12 Best CCleaner Alternatives For Windows 10 – Download for Free

CCleaner is one of the best system optimization tools available on the internet. Whether it’s used for cleaning your Windows registry, or removing temporary files, CCleaner is one of the most reliable tools available, and it’s free. But what happens when your PC starts to malfunction? Or you need to get rid of malware? Unfortunately, CCleaner alone won’t be enough to solve all your problems. It’s an excellent tool for basic maintenance, but for a full system optimization, you’ll need to turn to another program. Fortunately, there are plenty of CCleaner alternatives out there for you to choose from. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to CCleaner, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10

CCleaner, one of the most popular free system maintenance programs on the web, has been acquired by Avast (the same people behind AVG). While Avast assures users that the program’s performance will remain the same, many people have been wary of CCleaner’s new relationship—after all, Avast is a security company, not a organization that focuses on cleaning up your system. If you’re looking for alternatives to CCleaner, here are 12 of the best CCleaner alternatives for Windows 10.

Unwanted and corrupted files make the system slow and unstable. The cause of PC slowdown is not the hardware, but those excessive files and fragmented hard drives. CCleaner is used to remove these files. However, due to the hacking of this program in 2017, people became suspicious and stopped using this app. Therefore, similar applications were launched after this incident.

In this article, we are going to tell you in detail about the 12 best alternatives to CCleaner in 2020. But first, we’ll answer any general questions about CCleaner.

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is an application designed to clear cookie data, browsing history, cache and optimize Windows registry entries. This application can also be used to clean up unwanted, temporary and potentially invalid files. It moves damaged files. They remove all unnecessary and temporary data from the system. Temporary files are files that are created during the installation of certain programs. CCleaner removes all these things. Only use alternatives to CCleaner that are safe for Windows and Mac.

Also, remember that if you purchase a cleaning application, it should be registered and come from a reliable software vendor. One option is to download the application directly from the publisher’s website. Also, avoid using the registry cleanup feature of these applications. Microsoft does not support such features either.

Let’s get started.

The 12 best alternatives to CCleaner in 2020

Here are 12 free apps that will help you remove cache and other unwanted files from your computers by 2021.

1) AVG PC TuneUp

It is designed to optimize, troubleshoot, maintain and manage your PC. A German company called TuneUp Software GmbH produced and developed it in 1997. It is a software for Windows. It used to be called AVG PC Tuneup and TuneUp Utilities.

The properties are as follows

  • Optimization
  • Updates
  • Remove unwanted applications
  • Free up space on your hard drive
  • Computer and other maintenance

This application has a tool called Automatic Maintenance that removes cache files and old deleted application files, fixes Windows registry problems, and removes tracking cookies.

2) Mechanical mechanic

This tool was developed by Logo to rid your PC of unwanted files and make it run at maximum speed. It is an application that will remove all the accumulated electronic dirt, speed up your personal computer and get it back in shape. The functions of this application are as follows

  • Increase the speed of the personal computer
  • Malware Removal
  • Erase the hard disk
  • Restore deleted files
  • Solving the registration problem

For Windows users it is an excellent malware detector and PC optimizer.

The advanced functions are as follows

  • Hard drive repair
  • privacy protection
  • Password management
  • Malware Removal

3) Glary Utilities

This application contains many system tools to maintain, repair and protect your PC. It is ideal for performing system maintenance on Android and Windows mobile devices. It offers the following functions

  • Spyware Detector
  • Hard drive cleaning
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Other modules to optimize your system

The free version includes many features, such as. B. maintenance with one click, while the Pro version has a number of additional features such as. B. contains the automatic update and the scheduled analysis.

Since its capabilities are similar to CCleaner, it is the best alternative.

Other features are

  • Backing up and restoring drivers
  • Restoring the Windows Registry
  • Delete duplicate files and empty folders
  • Management of contextual menus

For commercial and personal computers, the Glary utility is the best option. Those who want to improve the performance of their PC and fix bugs can choose the basic version.

4) Advanced system optimizer

If you want to fix common system problems, optimize disk space and delete private files on Windows, then this application is for you.

This application has a feature that optimizes all areas of the computer, including the main computer disk, by scanning the entire system. It can both remove and detect registry errors.

It is mainly used to clean up disk drivers and improve system performance. But it costs more.

5) Daisy disk

This application is intended for Mac users (Mac OS 10.10 or higher). It is known to clean up six different types of privacy risks. To create a map of files and folders, this application scans the hard drive.

Its features include scanning and troubleshooting device drivers, optimizing network and system settings, cleaning six types of privacy threats, removing unwanted startup files, cleaning junk files, and so on.

The best part is that it is cheap compared to the other applications mentioned in this article.

