Install New Beat Saber Custom Songs/Maps – Best Guide in 2022!

Beat Saber Custom Songs

Do you want to install beat saber custom songs? If yes, then follow the given steps.

Yes, you can install beat saber custom maps/songs manually by yourself without the use of any additional instruments. 

Therefore, let’s go ahead and look at the steps involved in installing beat saber custom songs/maps.

Run Modassistant.Exe And Accept The Terms And Conditions For Beat Saber Custom Songs

Mod Assistant doesn’t need to be installed; you may put it wherever you want and use it anytime you want.

If Mod Assistant is unable to discover your Beat Saber installation folder, it will prompt you to do so. If that’s the case, point it to the folder you found previously.

Execute the Mods Tab – Beat Saber Custom Songs

Custom maps of the needed mods should be spontaneously selected. when you access the mods tab. 

You can download a whole group more, but for the sake of this article, just switch to the “Install or Update” option in the right corner placed at the bottom. 

To play and install custom maps, you are simply required to download the basics, pre-picked mods.

Let The Installation Process Of Mods Be Finished

After the mods have been installed, you can begin installing custom maps/songs.

Download Custom Mods for beat saber custom songs

Assistant of the mod should have loaded a tool that allows you to search for and download custom maps if you didn’t change any of the preset mod installs. 

  • This is adjacent to the release notes on the left-hand side of the many in Beat saber. A tab labeled “Mods” will appear. 
  • The option “More Songs” will appear when you click on that tab.
  • Tick Beat Saber under “Enable One-Click Installs.”
  • Then you can simply click the cloud-install button while browsing maps on Beast Saber.

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