Cures for Beat Saber Wrist Pain [Ultimate Preventions 2022]

Beat Saber Wrist Pain

Looking for the Cures for Beat Saber Wrist Pain? Read further to know more.

So when I began playing EXPERT+ maps, I began getting wrist torments often because a huge number of wrist movements shortly isn’t something our bodies were made for. 

Yet, essentially, assuming you need to turn into a great Beat Saber player, you NEED to utilize your wrists A LOT. 

Tragically, that would likewise prompt more wrist torment, and now and again even long-lasting harm. 

I know many individuals who can’t play the game they love any longer because the harm is serious to the point that regardless of whether they put a hold on from the game, the aggravation will return soon after they start playing once more. Make an effort not to let this happen to you. If your wrists are hurting, you should stop playing.

Small Tip to Consider – Beat Saber Wrist Pain

A ton of times, what occurs with players is that they begin playing incorrectly tubes, and because their tune recurrence upset a ton, they will in general create or work on playing that specific tune wrongly in light of the fact that they make a similar blunder over and over. 

Luckily, this can be kept away from and this can be effectively done if perceive that what are the real issues and you should rehearse that particular piece of the tune as opposed to playing a tired tune. 

Rehearsing it, over and over, hoists your improvement diagram at the beat saber. 

You ought to accomplish brilliant work not difficult work while playing beat Saber and by following this training you can work on it by a great deal of expanding tend and this should be possible even rapidly by rehearsing this.

By the way, I am not here to tell you about the pain, instead, I will be providing you the ways by which you can cure or even prevent pain in the wrist caused due to intensive Beat Saber gameplay.

Cures for Beat Saber Wrist-Pain

1. Take a Break

First and foremost, if your wrists are frequently hurting, take a LONG vacation from the game and let them fully recover. That’s exactly what I did.
But how did you manage to spend a month without playing Beat Saber?

I see your point. It was challenging for me as well. Beat Saber was not only a game but also an exercise program for me.
A month without playing beat saber is the equivalent of a month without exercising. NO, I am not going to the gym or running because I find it dull.

Instead, I found an alternative game that works your body equally as well as, if not better than,
Beat Saber but does not require you to use your wrists.
Because I enjoy boxing, that game was called Thrill of the Fight. Alternatives, such as rhythm games like Synth Riders and  BoxVR, are available.

2. Stretching of Wrist

There are a variety of misconceptions about stretching and why it doesn’t work for most people.
The most important is one that I always hear coaches and fitness instructors telling their students: stretch or warm-up before exercising. They believe that stretching before exercising will help to loosen muscles and prevent damage. Nope.

Stretching before exercise has been found in scientific studies to not affect injury prevention.
Stretching before an exercise is actually counterproductive. Whether or not you have pain in the wrist, you should stretch for 5-10 minutes every day for months or years, rather than stretching before playing Beat Saber.

Why? Because this will enhance the flexibility and range of motion of your joints. This will reduce your risk of harm in the long run.
It makes no difference when you do it: before or after you exercise, when you wake up when you sleep, or whenever you like. DO IT RIGHT NOW.

According to some research, the greatest moment to stretch is right after you’ve exercised, when your muscles are at their loosest. If you’re not sure when to stretch, consider stretching after you’ve finished playing Beat Saber.

3. Avoiding Pressure on Wrists

The greatest one was laying down with my wrists straight rather than bowed. I’m a side sleeper, and when I was dozing, my wrist was bowed under the duvet. Prior wounds would be aggravated or destroyed as a result of this.
Resting sideways has been related to more danger or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because the individual is bound to twist their wrist. 

Your wrist ought to be straight (somewhat bowed is additionally fine). It ought to be totally loose. If it’s strained, you’re treating it terribly. 
When I quit doing that, I saw huge enhancements. 

Wearing wrist support can likewise assist with keeping your hand in a steady and loosened-up position around evening time. 
Besides, I stayed away from any movements that would disturb my wrists including push-ups and lifting loads. I additionally tried not to incline toward my hand on the table which I do sub-intentionally.

Finally, pay attention to the positioning of your wrist on the computer. This is especially true if, like me, you spend multiple hours each day on the internet. 
It could be time to obtain a new setup if your wrist is misaligned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What can I do to find out whether my pain in the wrist is intense?

Here’s a list of factors that can determine the intensity of your Beat Saber wrist pain –

  • Everyday activities are being hampered by pain.
  • The numbness or trembling is getting worse, and the fingers and hands have little or no feeling.
  • It’s no longer able to make simple hand gestures.
  • Holding things is difficult when you’re weak.
  • Is playing beat saber good?

Beat Saber is a fantastic cardiovascular workout alternative. By default, however, if a player fails to perform well enough, Beat Saber ends and repeats the game. 

This mode is also beneficial for workouts because it necessitates more body motions.

  • Is there any other cure for beat saber wrist pain?

There are alternative treatments for beat saber wrist discomfort as well. The ones I’ve mentioned thus far are the ones that I’ve personally encountered.

I would recommend you these ones because they prove to be beneficial to prevent pain in the wrist.

As the beat saber requires a lot of wrist movements, therefore, taking a rest in-between the gameplay should be your priority.

Wrap Up – Beat Saber Wrist Pain

Therefore, the exercises or cures aren’t only applicable to the Beat saber game but also to other intensive games too that required more body movements. 

Beat Saber Wrist Pain

Moreover, the most significant thing here to notice is that I am not complaining about playing Beat Saber. Instead, I am much more concerned about the cause that might happen to your wrist.

That is why it is required to take such precautions when playing such games that require more body movements. 

Matt Booth has been playing video games professionally for over a decade. He started out as a competitive player in the Halo series, and transitioned to professional gaming with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Since then, he has competed in countless tournaments across the globe, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money.

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