9 Best Gaming TV For PS5 in 2021

Looking for the Best Gaming TV For PS5, So you’re in the right place.

Got new PlayStation to your home and crave the best gaming adventure and also looking for affordable screen options that would fulfill all your gaming needs as well as treats your family with numerous benefits like superb audio and visual experience, excess to various streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar originals, Sony liv app, Voot, etc.

An Affordable Android TV for Gamers is Ideally meant to get a good TV in general, but there are other crucial components to scrutinize and analyze the requirements.

The list includes An Affordable Android TV for Gamers, The Best Overall Value, The Brightest OLED Panel, the Best audio, and video traits, and of course the graphics and animations and waits the slim and trendy look which aspire long gaming hours.

Affordable smart gaming Android TVs are long-lasting, lagging free, and offer the heap of freedom for not sticking in front of the tv and spoil your vision as well as your hearing ability by seating all day long watching the boring cable TV shows.

After buying an Android smart tv you just not got the single benefit of television but also the privilege of a PlayStation, a home theater, a music player, a player with a BlueTooth wireless mic, and a super stunning speaker.

Removing the cable tv from home surprises you with an extremely comfy and flexible lounge gaming experience.

Not only with laptops and PCs or your smartphone but you can also connect it with your PlayStation gaming or any other Bluetooth connectivity devices and even with USB dongles. 

Buyer’s Guide About The Best Gaming TV For PS5

Before you buy the gaming television you must know whether the tv is good for gaming or not and more such stuff like that.

The electronic gadgets that you buy can be delivered damaged at your doorstep, or else the seller may dupe you if you have no idea about the pricing of the TV.

There are many more such things that need not be ignored. So, before buying here are some important points that you need to know. Take a look at it.

  • Affordable Android Gaming TV:

Everything comes secondary when it comes to money or the potential to spend upon a particular product/device is the first and foremost concern.

Remember you can never opt for something that is so much beyond your budget. so, it is of utmost necessity to check your wallet before hopping into a decision.

Remember one thing: search for the features you want but keep in mind your price limits. The price limits are the only thing that makes you a very limited person according to the things you buy.

Being on a limited budget is not that bad, you still can get more good quality products.

There are many gaming televisions that can come under your budget or can exceed your budget, more importantly, look for the tv that is in your budget, and if you can afford to spend more money on a good product then why not do it.

  • Display Types:

The tv sets for gaming purposes are available in many already existing different forms.

There are 2 types of displays used these days. One is LCD and the other is OLED. LCD represents the low and medium-ranging tv in the market whereas the OLED is a high-end product.

The LCD has more varieties like IPS, VA, and QLED displays. Before you must also keep these essential terms in mind as this can help you get the better choice. Let’s take a look at all of them.

  • IPS: For good viewing angles and accurate color combinations, these IPS-contained monitors are the best. One must look for IPS-related tv sets. But remember to buy the latest IPS installed tv set, since the old version has a little slower response time.
  • The VA: This type of tv has always been in between the TN and IPS. This type of tv delivers good contrast images with better response time. This tv provides accurate color reproduction. The color gamut and viewing angles are not up to the mark here in VA when compared to IPS and OLED. This point is also similar important during purchasing a gaming tv set.
  • QLED: This type especially belongs to Samsung-based panels. This type of display is updated with some extra Quantum dots. This Quantum technology enhances the viewing angles than the VA displays. It also provides you wide color gamut and good brightness volumes. This is also a thing to be remembered during buying. 
  • OLED: Organic light-emitting diode which produces the exact good quality picture. This display type provides very perfect contrast ratio. It has impressing good viewing angles when viewed from different angles. It also has a good quality HDR. This quality makes this type of display worth buying, you must look for this feature as well.
  • Overall values of the Smart Android TV:

Playing PlayStation can be a reason for buying a gaming android smart tv but can not be the sole intention.

Factors like the access to endless paid content available online, better audio and video quality/experience, good deals, zero disturbance, mic control, joystick, saturation contraction, and brightness control following daylight and night light, and of course slim and trendy body.

  • The brightness of an OLED panel:

Brightness is such an aspect that brings more and perfect gaming actions.

During the night time brightness can help you for good vision. Before buying a television or a screen or a monitor one must keep in mind to check brightness minimum and maximum level as well as night modes, semi night mode extras availability.

This feature helps the gamers to have fun in any period especially in the nighttime. So, before buying do check for this feature and also look for more advanced availabilities if possible. 

  • Size:

The desired size of the television screen should prevail in advance or beforehand. Please be sure about the size of the TV you want to buy because remember when you set up the TV, it should serve the purpose you have spent so much money on.

