The All-Time Best Beat Saber Player – Best Review Guide in 2022

Best Beat Saber Player

Who doesn’t know about best beat saber player?

If you are probably on the other side, this article will assist you in the most possible ways.

It has been considered as a Virtual Reality game (or song) that is sweeping the globe. 

Captivating music, fantastic light effects, evading glowing walls, and slashing boxes with laser swords to the pace are all part of the games.

The game has a great learning curve for newbies, but some people have conquered the slicing and become freakishly excellent at it. 

However, I am not here to apprise you about the games and all, but I am here to let you know the best beat saber players of all time. 

Best Beat Saber Player

1. Taichi

His name is Taichi. Although the jury is still out on whether or not this man is superhuman, his precision is unrivaled. 

He is the best player in Japan and the entire world. He knows when it’s fair to duck behind barriers or just absorb the hit and cover the difference in his score because he’s playing at such a quick pace. 

His performances are fantastic, and he very certainly deserves to be at the top. I may be inaccurate but his overall score in the outs of the game to be 1,584,990,451.

Yes, some might even can’t figure out those numbers in figures.

Although, there are also other two beat saber players followed by Taichi. It would be an injustice if I won’t tell you about the best VR. 

2. Daan Smits(SilverHaze)

His name is Daan Smits(SilverHaze). Daan Smits has become the top scorer in the Netherlands and the second greatest play globally. 

I could even see Daan, defending his second spot for a while because he has fluidity, strength, and agility and that’s the reason for his huge overall score i.e. 1,895,451,712. 

3. Levi Tames(ClosingCloset)

Last but not least, his name is Levi Tames(ClosingCloset). Levi Tames is the second-best player in the Netherlands and the third greatest player in the beat saber player games quest 2. 

This guy has it all: agility, strength, and precision. It’s a significant deal to be in the top three. Moreover, his overall score for the beat saber player is quite interesting i.e. 1,906,139,211. 

Best Beat Saber Player: Wrap Up Note

Hopefully, this article has piqued your interest in playing more Beat Saber. 

These individuals mentioned above are tremendously talented and possibly terrifying, but whether you’re inhuman or still carrying the controllers backward, they still seem to be fun.

Matt Booth has been playing video games professionally for over a decade. He started out as a competitive player in the Halo series, and transitioned to professional gaming with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Since then, he has competed in countless tournaments across the globe, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.

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