5 best Windows 10 writing apps [2022 List]

These are the five best Windows 10 writing apps [2022 List] I have used so far, and I use them everyday. They are: 1. Windows Note-taking app 2. Windows Journal 3. Word 4. One Note 5. Evernote on Mac, and OneNote on Windows.

I’ve been using blogging platforms since 1998 (when it was called Blogger) and have been blogging every since. While I’ve tested many different platforms, I’ve always found that WordPress is the go-to platform for the WordPress.com website.

WritePlus is a very useful writing application that allows you to write quickly on a platform without distractions. WritePlus has a minimalist interface with only basic formatting options.

However, these features are more than enough to write and edit your texts efficiently.

WritePlus also has a built-in dictionary/word list that you can use when you are short of words or ideas.

The minimalist finish won’t stop you from focusing on the essentials – the writing material, of course!

Most of the similar applications on our list are compatible with multiple devices, but unfortunately WritePlus only works on Windows PCs.

By the way, this application was formerly known as WritePlus++, but it has been modified and renamed WritePlus, so some of you may already know it.

Discover the best features of the application:

  • Minimalist Interface
  • Basic formatting settings
  • Spellcheck
  • Automatic backup
  • Number of words
  • From text to language


WritePlus is a simple text editing application with basic formatting tools that allows you to take notes as you write.

It’s one of the easiest Windows 10 apps to write with, and that’s probably what makes it one of the best.

The user interface contains a minimal number of elements and is designed to help you with one task: writing. If you are easily distracted by features to do something, you will love writing in this application.

Writing works on a point-to-point basis, and that’s exactly what you need to do. The pages follow their course and you never get lost because you get lost in the interface or settings menu.

The app is no longer available in the Microsoft Store, but there is a website created specifically for the app, which is great.

So the software doesn’t have to depend on the Microsoft Store or pay back some of the profits it generates.

⇒ received the letter

Text formatting

In case you’re wondering, we’ll briefly explain what text formatting is and what exactly it entails.

Text formatting is the process of changing the size, color or content of written text, which usually involves editing.

Most word processors have different fonts, sizes, and other elements that help distinguish different parts of the text from others.

Laptops are useful

As the name suggests, a notebook to quickly jot down important information can be a lifeline in many situations.

Writing down the important details you learn will ensure that you don’t lose information later. You never know when you might need someone’s number or name.

Also, people usually take notes during conferences, presentations and other work moments. Keeping track of measurements and numbers is the best way to improve productivity.

Digital versus paper

We all know that there is nothing better than paper for writing and reading. However, there are some advantages to using a digital notebook.

For example, it will never stop. You can create, delete and modify text pages endlessly. The same cannot be said for paper.

Moreover, there is another advantage. Accessibility and space! The phone is much smaller than a laptop and takes up less space.

We think the above four are the best, but we could be wrong and there are others that are equivalent or even better.

If you prefer narrating to writing, here is a detailed list of the best speech-to-text programs for increased productivity.

Or maybe you are not satisfied and want more. Please give your opinion in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best writing app for PC?

The best writing app for PC is Microsoft Word.

Which writing app is best?

The best writing app is one that you’re comfortable with and that you can use to write in the way that you want to write.

Does Windows 10 have a writing program?

Windows 10 has a built-in writing program called Microsoft Word.

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