Bigger size television is the best choice for your gaming. You can have more fun on a much bigger size TV. Take care of the size and always opt for a larger screen that provides a better resolution effect, and you will find it great to watch on that Gaming TV.

  • Resolution:

Resolution is the number of pixels involved in bringing up the quality picture. This also can be an essential point to note before buying.

1920 x 1080 pixel and 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution displays are the most common resolutions that come under budget for both monitors and televisions. The higher resolution the better your picture quality will be, so this makes it important to look for. 

  • Bluetooth and USB cable connectivity:

Having a Bluetooth connectivity television makes you a more technology lover person plus this can add a new and amazing feature to your TV.

Some TV sets are available in the market with this technology installed in them. There are different USB port options like 2 ports, 3 ports, 4 or more USB ports which vary with different price spectrums. The prices for these types of TVs differ accordingly. The price may rise as per your choice of selection. 

  • Refresh rate:

The 4k televisions have 120 hertz of refresh rate. This aspect is also very essential to look for when you buy. The refresh rate of the monitor you are buying should be 120 hertz of refresh rate. 

The refresh rate is the time taken by the screen to update every second. It is measured in hertz. Generally, the screen refresh rate is at 60 hertz whereas most of the new TVs refresh rate is about 120 Hertz.

  • Response Time:

This statistically measures the speed of the pixel from turning white to black and vise versa.

This is measured in milliseconds. The best tv set contains 2 ms of maximum response time which makes it a great choice for selection.

The OLED type of display monitor can achieve this instant response time, so this could be easy for your selection.

The input lag and response time have a good difference between them, do not get confused while purchasing and looking for these aspects. When you are buying the gaming television make sure to look for this attribute as well. 

  • Contrast and audio levels:

You have to check the contrast and the audio levels.

The contrast ratio is nothing but the ratio between the brightest level of displaying the black and white.

The contrast of televisions varies greatly. The high contrast ratio display looks amazing in the darkroom and appears exactly the same object.

Though contrast can be adjusted, the televisions usually have their color temperature, which needs to be checked before buying.

The audio loudness should be checked, as it also plays an important role for gamers. Your television must have good quality audio and video so that you can have a great experience while playing games.

  • Customer Service and Warranty:

Checking for customer service and warranty is an essential criterion that needs to be taken care of.

As you are spending a lot of money, if the company should acknowledge any damage within a very short tenure, you need to be sure.

Lots of companies provide 24 x 7 customer services so that whenever the customer is facing any problems they should be there to help them.

This is a must-point every seller should provide. The warranty guarantees the product you are buying and considers the service they provide to the customers.

Such electronic types of equipment have more than 1 year of warranty, you must check for this criteria essentially. You must look for these 2 parts for your TV’s betterment. 

Now off we go with discussing some of the best Gaming TVs for PS5 – 

Here is the list of the best gaming tv for PS5 that you can afford to buy. These under-budget TVs will make you have more fun with your ps5 gaming. So, let’s get into it.

1. LG OLEDCX series Best Gaming TV For PS5

This particular mid-range 4K OLED is probably the best specified of all the current group of high-end UHD TVs.

Image quality for the same is absolutely outstanding, with superb dynamics, black level, and shadow detail.

The latest gaming technologies like Nividia FreeSync and G-SYNC give you lower lagging with a high refresh rate and smoother responsive gameplay.

Not to be surprised, the CX boasts of four HDMI 2.1 inputs where most sets at this price offer a mix of 2.1 and 2.0, or simply lack 2.1 altogether.

Some of the features of this TV set include the VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and an impressive 4K at 120Hz.

If you want a Television that does it all and is an all-rounder, then the LG CX is an excellent choice. You will be amazed by using the LG OLED CX series tv with excellent picture quality for more gaming fun.

Features – This brilliant TV set comes in the formidable sizes of 48, 55, 65, and 77-inches respectively.

The television comes with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and gives an input lag of 13ms – 1080/60. Its display type is OLED, with HDR – Dolby vision.

Supported by a VRR and HDMI 2.1. The television supports the latest Nvidia FreeSync and G-SYNC technologies which is the best gaming technology. 


  • Excellent image quality
  • Ticks all the display boxes
  • Four HDMI 2.1 inputs


  • OLED can suffer from image retention

2. Samsung QNQ70T / QEQ70T Best Gaming TV For PS5

The Q70T may be lacking in a Full Array Local dimming backlight mostly found in higher up Samsung’s 2020 QLED range, but it evens it out with an affordable price tag and dynamic picture performance.

