6 Best Audio Interface For Mac in 2021

Are you looking for Best Audio Interface For Mac, So you’re in the right place.

When it comes to home studio recording, you’re looking for an audio interface to help your recording vocals and instrumentals, and perform mastering.

The choice can be overwhelming for someone like me who is not an engineer, but there are a few ways to go about this process to maximize your recording time and return a professional-sounding product.

Mac users are always looking for the best products that can go with their device entirely like the mac itself.

The printer’s headphones want a useful and practical working device that can complement their primary device perfectly.

So when it comes to an audio interface to go with their mac, they want something which delivers a top-notch experience. 

If you are an experienced Mac user or a new Mac user who is on your way to start using your new mac, you will need a powerful audio interface to go with your device perfectly.

Most Mac users these days are using their computers with high quality and long-lasting dongle.

This dongle connects their mac to their monitors and makes the viewing or usage of their device more efficient.

But for audio use, one of the best things you can use is an audio interface. This audio interface will allow your Mac to connect to your audio devices like hi-fi speakers and digital or classic stereo speakers.

These interfaces come in many models and provide you with more power with their top-quality audio interface.

Then you can use them to connect to your Macs external speakers, headphones, car audio systems, etc.

Hence, in this article, you’ll find some of the best audio interfaces to go with your MacBook. Stay tuned!

Top 6 Best Audio Interface For Mac

1. Nordost Helico Audio Interface

One of the best audio interfaces on the market today is the Nordost Heilco Audio Interface, which has a decent number of features.

The feature that stands out is the included USB hub which is a great inclusion. This peripheral can store your devices, and it helps you connect multiple devices at once wirelessly and makes your working as hassle-free as possible.

These Hilco Audio Interface models come with a very reasonable price tag, and several models come with the USB hub included.

This Heilco Hevr 3 Model is one such model which has a good number of benefits to offer. It has 3 USB 3.0 ports which can provide you with an efficient way of connecting with your mac.

There are 3 digital inputs and one analog input that will allow you to connect various devices at once.

Nordost Heilco Audio Interface is lightweight and provides you with excellent stability when placed on your desk.

You can easily connect it with your computer, and it comes with 4 ergonomic and lightweight detachable feet.

This Nordost Heilco Audio Interface can be used with your Mac from the start. This Nordost Heilco Audio Interface is easy to operate with its simple configuration, and the latest firmware supports it.


The AUDIOBOX USB 96 is the world’s first flash-based audio player that supports the latest MP3, WMA, and AAC lossless formats.

The unit boasts 16GB of onboard flash memory, and you can load it with up to 2,500 tracks, plus a 2GB “boot” memory section to use with your iPod or similar.

It has a menu-driven interface that’s quick and easy to use, and you can either connect it via a USB cable to your PC or via a set of 3.5mm headphone jacks. There are also multiple types of connectors, including stereo RCA and stereo analog.

The player supports all media players, including Windows Media Player and iPod classic. There’s also a vast number of optional features, including MP3 text and song browsing, and iTunes sync, complete with playlists, and more.


Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio interface is one of the most loved and preferred audio interfaces on Amazon with 4 stars rating backed with positive feedback.

It is reliable, built long protection which makes it durable. It is pretty easy to use. If you face any difficulty operating, you can simply take the help of a clear display user interface.

It provides 48v phantom power for active microphones. You get a 2-year warranty with it. You can easily connect your MacBook or any other device with great ease.


C-series is a user-friendly and clear use audio interface which will compliment your Mac perfectly. It is equipped with DAW software which makes it useful and smooth in its working.

Want to have a professional recording? This audio interface right here will be your jam. The audio records are of high quality. Moreover, it also delivers low noise and low latency.

It comes with +48v Phantom Power Switch for microphones. This is the USB/USB-C Audio Interface which helps in easy connectivity.


The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a big, chunky, scary-looking piece of kit, but it doesn’t let its brute strength show.

It has a simple linear array of input/output jacks on top and an extensive set of inputs beneath, plus an external power supply.

It’s all very pleasingly geeky and convenient too. It’s a reliable beast with plenty of oomph in terms of performance.

Put it into the audio loop, push the big red button and away it goes. It’s a tube preamp, but it does a superb job of making a digital signal look like an analogue signal.

It has enough punch to push through a decent DAC like the Portastudio (keynoted), and it can handle clean-sounding music quite well too. 

It’s a beast of a preamp, but the robust construction and rich, integrated sound make it an excellent choice.

There’s a single stereo pair of RCA inputs and an optical input for flat pairs too, plus two XLR inputs that can handle sync. A selection of jacks for recording out to tape completes the line-up.


APOGEE’s Intellivoice interface for Mac OS X (and other OS X compatible) is the product of a lifelong love of natural language processing.

If you’re into systems like Siri, the Amazon Echo, or Google Assistant, you might also be interested in this.

Using smart, speakerless techniques to use natural language to control your Mac or iPhone, Intellivoice is a fascinating interface.

