6 Best Gaming Chair with Footrest in 2022 – Expert Guide

Best Gaming Chair with footrest

Are you searching for Best Gaming Chair with Footrest?

The types of equipment list for improving your gaming skills are never-ending. You will find all the related equipment for gaming to give you the best gaming experience. One such requirement for your comfortable gaming that we are going to talk about here is Gaming Chairs with Footrest included. 

These days many gamers use most of the pieces of equipment such as a gaming monitor, desk for the monitor, emulators, headphones, headsets, microphones, and many more things that you already have an idea about.

Not only software is required for the pro gaming experience but also the hardware also plays a vital role in improving the gaming performance of the gamers. Well, we are concerned about the gaming chairs with footrests here.

Gaming chairs are the best piece of gaming equipment that can be used by the game players for improving your gaming experience with it, many of these chairs are available with the footrest as an extra feature to the chair, that allows you to take rest during the gameplay.

The Footrest is an amazing added furniture feature to these gaming chairs. The chair with a footrest has thick cushioned and ergonomics that give it a more comfortable level for use. The ergonomics design promotes good health and helps for maintaining good body postures.

The best advantage of such a type of chair with a footrest is that it gives you the level of comfort for gaming, helps in your blood circulation, and also improves your body postures. These advantages are the best to use for your daily life.  There are many amazing chairs for gamers that include footrests in stock.

You are in the right place in search of such a type of chair with a footrest. This article further will provide you the best gaming chairs with the footrest attached with them at the cheapest price possible. So, let us not waste much of our time and get started with it. 

Before buying the Best Gaming Chair with Footrest, take a look at this guide:

The furniture can be defectively provided by the manufacturer, so you need to care before buying these pieces of furniture for your use. There are many such points that need to be taken under highlights so that you do not get the damaged material on spending a lot of money behind it.

Here are the few things that you need to take proper precautions before you buy a chair with a footrest for a comfortable gaming experience

Your needs

See, as the buyer, you know what is best for your maximum comfort and for getting the best gaming performance. You must know the purpose of buying such chairs, as it is you who are going to pay for the material. The chairs come with an ergonomic design that provides all the comfort to you.

You must decide your budget first and then start looking at anything else. The design has a foaming padded seat that is great when used. For the long and focused hours of playing games, all you would require is the perfect comfortable chair that goes best for better gaming action.

Worth to pay

You need to fix your amount for this type of chair with the footrest. The chairs that have a footrest attached to them are not much costly to buy. You can get the chair under your budget. It is just that you need to patiently look for it.

Some of these chairs are to pay some extra money for this since it comes with some more extra features like an inbuilt joystick, and much more. The most important thing is how much you are paying for your comfort level.

No matter how much you pay for your desired product in the end your satisfaction with that product is what matters. You should check all the features of the chair that makes it worth paying for. The value of money is all that matters.

There are many companies that sell the best chairs at the lowest price and offer you the best performance at this cheap price. the companies take care of their customer’s money spent on their products.  


Quality is the main aspect that you should look for. Quality is the only thing that will tell you how long the chairs will last for, a year or so. Quality generally explains to you the material it is made up of and the fibers used in the procedure of making the chairs. The good-quality chairs hold up the maximum weight of the body.

Many of the chairs are made up of a heavy metal duty framework that also has a stronger chassis and 4th level gas lift. With this, it also consists of leather material padded soft PU seats. The 320 pounds is the maximum allowed weight that can be good to use. The better the quality the best product you will have.


Having a comfortable sitting chair is the most important thing that you should keep in mind. Some of you play games for longer and longer hours, and that is when you might get body pain or posture defects. This is where you require comfortable gaming time and a place for playing.

The chair nowadays also comes with the Footrest.  That also provides you straightening of your back and gives a moment for relaxing. Normally all gaming chairs come with an ergonomics design but you must also look for extra padded soft foaming chairs. With its soft and high-density foaming seats, you will experience gaming performance. Before buying a chair you must consider this point mandatorily. 

