8 Best Low Profile CPU Coolers In 2021

You are looking for the Best Low Profile CPU Coolers, but you don’t want them to be too big. The problem is that most coolers are designed to work with any case, so they’re usually extra tall and wide.

In some instances, this can cause problems where there isn’t enough room inside the case for a taller cooler. For this reason, low-profile coolers have become increasingly popular with enthusiasts who build their PCs or with people who purchase pre-made systems.

The low-profile CPU coolers are an excellent solution for people who want to keep the noise level down. It is also perfect for those who have limited space in their case or on their motherboard due to other components that might be located nearby.

These types of coolers are not only small, but they work well too! The biggest problem with these coolers is how difficult it can be to get them installed properly. If you don’t know what you’re doing, things could get messed up quickly and require some time before they can be fixed.

They’re also an excellent choice for those who want to make their system as compact as possible or for those who have limited space around the processor area of the motherboard.

These are perfect if you’re looking to build a small form factor pc or want a cooler that will fit inside of your case without taking up pretty much space. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best low-profile CPU coolers on the market today!

Top 8 Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

1. Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 – Lightweight CPU Cooler

The Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 Low-Profile CPU Cooler is an excellent option for people looking to build a small form factor PC. This cooler measures just 37mm tall, which will not stick out the top of your case like some other coolers might.

It also has an asymmetrical design with two heat pipes that make direct contact with the CPU. The low-profile nature of this cooler allows it to fit in most cases without issue, and it only weighs 340 grams! This small but powerful cooler will provide the cooling power needed to keep your CPUs running at optimum levels.

The NH-L9a-AM4 Low Profile CPU Cooler features two heat pipes and an aluminum heatsink, which provides better performance in cooling than other low-profile coolers on the market. It has a noise level of 18dbA – much quieter than many different options out there.

Noctua NH-L9a-AM4

The fan uses the latest technology to provide higher static pressure, which helps reduce noise levels and extend its lifespan by up to 300%. This unit also comes with an included black matte finish that will complement most cases.

 This is an excellent choice for people looking to build a compact system or anyone who wants excellent performance without spending too much money. 

The Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 Low Profile CPU Cooler features 3 copper heat pipes and 1 low noise fan. The cooler also has automatic speed control from 300 RPM to 600 RPM so that you can get the perfect balance between performance and noise levels.

This lightweight, 92mm tall cooler provides excellent & better cooling efficiency with six heat pipes and two quiet fans. It also features compatibility with all modern AMD sockets as well as Intel’s LGA 1151 socket. The low-profile design makes it perfect for small form factor cases where there isn’t enough space to fit larger coolers.

Pros & Cons –


  • Suitable for small form factor cases
  • Aluminum fins maximize cooling performance
  • Can handle up to 65 watts TDP without the need for an additional fan


  • None. I recommend this CPU cooler

2. Cryorig C7-47mm – High End CPU Cooler

The Cryorig C7-47mm is a hybrid cooler for CPUs and GPUs. It has a 47mm thickness, which provides better compatibility with the modern high end CPU coolers on the market. The cooler also has two 140mm fans that offer more airflow than most competitors.

It features dual 140mm fans and seven copper heat pipes, making it an excellent choice for gamers or anyone who wants to get the most out of their PC. It has four heat pipes and two 120mm fans to cool both the CPU and GPU. This makes it an excellent choice for gamers who want to have plenty of cooling when playing demanding games!

It features an asymmetrical design, which allows it to have better compatibility with two-fan configurations. The unit also includes many other high-quality components, such as 6 heat pipes and aluminum fins that are nickel-plated.

The Cryorig C7-47mm CPU cooler features a full aluminum body with the company’s signature copper heat pipes and fins for optimal cooling performance. It also comes with two 120mm PWM fans, which are durable and quiet! Overall, the Cryorig C7-47mm is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly CPU Cooler!