The Quantum powerful processor transforms every little detail in the television and gives you the amazing 4k picture quality.

This may also be one of the least expensive 4k TVs to offer a massively brilliant 4k 120 fps support to show your gaming at its best and in a very lavish light.

The refresh rate it has is about 120 hertz which supports giving you the best motion and action-packed performance. The tv consumes power and adds a good quality to the product.

Another cool feature that this TV set offers is the multi-view with casting, allowing you the top-notch luxury of viewing your TV image and smartphone simultaneously.

This feature comes in very handy if one wants to play a game while following a Muffin-making recipe. It also comes in two game modes which are equally impressive.  

Features – This monitor comes in the sizes of 55, 65, 75, and 87-inches with an Input lag of 20ms (1080/60) with Game Motion Plus. It features a Display type – QLED along with a refresh rate of 120 Hz HDR. This set includes a VRR and is also supported by HDMI 2.1


  • Vibrant color performance
  • Free from image burn
  • Two Game modes


  • No local dimming

3. LG Nano90 Nano cell LE Best Gaming TV For PS5

LG’s OLEDs will always be spotted among the ones which hog the limelight, but its Nano cell screens are an exciting LED-based alternative option.

This TV set sports two high-speed 4K 120 fps compatible inputs, handy if you’re planning to play in both camps.

When it comes to HDR brightness the TV set is a little blunt, but full array dimming keeps the mechanics of this TV set nice and uptight.

This, clubbed with relatively low image lag, makes for a good gaming screen. The set also happens to be compatible with HDMI VRR and ALLM.

The LG NannoCell TV gives you an amazing gameplay advantage. These technologies mentioned here make it a good quality product. This is a worth buying television set at this budget for gamers. 

Features – The tv set comes in the following sizes: 55-, 65-, 75- inches with an Input lag of 17ms (1080/60). This set features a Display type of LED and a refresh rate of 120Hz. It is supported by HDR: DolbyVision and includes VRR and HDMI 2.1 ports. 


  • Solid picture performance
  • Free from image burn
  • Two high-speed HDMI inputs


  • Losing contrast when viewed off-angle

4. Sony X900H / XH90 Best Gaming TV For PS5

If you truly seek something on which you can showcase your excellent gaming skills with the PS5 then you should move past the Sony OLEDs and take a look at this little baby.

This set promises you support for 4k 120 fps which is an absolute delight. The input lag is perfectly low up to about 60 to 120 hertz. This tv has a great response time which gives you minimum motion blurring of the graphics.

It does not contain any low latency mode, but it can automatically detect when you plug in the PS5. Sony is best known for its image processor and it particularly talked about non-HDR and HD content.

One thing Sony is good at is – making you look luxurious, so go ahead if you’re a person of class and lavish taste. The television has a good brightness capacity when dealing with glare and can handle well the reflectiveness in the lit room. This is the best gaming television option for PS5.

Features – Comes in the following sizes – 55, 65, 75, and 85- inches. Featuring an Input lag of 17ms (1080/60). It supports a Display type which is LED along with a Refresh rate: 120Hz supported by HDR: Dolby Vision, It includes VRR and HDMI 2.1.

It has bright and provides clear images. It features the excellent 4k sony television best for gaming mode. It has the next-generation gaming monitor with HDMI 2.1 port, std ALLM, VRR, and 120 frames per second for low input lag.


  • Superb image engine
  • Powerful Android smart platform
  • Two high-speed HDMI inputs


  • VRR / 4K 120 fps firmware update not fully rolled out yet

5. Vizio V Series 2020 Best Gaming TV For PS5

The V Class Vizio screen’s main objective is to handle purchasers with a tight budget. Indeed they do not come with very game-centric features but at the same time, they are more HDR-compatible than HDR capable.

Also, the screen brightness is kind of questionable but if you are looking for a TV that you won’t feel guilty buying, it’s this one.  

Beware though there’s no VRR support, input lag is pretty low, and the screen will work happily with 4K at 60 FPS. It also has a good responsive V gaming engine for the Xbox and Playstation games.

The added components that come with it are a power cable, Remote control, and good designed stand.

You also get to enjoy the top most popular streaming app services such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and many more options available. For people with a tight budget, this can be your choice affordably.

Features – The set comes in the sizes of 40-, 43-, 50, 55-, 60-, 65-, 70-, 75- inches and has an Input lag of 10ms (1080/60). It also happens to feature a Display type: LED along with a Refresh rate: 60Hz, HDR: Dolby Vision. However, there’s no VRR support as well as no HDMI 2.