Beneficial for Health 

Sitting in a single place, spending longer hours at the same place can cause severe damage to your spine. Staying at the same place that too with uncomfortable chairs can seriously cause illness.

For fixing such issues you must always consider buying gaming chairs that have soft foaming padded cushions and pillows. Your legs also need some rest. So you must look for Footrest chairs that are not included in all types of gaming chairs. The cushions that are required for giving relaxation to your body must include a neck pillow, headrest pillows, armrest pillows, and waist rest pillows.

These pillows allow you to release some pressure from your spinal cord, your legs, arms, and from your body and help in normal blood circulation. This Footrest feature gives relaxing time to your body and also supports maintaining full body postures. 

6 Best Gaming Chair with Footrest

Here are the top searched and the best list of gaming chairs with Footrest for you. This is the list of best gaming chairs that you might look for. Take a look at the list here, and you might find any of these best chairs under your budget.

Here Are The Top 6 Best Gaming Chair with Footrest –

NOKAXUS Office Chair Computer Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support and Retractible Footrest PU...
Ficmax Gaming Chair with Footrest Ergonomic PU Leather Computer Chair for Gaming, Reclining High...
Homall Gaming Chair Massage Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair with Footrest Racing...
NOKAXUS Office Chair Computer Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support and Retractible Footrest PU...
Ficmax Gaming Chair with Footrest Ergonomic PU Leather Computer Chair for Gaming, Reclining High...
Homall Gaming Chair Massage Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair with Footrest Racing...
NOKAXUS Office Chair Computer Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support and Retractible Footrest PU...
NOKAXUS Office Chair Computer Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support and Retractible Footrest PU...
Ficmax Gaming Chair with Footrest Ergonomic PU Leather Computer Chair for Gaming, Reclining High...
Ficmax Gaming Chair with Footrest Ergonomic PU Leather Computer Chair for Gaming, Reclining High...
Homall Gaming Chair Massage Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair with Footrest Racing...
Homall Gaming Chair Massage Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair with Footrest Racing...

1. Nokaxus Gaming Large Size High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Nokaxus is the best PC gaming chair with Footrest. This chair delivers you the advantage by rotating the chair up to 180 degrees. The 180-degree rotation allows you to lay flat on the chair. Also, the retractable Footrest on which you can make your legs rest as well as hide when not in use. Or you can flip it out when you want to relax. 

The chairs have amazing supporting systems for different parts of the body like it supports the waist, the ergonomics high back design with a comfortable seat foamed cushion, support for arms, a level 4 gas cylinder for adjusting the height of the seat, and also has 360 degrees of swivel.

To add more to this, the Nokasus Gaming chairs have a USB connect massager. It allows you to get connected with the USB to power the chair for the reduction of illness due to long gameplay sessions.

It gives you a stylish gaming look. This chair with a Footrest feature should be your choice. This is available in the market at a very low price that you can afford to have.

Nokaxus gaming chair

Features of the Nokaxus Best Gaming Chair with Footrest:

  • The Nokaxus gaming chair has soft foamed cushions for parts of the body.
  • The chair can be reclined to 180 degrees and you can lay flat on it.
  • The ergonomic design gives it a stylish look.
  • It has 4 gas cylinders for adjusting the height of the seat.
  • The chairs have the best footrest material attached to them.

Pros & Cons –


  • It is comfortable to use.
  • The chair is adjustable.
  • The foot can rest with ease.
  • The style gives it a look.


  • This chair is a little expensive. 
  • The weight capacity of the chair could be increased.
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2. Ficmax Ergonomic – Gaming Chair with Footrest

When you think about the best chair for gaming, then the Ficmax Ergonomics gaming chair has been your choice. You will not get any other sitting chairs other than Ficmax. This chair provides you the best foaming cushioned chair with a footrest.

