drives or cards that may not fit into your motherboard.


Many people are looking to upgrade their computers, but they’re unsure what type of case will work best. There are many different cases on the market that can be confusing to figure out which one is right for you. It’s crucial to consider compatibility when choosing a new PC case because the wrong choice could make it difficult or impossible to install your other components inside.

The first thing you need to know is that all PC cases are not created equally. Some will fit your components better than others. Others may be cheaper or more expensive, but there’s no guarantee they’ll work with everything you have on hand. It also matters if the case is designed for a specific motherboard form factor (ATX, Micro ATX, etc.). If the design of your new suit doesn’t match up with what you’re currently using, it can cause compatibility issues down the line.


If you’re a gamer, you know that one of the most important parts of your setup is the computer case. It’s where all your hardware will go, and it can make or break how well your PC performs based on its design. And with so many cases to choose from, finding the right one for you can be tricky. So you should have a budget to determine your PC Case.

Better cooling and low noise

Many PC cases have a terrible design which makes the airflow pretty much useless. This is because of too many obstacles in the way, such as filters and drive bays. The result is an inefficient cooling system with a loud noise coming from it. You should remove some of these features to provide better airflow for your computer components to fix this issue. 

best pc case

They provide the foundation for your hardware and allow you to customize how it looks on the outside. But what about on the inside? A great case can make all of that hardware run smoothly with less noise while keeping everything cool. These are some tips that will help you find a better cooling, quieter PC case.

Features and specs

For any computer enthusiast, the PC case is arguably one of the most important pieces of hardware. It houses all your components and allows you to customize everything from color scheme to cooling preferences. When choosing a PC case, it’s important to think about what you’ll be using it for to ensure that you’re getting the right fit. We have compiled some features and specs below to make an informed decision on which PC case will work best for your needs!


A computer case may not be the most glamorous piece of equipment in your home, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most important. Whether you’re building a new PC from scratch or upgrading an old one, choosing the right case is essential for ensuring that everything inside runs smoothly and efficiently. 

best pc case

The best PC case for you depends on what you need. For example, if I’m looking for a laptop bag to carry my computer and other belongings around campus or work, then the size of the backpack matters.

If I want something lightweight but durable, an aluminum body might be ideal because it won’t weigh me down as metal. However, if I am after durability overweight (or vice versa), many different cases depend on my preference!

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and we will answer as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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