  • Bargain basement price
  • It has a low input lag.
  • 4K 60fps HDMI input


  • Low brightness HDR
  • No 120fps high frame rate support

6. Samsung TU8000 / TU8500 Best Gaming TV For PS5

Samsung has been the best electronic product seller amongst them all in the race. Samsung’s QLED UHD flatscreens are very much the talk of the town, however, if one takes a look at the brand’s Crystal UHD models – they are actually bestsellers.

The television has multi-voice features for Alexa and Bixby that make it look smart Tv. The picture quality is absolutely bold and crystal clear, the smart platform – Tizen is anything but amazing.

Plus what is icing on the cake is that the input lag is low. What however cant be compromised with this budget is that there are only three HDMIs, with no 120fps frame rate support which is no surprise.

There’s no VRR but we do get ALLM. The built-in voice control television makes it your good-to-go option under budget. 

Features – This TV set comes in the following sizes of 43-, 55-, 65-inches and has an Input lag: 12ms (1080/60). It features a Display type: LED and a Refresh rate of 60Hz There’s no VRR and no HDMI support. 


  •       Vibrant, color-rich images
  •       Ultra-low input lag
  •       4K 60fps HDMI input


  • No VRR
  • No 120fps high frame rate support

7. Panasonic TX-50HX800 Best Gaming TV For PS5

Panasonic is also the most renowned manufacturers of electronics. For so many years it has been providing the users with great electronic options and it is continuing to do it.

Panasonic’s HX800 is an affordable UHD TV that’s a delight for movie lovers, and an additional fast game response with 4K 60 fps HDMI inputs.

The 4 HDMI inputs help to connect all the devices for easy audio syncing and video sources that give you a good quality sound effect.

For many buyers, this could be the ideal living room compromise. The advantageous price tag comes with the disadvantage that this set is provided with just three HDMI inputs which may cause fussing if one aims to play both PS5 and Xbox series X.

There’s no VRR but this does give you access to ALLM with a low input lag. This television has a Quantum dot technology which delivers the users with better brightness and also gives them more color volumes.

The features also have an easy voice control that works the best with Alexa or Google Assistant and makes it easier for you to access the things you want to search. All in all, if you want an all-rounder – this is it. 


  • Universal HDR support
  • Low input lag
  • 4K 60fps HDMI input


  • No VRR
  • No 120fps high frame rate support 

8. HISENSE A7500 Best Gaming TV For PS5

The list is kept on continuing with the best budget gaming televisions just like we have here HISENSE A7500 version TV.

The HISENSE has available screen sizes in 43 and 50 inches. This LED display type tv set has 20 ms of response time.

The 4k Dolby vision support television has a good range of color gamut and provides good quality images.

This can be a bargaining display under budget best option for gamers. Television is more than just the price tag.

It delivers 3 ports with 4k HDMI inputs and looks good with the 4k HDR source. On the other side of good, this television has a low-quality brightness which is expected at this price range when compared with the others on the list.

Very few poor qualities this television has. The qualities just do not stop at watch tv it has more than just that.

For gamers, the tv has a low input lag for any gaming type. Next-gen features are not supported here. Lastly, it can be your pick at an affordable price. 

Features- The 4k gaming television is available in 43 and 50 inches of screen size. The Tv has 20 ms of response time. It also has 3 ports including an HDMI port. It has 4k Dolby vision support. 


  • Dolby Vision support 
  • Good input lag.
  • 20 ms of response time. 
  • HDMI port included. 


  • Does not have good brightness quality. 
  • Not good features for gaming.

9. TCL R635 Mini LED 4K TV Best Gaming TV For PS5

The TCL R635 LED is a brand new television available in the market with a 4k HDR gaming experience.

All thanks to its mini-led backlight with 120 hertz of QLED panel. The gaming television supports HDMI 2.1 ports.

This set has a dynamic refresh rate of about 48 to 120 hertz and also has the auto low latency mode.

The low price makes it a good surprising choice for the users. The television set support 1080 pixel or 1440 pixel with 120 frames per second for the gameplay of PS5. It has a low input lag which is perfect for gaming action.

The VA panel delivers you an excellent contrast ratio. This can be the best choice for low-budget users since it also provides a good vision from different viewing angles which also results in color shifts.

The features also have a good motion quality with good color accuracy at this price. All in all, this is a strong selection for pro gamers. 