The chair is dirt and fade-free chairs, which gives you the safe use of the chairs. The material used for the chair is PU leather and it is thick material in use for the chairs, with high-density memory foam, this chair can fulfill all your requirements to win the gameplay for a longer time period.

Above all, it has a height adjustment feature that gives a little comfort regarding height. The chair also has an armrest cushion. You can also lay flat on the chair for 180 degrees, which is a great feature that helps you to take a nice nap on the chair itself.

The chair has some more facilities for the body parts such as, it has the neck pillow, and it also consists of a waist pillow which gives you a little light adjustable massage by using the USB power. Talking about the footrest, it is foldable and gives very much comfort.

You can fold it and hide it under the chair’s seat if you do not want to use it. It is expensive to buy, but worth your money. The money you spend on this is worth it, as you are getting so many features under this much amount.

You also have some color options as well, which makes some different from others. You will not regret buying this chair from Ficmax, it is the best pick you can have.

HFicmax Ergonomic gaming chair

Features of the Ficmax Best Gaming Chair with Footrest:

  • The Ficmax gaming chair consists of the best foaming soft cushion seat.
  • For comfort level, the chair has a foldable footrest, that you can hide underneath the seat.
  • YOu can also recline the chair to 180 degrees, which allows you to rest on the chair flat.
  • The best feature that this chair has is the massage feature. The USB power is used for giving you a light massage.
  • The chair also contains some different pillows for the different parts of the body.
  • The ergonomics design gives it a look plus it also has different color varieties also.

Pros & Cons –


  • It is incredibly comfortable to use.
  • The chair’s height is adjustable.
  • The chair has a footrest that helps the foot to rest.
  • The product consists of many styling options.
  • The chair has a light massage function by using USB power.


  • It is a little costly to buy.
  • The weight capacity needs to be higher.
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3. Homall – Best Price Gaming Chair

Wanting to look for the best gaming chair that consists of great quality and perfect balancing between the price and the quality, then here is your choice. Homall is the perfect chair for gaming which consists of the footrest under budget. This is the best recommendation that you may pay for.

Its PU leathered cushion is a better sitting material in use for the chair. This option is not close to the Ficmax chair for gaming as this chair does not have the best sitting cushion quality, but it provides a little low quality.

The chair consists of holes at the backside of the chair which allows some air to circulate through your body and give some cool air, it helps lower the warmth in the environment.

This feature of the chair is appreciating. It allows the users to adjust the height of the chair, but the height of the armrest can not be adjusted.

The chair can tilt back to 160 degrees which makes it good for laying on the chair. The best thing that these chairs have is that it has an adjustable head pillow, you can adjust the head pillow according to your choice. It also has a foldable footrest. The chair can hold a weight of up to 280 pounds, which is amazing.

The above information makes the product an amazing chair for use by the players under their budget. If you want to save a little of your money, then it has to be your choice without any doubt. The qualities it has to make it a better choice can be your pick.

 Homall Gaming Chair

Features of the Homall Best Gaming Chair with Footrest :

  • This chair is the perfect balance between quality and price.
  • The PU leather material is used for making comfortable seats.
  • The best feature is, it has holes at the backside of the chair which gives some air to flow when it is warm.
  • The height of the chair is adjustable. 
  • You can tilt your chair to 160 degrees for laying flat on the chair.
  • It has adjustable pillows for the head and arms.
  • It also has a foldable Footrest. 
  • The 280 pounds of weight can the chair hold.

Pros & Cons –


  • It is superbly comfortable. 
  • The heights can be adjusted. 
  • The foot can rest easily. 
  • 280 pounds of weight can be held on this.
  • Inexpensive to buy. 


  • It is difficult to adjust the armrest.
  • Little bad titling quality when compared with other products. 
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4. Respawn-900 – Racing style Gaming Chair

The Respawn-900 Racing Style gaming chair is the best gaming chair at an affordable price. The added comfort gives you much more satisfaction to use it. The chair has made functionalities included with it.