6) Pale bit

Bleach bit is a computer system optimizer, disk space cleaner and data protection manager.

It uses PyGTK, which is licensed under the LGPL. PyGTK is free software. It is also written in Python. Its properties are listed below.

  • Minimizes data residuals
  • Delete Unused Local Files
  • Delete files that are private
  • Available in 63 languages
  • No installation requirements

7) Clean Master

It is one of the most popular system optimization tools for Android. It has 43 million reviews on the Google Playstore, and the best part is that most of them are positive. By clicking on the Anti-Virus button on the home screen, you can start the Anti-Virus tool. This software can be used for the following services

  • Improvement of working conditions
  • Destroys files
  • Recovers all lost files
  • Prevents overheating
  • Scan the SD card
  • Update driver
  • Clearing browsing history

8.) Mac Booster 8 – If you want to optimize your Mac OS hard drive and clean up all the unnecessary files, then this program is for you. Features include startup and memory acceleration, spyware removal, virus removal, malware removal and full system cleanup.

9) Onyx Mac

It is a free software for Mac users. Its properties are listed below.

  • Temporary files – Cleaning
  • Checking the status of the hard disk
  • New widgets – Ripple effect
  • System optimization

This is definitely a gift for Mac users, since they hardly use anything that doesn’t have a price tag. So why not try this application? It’s worth it.

10) Clean my PC – to remove harmful and unwanted files, this is a very good software.

This is very valuable. It costs more, but the benefits are huge. Moreover, the performance is also good.

The main functions are to remove recent files, malware, programs, uninstall, extension manager, file shredding, autostart manager, etc.

11) PrivaZer

PrivaZer is used to remove private data and unwanted files in Windows. The best part is that it’s completely free. Features include removing traces of deleted files, cleaning unwanted files, etc. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but since it’s free, it’s worth it.

12) Avast Cleaning

It is used to optimize system performance and to control registry files. Features include disk defragmentation, disk analysis and more. Overall, it’s a good app and it’s affordable.

Questions and Answers

What’s better BleachBit vs. CCleaner?

CCleaner is automated, with no manual intervention, and offers built-in recovery. BleachBit, on the other hand, requires technical knowledge. BleachBit is free and therefore does not offer customer support, while CCleaner does.

Is CCleaner better than Disk Cleaner?

Disk cleanup is an internal function of Microsoft Windows. The problem with CCleaner is that it also removes the rest of the file associations. It is therefore preferable not to use it or to use it with certain precautions.

  • Never run it with the default settings.
  • Tick each item you want to clean.

Can I trust CCleaner?

You should know that CCleaner has already been hacked. With this in mind, you can use it for Chrome, Microsoft Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Thunderbird, but you should only use CCleaner’s registry feature if you are familiar with it.

Is it worth paying for CCleaner?

Start when it’s affordable. If not, there is no need to buy it. It’s just that the Pro version has extra features.

A list of free programs from our site:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a better free cleaner than CCleaner?

If you’ve been looking for a free, fully-featured, and efficient system optimization tool, look no further: CCleaner is a free tool for cleaning up junk files, removing unnecessary system components, and performing other maintenance tasks.  With CCleaner, you can remove junk files from your system and ensure your PC is as clean as it can be. You can also increase system performance, improve the stability of your computer, and protect your privacy. CCleaner is the free cleaning tool most people turn to when they need to clean up their computer. The program cleans out junk files, tracks your system performance, and includes a registry cleaner. But is there a better free cleaner?

What is the best free PC Cleaner for Windows 10?

The best free PC Cleaners for Windows 10 are the ones you can set and forget. They don’t need manual maintenance, and they don’t do anything you don’t want them to. While there are a lot of PC Cleaners to view, it’s important to understand that only a few are worthwhile. If you’re looking for a good free PC Cleaner, you want an app that: A clean PC is everything you dream of. It’s fast, it’s secure, it’s backed up, and there’s no clutter. So what’s the deal with that? How do you get a clean PC? Do you need to hire a professional? Not exactly. There’s an app for that! You can get a clean PC with a free app called CCleaner. It’s easy to use and there’s nothing to download or install.

Is CCleaner recommended for Windows 10?

You probably already know that CCleaner is one of the most popular and efficient cleaning tools available, but did you know that it’s also one of the most popular Windows 10 apps? CCleaner is basically a Swiss Army knife for cleaning up your computer, and it does a lot more than removing temporary files. For instance, the newly released version 5.34 adds two new cleaning options that take advantage of Windows 10’s latest features. CCleaner has been downloaded over 2 billion times, but as we all know, that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for you. If you’re on Windows 10, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the free utility, but don’t just download it based on the amount of downloads alone. (Remember the old adage: Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.)

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