It’s customizable to suit your preferences, but the built-in speech engine makes it easy to speak anything you like, whether it be to change a tone or just be able to open a note you just wrote.

Further, it is a piece of great equipment for recording professional sounds via an easy connectivity port. It comes with very low latency. It has 2 inputs and 2 outputs audio interfaces. 

Things To Consider Before Buying An Audio Interface

Below are some significant points that you need to consider before buying an audio interface to get the best experience while using it:

  • Build quality

Many audio interface manufacturers make many excellent and affordable models. Many of them have pretty good build quality.

However, the audio interface manufacturers are improving their production efficiency. It’s not advisable to choose an audio interface on eBay if you can’t buy it from the factory directly.

Get low-noise, great speakers and microphone (see our notebook audio interface review).

Talking about sound quality, it should be at least as good as that of the laptop. You can test audio interfaces with laptops, and you’ll have a clear picture of sound quality.

It’s better to get high-quality speakers and microphones (see our notebook audio interface review).

  • The panel

The interface panel has 3 columns and only 1 space for controls. Unlike a professional-grade interface, a laptop-based audio interface is not based on any specifications.

There’s no reason to spend more on a professional interface than a notebook or any USB sound card for that matter.

In my opinion, a professional laptop should be able to play or record music without any problem.

I believe that only a professional-grade interface could guarantee a laptop-based sound quality, but a pro-grade laptop (with dual 2-way speakers) is beyond many people’s budget.

You can still build up your experience with some cheap interfaces. Just to make a comparison, look at an inexpensive Soundblaster card – it’s worth about $70.

As we said earlier, the audio interface manufacturers improve their production efficiency, and all good quality audio interfaces can be purchased in laptop form.

You can check my 5 Top Picks for USB sound cards. It’s great to make your digital music mixing and recording sessions affordable.

  • Personal preference

When choosing the right audio interface for your laptop, the point of view should be both practical and artistic.

If you just want to record a track and don’t plan to listen to it, just pick an inexpensive device.

But if you want to mix tracks, EQ, and create the mix, you should pay a little more attention. Also, there are models which are provided with an external digital mixer.

If your laptop’s sound card doesn’t have any LCD or other technical specifications, you should get one of these extra-expensive units.

  • Speakers

Given that most portable audio interfaces’ target audience is the touring musician, it is ubiquitous to use a small-panel, portable system that combines several speakers.

It can be switched between the several speakers and use just one at a time. Although some of the solutions also include integrated headphone jacks, it is possible to better result with separate microphone and headphone jacks.

Many portable audio interfaces integrate microphones that you can attach to your instruments, which can be an excellent thing.

Small audio interfaces without integrated microphones tend to struggle a bit when you’re having difficulty figuring out how to pick up your instrument correctly; the integrated microphone should do this for you.

The same can be said for the switching between the microphone and the headphones.

However, again, the need to use the microphone when recording instruments and the ability to switch between the different sound channels will be lost if you are recording something that requires separate sound channels (such as for bass or drums).

Audio interfaces without integrated mics and headphone jacks won’t isolate the different sounds properly when you’re recording unless you’re happy with the sound you’re getting from your microphone.

A lot of portable audio interfaces also allow you to attach your analog microphones to it.

  • Cost

Unless you’re a significant act, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your recording studio, so you’ll want to consider whether you need to spend a lot of money on your main mixing board, as well as a bunch of other expensive pieces of equipment.

Even if you don’t have that kind of budget, you will still have to pay for an interface, and a good multi-channel interface should not cost a lot of money; you’ll be able to purchase one for around $300, or at least very cheaply (just to compare, a good mixer, mixer/enzuken, and a mixer/headphone jack converters will cost upwards of $500).

If you don’t have that kind of budget, you should be looking into one of the more budget-friendly solutions, which are sold for less than $200

One way to do this is to look for a separate speaker panel independent of the system’s other speakers.

One way of doing this is to attach a pair of speakers to the panel, and another way is to make a small box that contains the speakers.

Once you know how much money you want to spend on the audio interface and the other necessary parts, you can start to think about the type of power you’re going to use, and this is going to determine the type of audio interface that you are going to be looking at.


To make the best and professional recording sounds and enjoy the same, you must have the top quality audio interface.

Use the audio interface to control things like audio sends and rejects, mute and re-mute, and change your controller’s volume and pan.

An easy connectivity slot should be in the ideal audio interface, connecting with your main device to generate the sound quality.

We have compiled some of the best audio interfaces to complement your Mac or any other device you use.

A good audio interface is a must-have for your recording setup and gives you the means to EQ, EQ pan, mute, monitor, and volume up/down controls for your favorite devices.

It also allows you to adjust your sound’s balance (whether it’s loud or soft). If you don’t have a decent audio interface, get one!

For more of our picks, check out the articles mentioned below. Gamers can also check out our top-picks coverage of other peripherals such as gaming keyboards, gaming mice, gaming laptops, and, graphics cards, etc to finish outfitting their game dens.

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