There is a cup holder at the sides of the chair which gives you a place to take your drink. The left side of the chair has a cup pouch that makes your gaming console ready to go. The pouch is removable, you can remove it whenever you want.

You can comfortably recline the chair to 135 degrees. The Footrest ensures relaxation for your foot. The Footrest does not include any wire to catch it from any spaces around. The chair has the PU leather soft foaming material made cushions that give you all the comfort for long gaming performance.

The ergonomics design makes the chair worth the look. The design gives comfort to your body. The chair has different pillows available for all your body parts such as pillows for the head, armrest, and footrest.

The Respawn-900 takes very good care of your health. This is a product worth buying and you will not regret it. 

Respawn-900 gaming chair

Features of Respaw Best Gaming Chair with Footrest :

  • The chair has an ergonomics design, it gives a stylish look to the chair. 
  • Comfortable pillows are used for giving comfort to your body. 
  • PU leather material is used for the seat.
  • The heights can be adjusted. 
  • It has a Footrest feature.
  • 135 degrees can be reclined to give a good nap.
  • Best for using long hours.

Pros & Cons –


  • Comfortable to use.
  • Reliable PU leather material.
  • The footrest is provided. 
  • A good height is adjustable.  


  • It is expensive to buy. 
  • Weight could be higher.
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5. Von Racer – Massage Gaming Chair

The Von Racer Gaming chair is an amazing gaming chair that you can buy on a low budget. This is the chair that meets all your needs while you are playing any game online. For providing you with all the comfort the chair has a retractable footrest that you must be looking for.

The functionalities of the chair do not here it has 360 degrees of swivel and an adjustable armrest, that gives you more opportunity for playing games for more hours. The chair has soft cushion padding which is PU leather material for some extra comfort level for you.

Here this feature is not included in all the chairs and that is the electric massager. The chair has an electric massager that is placed in the waist cushion, and that is the very thanking thing for your waist if you are playing games for long hours continuously.

This can be chosen as it is not that expensive to purchase if you are a gaming freak. This fits perfectly on your desk and the height can be adjusted to 135 degrees of angle. I think it’s made for you just to buy it.

 Von Racer Gaming Chair

Features of the Von Racer Best Gaming Chair with Footrest :

  • The chair has a retractable and foldable footrest.
  • The ergonomics design gives it an amazing look.
  • The soft cushion is made up of PU leather material.
  • The pillows are available for comforting your body parts. 
  • You can recline the chair to 135 degrees of angle, which gives you a chance of a good quick nap.

Pros & Cons –


  • The height is adjustable. 
  • The armrest can be adjusted. 
  • 135 degrees of angle for taking good rest.
  • Inexpensive to buy.
  • Consists of many pillows. 


  • The quality should be worth buying.
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6. GT RACING – Racing Gaming Chair

The coolest gaming chairs that you get at the price exceeding your budget but a worthy product to spend your money on. The GT RACING gaming chairs come with black and red combination color effects that give your gaming chair an amazing look.

This chair consists of endless gaming features that make you more eager to buy it. It contains 2 Bluetooth-connected speakers that connect to your device. Any device such as phone, iOS, or Computer can be connected to this chair via Bluetooth connectivity.

The brand does not compromise with the best sound quality it delivers. Keeping the speakers aside, the chair has all the different functionalities that may attract you. The chair has a retractable Footrest functioning chair, that helps you lay in the chair in a more relaxing way.

It has an armrest plus also contains 170 degrees of recline mode in the chair. It has 360° of swivel and also consists of a removable headrest pillow. The lumbar pillow has given your waist a moment of relaxation.

This is also a much more worthy selection that you can make for your longer amazing gaming sessions.