Cryorig C7-47mm

It also features four copper heat pipes and an aluminum radiator soldered onto the base plate for maximum heat dissipation performance. The fan operates at 600 – 2000 RPM speeds, producing between 18 – 37 dB(A) in noise levels, respectively. 

The design of the C7-47mm allows it to fit in tight spaces, and it remains one of the quietest coolers on the market. It features four copper heat pipes and a 120mm PWM fan that delivers up to 160 CFM airflow at a 23dB noise level.

It features 7 copper heat pipes and 47 aluminum fins, which provide excellent cooling for the entire surface of the CPU. The fan spins at up to 2200 RPMs, providing an airflow of around 58 CFM. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to keep your CPU cool, then this product may be perfect for you.

Pros & Cons –


  • Attractive Design
  • Provides excellent cooling for a low price


  • Requires a higher clearance than many products.

3. Noctua NH-L9i Premium – Excellent Cooling CPU Cooler

The Noctua NH-L9i Premium Low-Profile CPU is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to install a low-profile cooler on their motherboard. It has a highly compact design, making it compatible with nearly any case on the market today.

The cooling performance is excellent, and installation can be completed in minutes! The NH-L9i has everything that you would want in a cooler, including low profile design, superb cooling performance, and compatibility with Intel LGA775, 1156/1155/1150/1366, and AMD AM2(+)/AM3(+)/FM1(+) CPUs.

The L9i only measures 37mm in total height, making it an excellent choice for HTPCs or other tight spaces where full tower coolers are too tall. It supports Intel’s upcoming CPUs with a TDP of up to 95W and AMD Ryzen processors without any upgrades or modifications.

It has a compact design of only 47mm, which provides excellent compatibility in small form factor systems. This heatsink is an ideal solution for use on HTPCs or smaller gaming rigs that are space conscious.

Noctua NH-L9i Premium

This product features six heat pipes with copper base plates to ensure efficient thermal transfer from the processor into the cooling fins without any obstruction by other components in your system. The cooler features one NF-A9 PWM premium fan that can be mounted on either side of the fin stack and supports all current Intel LGA115x processors and AMD.

 It’s designed for Intel LGA115x and AMD AM2 sockets so that you can use it on your existing motherboard. The design of this cooler provides excellent heat dissipation with its improved airflow and embedded heat pipes. This will help keep your computer running at optimal levels all day long!

Pros & Cons –


  • It can fit into very small spaces


  • Not many features on the cooler itself, but more than enough cooling performance.

4. Cooler Master MasterAir G200P – Budget Friendly CPU Cooler

The MasterAir G200P is a low-profile CPU air cooler that offers excellent performance at an affordable price. The MasterAir G200P has a 101.6mm (4 inches) slim body, allowing small form factor cases with limited space for cooling solutions.

It also features the patented Continuous Direct Contact Technology (CDC) for maximum heat transfer and uniformity across the entire surface of the heatsink; this means your PC’s components will stay much cooler under high load conditions.

It has two heat pipes for superior cooling, with a 120mm PWM fan providing excellent airflow at up to 2300 RPM. The G200P also comes with a pre-applied thermal compound for quick installation out of the box! It has an aluminum heatsink and copper base, with four heat pipes and two 120mm PWM fans.

The fan hub can accommodate up to 3 additional case fans on the side of the unit for increased airflow through your system. This product fits in most ATX cases and supports all Intel LGA2011/1366/1150/1151 sockets and AMD AM4 (requires bracket).

This product has been designed to be as efficient as possible, eliminating any excess noise or vibration during operation. The design of the fan blade also helps keep the noise level down by maximizing the amount of airflow through the radiator without increasing pressure on it.

Cooler Master MasterAir G200P

This cooler has a fan diameter of 120mm, with an included PWM fan rated at 24CFM and 0.3mmH2O static pressure. The heatsink uses 3 copper heat pipes to transfer heat away from the CPU onto the aluminum fins for dissipation.

 It has a sleek design that will look great in any setup, and it can be installed quickly. The large aluminum fins provide maximum surface area, so you don’t need to worry about your processor overheating during intense gaming sessions or heavy workloads.