Features of TCL R635 TV: The tv supports HDMI 2.1 port. The tv set is available in 55,65, or 75 inches of screen size. The ports that are included here are HDMI 2.1, VRR, and Dolby Vision. Auto low latency mode (ALLM) feature is also available. It has a 48 to 120 hertz of refresh rate. 


  • It has the mini LED backlight 
  • Provides high contrast ratio.
  • It has low dimming lighting. 
  • 120 hertz of the panel.
  • Allows 1080 pixels or 1440 pixels of gaming.
  • 120 frames per second. 
  • It supports VRR, HDMI 2.1 ports.
  • Adds a good value.


  • Relatively narrow viewing angles. 
  • FreeSync or G-SYNC technology support is not present. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Gaming TV For PS5

  • Can I play multiplayer games?

Multiplayer gaming at home, or with other users, is under development and will be made available at a later date. However, it is possible to have two players using two game controllers on the eLife TV HD STB with two USB ports.

  • How do we save our progression in the game?

The game saves are done automatically while exiting the game. Usually one single save per subscription, however, some adventure games offer multiple save slots options for different players.

  • How can I optimize my gaming experience?

It is recommended to set your TV mode to “Games” or “Gaming” mode to improve the display refresh on your TV.

  • What does a Smart TV mean?

Many people look around the web for the definition of Smart TV. And while different sites may give different opinions, the consensus is that a Smart TV has internet connectivity, runs on an operating system, and comes with its app service.

In short, TV + internet + apps = Smart TV.

  • What do you mean by ‘Easy Connectivity’?

Checking and analyzing to see if a Smart TV can easily connect to other devices is another essential requirement while choosing a new Smart television set. Connecting and analyzing your smartphone to your TV to view content on a bigger screen is something you will definitely want to experience. Pictures and videos from your phone feel unique when you see them on a big screen.

IoT is gaining widespread popularity, so naturally, easy connectivity with various internet-enabled devices around the home is becoming a requirement. You can watch a movie on your phone on the way home from work and effortlessly continue watching it on your TV screen as soon as you get home.

  • Is gaming on a TV bad?

Because input lag and response times hardly matter for console gaming. Most console games are locked at 30 fps (very very few ever get to go higher). The 30fps already makes your screen choppy but it won’t be particularly apparent due to your TV not being all that much faster at displaying images on the screen.

  • Does Xbox ruin your TV?

No. As long as you don’t allow mostly static images to display too long, then there shouldn’t be any burn-in.

  • Can u plug a gaming PC into a TV?

A TV, be it a full-HD or UHD model, will have an HDMI port, as will any modern graphics card. That means that to hook up a gaming PC to a television, all you need is an HDMI the so-called cable TV generally run a lot bigger than gaming monitors


An affordable smart Android gaming TV screen option should fulfill all your gaming needs as well as treat your family with numerous benefits like superb audio and visual experience, excess to various streaming platforms.

It should be competent in Playing, programming, designing, surfing the web, binge-watching the latest movies, web shows, etc. Or playing PlayStation, call of duty, GTA Y-city, slenderize, dead pool, death battle, and many more are incomplete without a perfect setup.

A good smart Android gaming TV screen must have a big screen with nonblurring and zero lagging real-time features. Affordable Android Gaming TV Everything comes secondary when it comes to money or the potential to spend upon a particular product/device is the first and foremost concern.

Overall values of the Smart Android TV Playing PlayStation can be a reason for buying a gaming android smart tv but can’t be the sole intention.

Factors like the access to endless paid content available online, better audio and video quality/experience, good deals, zero disturbance, mic control, joystick, saturation contraction, and brightness control by daylight and night light, and of course slim and trendy body.

The brightness of an OLED panel Before buying a television or a screen or a monitor one must keep in mind to check brightness minimum and maximum level as well as night modes, semi night mode extras availability.

This article picked the best out of the best options over the internet currently available and are highly recommended and also highly inexpensive intelligent Android gaming TV screens with extraordinary attributes.

We got you the best and affordable smart Android gaming TV screen options with the best of all features and specifications so don’t waste your time with your old and boring regular keyboard and treat yourself or your loved ones with a brand new wireless keyboard for making the gaming experience not less than a dream.

So don’t sit ideally and wait for the date you will be financially stable and have the luxury of buying a smart tv setup and watch the latest streaming content without bagging your friends for their Netflix or prime membership accounts password. You can get your dream come true at very affordable rates and brand deals or EMI payment options and brag it your way. 

For more of our picks, check out the articles mentioned below. Gamers can also check out our top-picks coverage of other peripherals such as gaming keyboards, gaming mice, gaming laptops, and, graphics cards, etc to finish outfitting their game dens.

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