GT RACING Gaming Chair

Features of GT RACING Best Gaming Chair with Footrest :

  • Adjustable head pillows are given here.
  • 360° of swivel is made available. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity is given for 2 speakers that will give you realistic sound quality. 
  • the chair can recline to 170 degrees and can give you more comfort. 
  • The Footrest also provides you comfortable gaming experience. 
  • The chair has an ergonomic design made with soft PU leather material. 
  • It has pillows attached for all the parts of the body served during gaming. 

Pros & Cons –


  • It has an adjustable height of the chair. 
  • Many pillows for comfortable gaming. 
  • Bluetooth-connected 2 speakers are made available. 
  • Bluetooth-connected massage power is also given for massage function.
  • The footrest is also available here.


  • A little expensive to purchase. 
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Some of the benefits that you should know about having a gaming chairs 

Before wrapping up I just want to share that it is really important to have a gaming chair with too a Footrest included. It helps in maintaining a good body posture. Anyway, take a look at this deep thought. 

  • Using any chair without any comfort can obviously lead to bad health issues. If you are habitual of using any chair, then hey, you are playing with your life because that can give severe neck injuries for a lifetime.
  • Back pains and neck pain are the two most common pains that can be seen and experienced naturally. But, however, using a gaming chair can neglect all these pains of yours. The gaming chair has a retractable Footrest function that gives more comfortable enjoyment with that chair and without any issues.
  • The chair is so designed to give you comfort so that you can keep up with your good gaming skills. Gaming chairs are available with the headrest pillow and lumbar pillow that indirectly helps your neck and back to relax and take a good rest. Using a gaming chair can really be helpful by canceling all your body pains.
  • The gaming chairs help you get the right body postures while using them. You must not be worried about your body while playing but it is important to maintain a good fit body posture.
  • The gaming chairs come up with a 3-dimensional spinal support system that helps in making the body perfectly straight and upright. The padded material used for the soft cushions gives a moment to relax during the whole gameplay.
  • This product helps you in reducing the risk of all sorts of problems related to spines and specifically the back pains which are generally seen in using normal chairs for long sitting hours. So, all in all, the gaming chair is very helpful in maintaining your body postures.
  • The gaming has a classy stylish look that the designs make them. It gives you a great feel and touch. The soft padding cushion adds a soft and fluffy feel to the chair when you touch it. The chair has the stylish look that makes it look different from normal chairs and aims to give an amazing designed lavishing look to your gaming types of equipment.
  • These days you can also get to customize your chairs by adding Bluetooth-controlled RGB light effects that make the design of the chair look fantastic. These incredible features add another gaming touch for better gaming action. Sitting on the chair makes you dizzy and tired of sitting like that.
  • This gaming chair has a Bluetooth-controlled massage installed inside the chair, that gives you more relaxed gaming and provides you more comfort for using it. This does not compromise the design. 
best gaming chair with footrest
  • The gaming chairs are pretty small and do not require much space in your room. The weight of the chair is also not so heavy that you can not lift it by yourself. It is easy for transportation and small in size as it fits easily in your room.
  • If you have ever faced any issues due to your gaming types of equipment, then do not worry as these gaming chairs will not trouble you to transfer to your room. The chair has to dismantle properties that help you carry the chair in an easy way.
  • Moving your chair from one place to another is not a big deal. You can also fold the chair if you want or else just dismantle its parts for more ease. This way you can save some space for more usage.
  • After the whole moving process, you can follow the instructions for reassembling the parts of the chair again, which can help you easily redo it. The manual will be more helpful at this time.
  • These additional benefits of gaming chairs give a solution to many problems that you may be facing. By dismantling the body parts of the chair also gives you the chance of cleaning and maintaining your chairs properly. This is a huge benefit of maintaining the chairs for a longer period of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions [ Best Gaming Chair with Footrest ]

Here are some of your asked questions discussed below that might be more helpful for gaining some extra knowledge about the product you are looking for. These questions will definitely clear all your doubts without any trouble. So without wasting much of your time, let us get into it.