This model has a unique design that offers excellent cooling to all modern processors up to 160 watts, including Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors! It also features an aluminum fin array with copper heat pipes that can quickly transfer heat away from your processor, ensuring optimal performance even during long periods of intense use! 

It has an ultra-thin unique design that allows it to be installed in most cases and is available with fans of different sizes. The large surface area paired with Cooler Master’s patented 3D Vapor Chamber helps this cooler stay remarkably cool even under load while still quiet.

Pros & Cons –


  • Many fan sizes available (120mm, 140mm & 200mm)
  • Large surface area for heat dissipation
  • The ultra-thin design fits in most cases


  • Only compatible with Intel LGA775/1150/1151/1155/1156 sockets. Not for use on AMD CPUs. No AM version available, only FM and GDM models.

5. SilverStone NT08-115XP – Top Flow Single Tower Intel CPU Cooler

The SilverStone NT08-115XP CPU Cooler is a traditional tower design with four heat pipes, one of which is 8mm thick. It has an aluminum fin stack to help transfer heat from the base to the cooling fins.

The 120mm fan can be mounted on either side and blows air over the heatsink without any restrictions to enhance airflow. This 120mm fan has a patented bearing design that will last much longer than other fans on the market. The four heat pipes are made of copper, which ensures excellent thermal conductivity and efficiency in transferring heat away from your processor. 

 It has many features as more expensive coolers but at a fraction of the cost. This product will keep your CPU running smoothly and efficiently no matter what you throw its way!

SilverStone NT08-115XP

It’s designed to work with all modern processors, including Intel LGA 115x series socket CPUs up to 95W TDP. The cooler utilizes a 120mm PWM fan for quiet operation and offers both push-pull and pull configurations with its heat pipes connected in an “X” shape.

It has an innovative design that helps it perform better than most other coolers on the market, and it’s easy to install. If you want a cooler that will last for years to come, this is a great choice!

This heatsink can keep your computer running at optimal temperatures with a 4mm heat pipe and 92mm fan. It also has an easy-to-install design with Intel LGA 1156/1155/775 or AMD AM3/+FM1 compatibility, making it perfect for any PC enthusiast!

It has a small form factor, can dissipate up to 250W of heat, and can even be used in low-profile configurations with taller RAM or large graphics cards installed. If you are looking for an air cooler that will keep your computer running at optimal temperatures, this product might be what you need.

This cooler is designed to provide maximum cooling efficiency up to 220W TDP*. It features an aluminum fin array with six 8mm heat pipes that deliver excellent thermal conductivity. The included 120mm fan offers three speeds for customizable airflow requirements. 

Pros & Cons –


  • Excellent cooling efficiency up to 220W TDP*
  • Aluminum fin array with six heat pipes for excellent thermal conductivity
  • 120mm fan has three speeds for customizable airflow requirements


  • No overclocking
  • No RGB

6. Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB – Cooling Efficient CPU Cooler

The Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB Low-Profile CPU Air Cooler is a great way to keep your CPU cool and stop it from overheating without taking up too much space on your motherboard. This fantastic product features 4 copper heat pipes, 3 fans with speed control, and an easy installation process.

It also has a beautiful RGB design that will look great in any computer setup. It’s perfect if you need to save space in your case, and it has all the features of more expensive air coolers!

This product’s unique features, such as its low profile and RGB lighting, make it excellent for gamers and other people looking to customize their PC. The installation process of this product is also straightforward, making it great for first-time builders! This cooler will keep your system looking cool with RGB lighting and a low-profile design while providing superior heat dissipation.

Cooler Master MasterAir G200P

The Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB Low-Profile CPU Air Cooler could be the one for you. With this air cooler, your PC will look amazing while keeping your processor cool and running efficiently. You can even customize it to suit your needs with different colors and lighting combinations!

This cooler can be installed into any PC case with an Intel LGA 1151 socket, and it will provide you with up to 200W TDP worth of cooling power.

