Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review [Honest Review 2022]

Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

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The visual novel game has seen some critical advances lately will have heard the decent ongoing interaction style with some more consideration in the West. 

This leads me to regard the engineers on the forefront attempting new things for fans with quality stories utilizing different means. 

Eventually, an engineer is one of the people who have carried their mastery to VR to make paramount accounts utilizing the most arising innovation accessible. 

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos, the best visual novel on the Oculus Quest and Quest 2. 

Today, we will discover more about the altdeus past Chronos also a visual novel while continuing further in this article. 

Yet, prior to continuing further, let me clarify that it’s anything but a normal gaming experience, this is a VR visual novel encounter. 

Consider it being a piece of an anime where you determine the result of completion with the decisions and choices you make. it’s a mix of watching and being in the story simultaneously for certain connections.

The Plot of Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

Altdeus past Chronos places the player in the psyche of Chloe a kind of unnaturally conceived child who has been hereditarily adjusted to be the ideal officer for the association known as Prometheus, we are acquainted with her very much Into her profession as she protects the city of machia against attacking animals known as meteoros. 

It is uncovered that prior years she was entrusted with ensuring a little youngster named Coco, who wound up being killed by one of the animals as guaranteed he has two options when going head to head against the mightiest, obliterating them or catching them for research. 

subsequent to losing coco, Chloe’s just objective is to Revenge these animals by killing them. every one of the instruments used to take them out our goliath Max helped by a known as Nova all through the story. 

We become familiar with these attacking animals however what for the most part held my consideration was the muddled connections between every one of the characters.

The story is by all accounts roused by well-known digital moxie media including Blade Runner and without a doubt neon Genesis Evangelion

Chloe isn’t entirely affable from the start yet I accept this is my plan since we know so minimal with regards to her through flashbacks. 

We realize what energizes her Desire yet players likewise assume a little part in her destiny. 

Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

Furthermore, during the exchange, players will want to see Chloe’s libra, an increased decision-making framework that has been placed into the cerebrums of individuals to assist them with simply deciding. 

These decisions likewise uncover the consequences for the client’s details which influences the expanding account however it is important to take note of how the decision framework has been carried out as a component of the legend. 

What do we like most?

Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

Large numbers of the components that players can communicate with are adjusted to keep inundation high without Breaking the association between the player and this world. 

All the more critically, the connection between the characters is detonating across the game’s multiple endings.

You see various sides of them to get a solid handle on the genuine consummation. each character has a scope of feelings that play of their exceptional characters. 

It is practically unnerving now and again as you investigate their purposes and look further into them. Unfortunately, I believe Chloe’s person is the most vulnerable in the opening times on the grounds that the requirement for Revenge is somewhat tyrannical on occasion on the player sure she lost her companions yet that doesn’t mean he needs to make everybody around her hopeless. 

Fortunately, we see more sides of her in the accompanying courses however her initial Impressions can make the opening get a bit Messy. the cast is kept generally little yet the story figures out how to clarify the world and how it is Run. 

The mechanical headway of people is by all accounts zeroed in on keeping residents in dreamland as Prometheus seethes battle on a superficial level. 

Then that layer of naivety is eliminated and things become intriguing and this is investigated in specific courses.

Sound of Altdeus: Beyond Chronos

 Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

When considering the sound and music, let me just mention the fact that the soundtrack is pretty epic, sometimes a little too epic. 

But I feel the song’s playing was when the Hero is unleashing the final ultimate move in an anime and other characters seem like it was just a normal day for them.

Therefore, I thought it was a little bit of a mismatch. although I did enjoy the soundtrack one thing I want to talk about is the opening intro song that starts after a few minutes of gameplay.

It honestly gave my body shivers, it’s probably proof of how good and awesome it was. I don’t get impressed easily but I was thinking that this sounds looks amazing.

Theme of Altdeus: Beyond Chronos

 Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

For the most part, the themes focus around politics, love, and sabotage as the Meteora that murdered Coco reappears and sets off a chain of events.

It’s a thrill ride to the conclusion, but it knows how to pace and provide emotional content.

Because I was forced to face the characters with some control over the mechanics while making this game in VR, I developed a closer relationship with them.

Even though it was largely reliant on timing and well-timed gestures, it was an enjoyable system.

When compared to Tokyo Chronos, the graphics and character animations, as well as the landscapes, have vastly improved. I should also mention that the audio tracks in both English and Japanese were fantastic and added a much-needed degree of immersion to the game.

What I don’t Like?

My only gripe was how various interactive adventure systems delayed down the tale, such as needing music box oil for a musing box when it was readily stored behind you.

 Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

This extra layer of interactivity didn’t seem to contribute anything to the plot; instead, it slowed me down. Furthermore, the chronology system could have been explained a little better in the early stages, as it is present but not required until after you complete your first route.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the length of Altdeus: Beyond Chronos?

A sci fi experience loaded with robot fights, popular music, and feeling. 

Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

Altdeus will put you in the shoes of Chloe, a pilot in mankind’s powers facing huge antagonistic living things called the Meteora and will have one of the longest storylines ever in a VR game with 15-20 hours of participation.

  • What number of endings does Altdeus past Chronos have? 

In the main and first Playthrough, you can choose between two multiple endings. It’s a must for any of the Humanoid Meteora’s endings to get to the branch.

Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

Purple Star indicates an “acceptable” ending, whereas White Star indicates a “bad” ending. Meteora’s Coco accepts this closure.

  • Is Altdeus past Chronos a spin-off? 
Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos is the spin-off of our past work TOKYO CHRONOS.

However you can appreciate ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos without playing TOKYO CHRONOS, the world line is something very similar. 

Yet, on the off chance that you play both, you may think that it is additional good times. We trust you’ve played the two titles i.e.,Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review and TOKYO CHRONOS you will if not yet.

Final Verdict

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos presents some intriguing headways in the VR visual novel space. it dominates in making a word with characters you care about some passionate and activity field story beats. 

Altdeus Beyond Chronos Review

I think a ton of the criticism was brought into this undertaking from the engineer’s past games which have made it a champion experience title and an unquestionable requirement play for VR proprietors. 

To wrap things up, the boisterous pixel is giving modifies past Chronos a 9 out of 10.

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