  • Gaming chairs with a Footrest are good?

Yes, it is good to go for. The best gaming chair must always include this Footrest feature as you need some time for relaxing as well. This will help you give some time in between the war zones.

The footrest allows you to take a short nap in between your tiring longer hours of gaming sessions. You should go with Footrest as a compulsory attribute in your gaming chair.

  • Is it affordable to buy the gaming chair with Footrest? 

Yes, absolutely it is affordable to buy gaming chairs under your budget. There are a lot of companies that make the low price gaming chair and make them available for you at cheap prices but with good quality.

Quality is what matters, not the money you spend on it. The list that I have given above also has some of the names included in it that come under affordable price.

  • What maximum weight of the human body can behold up by the gaming chair? 

Well, the chairs are made to hold up to a maximum weight as they could hold. But up till now as the list suggests the maximum weight of the human’s body should be 280 pounds that can be carried out by the gaming chair.

The normal chairs can not hold up to this maximum weight and this is what makes a difference that you can understand. Weight matters when it is about gaming chairs, not normal daily use chairs.

You must look for as maximum as the weight options you get. Here in this article, the above-mentioned list also has many popular brands that the chairs hold the weight up to. You can go and check them out. 

  • How to use the chair properly? 

You must maintain your chair properly by cleaning it on a daily basis. Sit on it after setting the right height according to you. Set the heights for your arm to rest on and so that you feel comfortable using it.

You can also drag and unfold the Footrest given underneath your chair for more comfort. When you are transporting these gaming chairs you can dismantle them and clean them properly for better use.

For joining the parts again you can use the manual provided with it for easy and comfortable further use. This can be more clearly understood by referring to the benefits of gaming chairs given above, which will help you much more clearly.

  • What do you think is the affordable price for this type of gaming chair? 

Well, there is no such perfect amount that explains your comfort. But if you still want to know then the above-mentioned chairs have a link with it to easily access your favorite gaming chairs.

As such I have seen within 129$ or a little less than that you can have an affordable gaming chair. But if you are ready to pay more for getting more amazing features at the coolest price then you must spend on it, as it will not be regretful for you to spend more money.

Anyway how you will get some good at your desirable amount, nothing goes waste when you invest your money on something like that. The above-referred items can be helpful and they are available at cheap to high prices that you can afford to have.

Gaming chairs add more enjoyment and fun to your gaming. It is not wrong to say that it feel like heaven & luxurious for the comfortable footrest and to enjoy gaming with this big equipment. A perfect gaming chair with  Footrest adds more power to your gaming style.


This is not less to say, living like a king-size life, this makes every gamer’s dream complete for having a perfect gaming session by using this chair with Footrest. Before ending the topic you must go through the buyer’s guide that includes the points to remember before buying a chair with a retractable Footrest. 

It can be very difficult for a lot of you to get the perfect chair for your gaming sessions. But, here is your help, that leads you to get a solution for the best gaming performance. There are many options available for you in the market that can be pretty confusing as such.

However, I have tried my best to give the best options according to the usage and reviews are given by the users. Though you are finding it difficult to select, then go for the Nokaxsu Gaming chair, they have the best features for the chair including the retractable Footrest functions.

Not only that you can get many colors that they provide you. And also has some more satisfactory functionalities for your comfort level. The solid prices, great functionality, and above all the good quality make the above-mentioned chairs the best and worth buying.

The list consists of the best searched and top-rated chairs with Footrest retractable features. Though the list has also included the expensive chairs for use, they are worth spending more money on. I expect that this information will help you to get the best gaming chair under a low budget and without any regressions.

For more of our chair picks, check out the articles mentioned below. Gamers can also check out our top-picks coverage of other peripherals such as gaming keyboards, gaming mice, gaming laptops, and, graphics cards, etc to finish outfitting their game dens.

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