This cooler was designed from the ground up with a low profile keep in mind so that it can fit into tight spaces inside your case. It also features an all-in-one design, which means that installation is quick and easy. The fans are PWM controlled, meaning they will run at a lower or higher RPM depending on the heat being generated by your processor. Plus, these fans have multiple lighting modes!

The 120mm fan offers good airflow without making too much noise, while the heatsink design maximizes heat dissipation and provides maximum cooling efficiency. For those looking to add some style to their build, this product also has addressable LED lights to display 16 million colors!

Pros & Cons –


  • Efficient 
  • Powerful 
  •  Excellent cooling for your CPU


  • Installation not easy

7. Noctua NH-L9x65 Premium CPU Cooler

Noctua is a company with an excellent reputation in the cooling industry. Their NH-L9x65 Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler is one of their most popular products, and for a good reason. The low profile design takes up minimal space on your motherboard while still providing effective cooling to your processor with its NF-A9x14 PWM fan can be set to run at speeds from 300 to 1500 RPMs.

This product has been designed to provide exceptional cooling performance with its six copper heat pipes and dual fans. It also has an extremely quiet operation that will not be disturbed during your computing sessions. The only thing that might disturb you is how much money this product can save you on your utility bills!

This low-profile cooler will come in handy to keep your computer cool when using small form factor PCs such as Intel NUCs (Next Unit of Computing). The NH-L9x65 features five heat pipes with copper lining and six high-performance quiet fans, making it perfect for any system where space is at a premium!

The NH-L9x65 Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler features an asymmetrical design that provides 100% RAM compatibility on Intel LGA 1150/1151/1155/1156 and AMD AM2(+)/AM3(+)/FM1/+ FM2(+) platforms, while its 6 heat pipes ensure optimal thermal contact with the CPU surface.

Noctua NH-L9x65

Noctua’s award-winning NF-A9 PWM 92 mm fan also comes with which it integrates perfectly into this cooler’s compact build. This cooling solution has everything you need to keep your processor cool and running at its best so you can squeeze out every ounce of performance from it!

This product has been hugely successful with PC builders and gamers alike because of its performance and ability to provide ultimate cooling efficiency at minimal noise levels. It’s also worth mentioning that this cooler was designed with low-profile components in mind, so if you’re looking for something small but mighty, this could be a perfect choice!

Pros & Cons –


  • Great cooling performance
  • Low noise levels


  • Not the best build quality

8. ID-COOLING IS-60 – High Performance CPU Cooler

The ID-COOLING IS-60 CPU Cooler is the perfect choice for someone who wants to replace their outdated CPU cooler. The ID cooling company has been making high-quality products for many years, which is no different.

ID-COOLING IS-60 CPU Cooler comes with a copper base and fins, which are designed to increase heat dissipation. The high-quality aluminum radiator will help your computer run faster by reducing the temperature of the liquid passing through it. This product fits all modern Intel sockets, making it universally compatible! 

It can fit an up to 140mm fan and has copper heat pipes designed not only for high performance but also for longevity. This cooler will work with any Intel or AMD processor, so it’s great if you’re planning on doing some upgrades!

It features four 6mm thick copper heat pipes, an aluminum base with nickel plating, and a 120 mm PWM fan that can spin between 600 – 2000 RPM on the fly. This lightweight cooler weighs in at just over 3 pounds, but it can dissipate up to 150 watts of power!

This product has everything that your PC needs and more! It’s easy to install and maintain, and it will keep your CPU at a significantly lower temperature than other coolers on the market.


It has an all-aluminum heatsink design which provides excellent heat dissipation and makes it perfect for overclocking or any other high-performance system. With six 6mm copper heat pipes, this cooler will outperform its competitors in terms of cooling ability.

 The IS-60 has a copper base, four 6mm heat pipes, and two 120mm fans with PWM control for maximum cooling performance. If you are looking to upgrade your CPU setup or want something better than what you have now, this might be the perfect option for you!

 It also features a high performance and efficient design, as well as an excellent cooling potential. The ID-COOLING IS-60 CPU Cooler is compatible with most Intel and AMD sockets on the market, so it’s perfect for any system. For more information about this product or any other products in our inventory, please contact us at your convenience!

Pros & Cons –


  • High performance 
  • Efficient design
  • Excellent cooling potential


  • No RGB Lightning

How to choose Best Low Profile CPU Coolers – Buying Guide

Choosing the best low-profile CPU coolers can be quite a task. There are so many different brands and models to choose from; it’s hard to find the perfect one for you. This guide will help you through this process by providing easy-to-follow steps to pick out your new cooler!

There are some very important things you need to consider before buying a low-profile CPU cooler. If your case does not support LGA socket type, like 115x or 1366, you will have an issue installing this depending on the model of the motherboard that is inside it.

Another thing consumers should look at is how much clearance there is in the case because if there is not enough room, you will have to go with a low-profile cooler.

If your PC tower sits on the floor or in an enclosed area, this can also cause problems. You should always measure how much clearance space there is between where the motherboard and RAM are located before buying one of these coolers!

Things to consider while buying Best Low Profile CPU Coolers


The size of the cooler is another thing to consider before buying one. Some coolers can be as tall as five or six centimeters, which will cause a problem if you try to fit them in your small case! Ensure that you measure how much clearance space there is between where the motherboard and RAM are located. 


Budget is always an important thing to think about when buying anything. You should have a price range in mind before you start looking at any coolers because if not, you might end up spending more than intended! Just remember that these are low-profile CPU coolers, so don’t expect them to be very expensive because they are not!


There will be pictures of all the products mentioned below with links where applicable for each one. This section will provide some images and show off the different CPU cooler styles available on today’s market. These include standard fans or liquid cooling for those who prefer it over air cooling systems. It also shows many other features like LED lighting, which can be found on some coolers.


The compatibility of the cooler with your motherboard is another important thing to consider. If you are using an Intel CPU, make sure that it is compatible with the socket type of your motherboard. Some CPU coolers will not fit well in LGA 1150 motherboards because they have a larger size.

You should also check to see if you need TDP support, which is thermal design power, and it tells how much heat output your PC needs for efficient cooling. If there is no TDP support, your CPU will overheat, which can cause all kinds of problems.

This is another important thing to look at if you plan to get a low-profile cooler for LGA 1150 socket type. If the model you buy does not have it, there could be issues with installation because some Intel motherboards do not offer direct contact between the bottom of the processor and the top surface of the cooling unit.

Thermal design power 

Choosing a low-profile CPU cooler with a lower thermal design power is also something you should think about. This means that it will not pull as much electricity, which pulls less heat from the processor and thus has fewer chances of overheating! The lowest TDP I could find on any model was 20 Watts – this is perfect if your PC uses an older chipset like LGA775 or 115x socket type because those use up more watts than newer 1366 processors do.


Accessories are another thing to consider before buying one of these coolers; make sure they come pre-applied with paste and fans if possible, so there’s no need for extra tools or work on your end! Many of these coolers come with a fan speed control, which is excellent because it will keep noise to a minimum.


The low-profile CPU coolers that we’ve chosen are the best on the market. We evaluated all of them based on their performance, noise level, and installation process for an easy-to-follow conclusion article.

For those reasons, our top three picks would be the Cryorig C7-47mm Low Profile CPU Cooler, Noctua NH L9i Intel/AMD CPU Cooler (slim form factor), and cooler Master MasterAir G200P. Whether you need a liquid or air cooling solution to keep your system running smoothly during intense gaming sessions or want something quieter than stock fans, these units will take care of it with ease! 

We have looked at the best low-profile CPU coolers that are available on Amazon. These products can be a great help in cooling down your computers when they start to overheat.

They also come with many features and benefits that will make them perfect for you depending on what you need from them, so take some time to read through our reviews before making your decision! If there is anything else, you would like us to cover, please let us know below in the comments section.

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